Bought my first dildo...advice? Tips?

Contributor: addison addison
Hey everyone! So I recently purchased my very first dildo and was just wondering if you have any advice for first-time users?

This is the dildo that I purchased: link

I've never used a dildo before, nor have I ever had sex, so I'm kind of nervous about using it. It seems a little big considering I'm only used to fingers, but I want to give it a try.
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Contributor: Memikeb Memikeb
Hilarious that I literally just bought the exact same one for my wife! The vibration power was a little surprising at first and it has ALOT of vibration modes and since we’re just getting started with it she chose to perform an oral demonstration with it. I’ll post back after we officially break it in!
Contributor: Knothead Knothead
Just take your time and take what you can of the dildo until you can take more then go a little more
Contributor: Shipping package is incredibly discreet. Shipping package is incredibly discreet.
A little goes along way. Go slow and warm up
Contributor: godot godot
Hey congratulations!! It's a bit more than I would've picked as a beginner, but I think you can totally do it if you're gentle with yourself.

Here's everything I could think of -
- Make sure you pick a time when you can feel most relaxed to first use it, like with no one else around. Not having anything else to worry about will help in a lot of ways.
- Be fully aroused before you ever put it in. Like fully wet, fully wanting it, etc etc. Start with your usual routine before bringing the dildo in to help with this.
- Use your fingers for at least a few minutes before, it'll help you be ready to take something larger.
- Consider using lube if you have access, but just being fully turned on should be enough if you don't particularly struggle with dryness.

And most of all... just be kind to yourself and try to relax! Remember there's nothing to be afraid of, you're not doing anything wrong, and you don't have to do anything you're not ready for. You can stop whenever you want.