Taking a Drill to your favorite Dildo?

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I'd be afraid of ruining it.
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Originally posted by NY Toyfan
Has anyone ever drilled a hole in the bottom of a favorite dildo to turn it into a favorite vibrator? I have a Vixen Outlaw that I would like to add a hole to so I can insert either a vibrator or a suction cup base. Is this a really bad idea or ... more
Ok, so given this some thought I Googled how to drill holes in Silicon dildo..Reading here to see what everyone else is doing. Being a contractor I am involved in all aspects of the building industry.. so always looking for something new to challenge me.. I have been MacGyvering sex toys for a couple years now... modifying enhancing and amping up the power.. So reading through the paragraph of experiences from other do-it-yourselfer basement engineers.. everything seems to be on Target. #1 the dildo I'm working with ran about $100.. definitely a hard dick to suck if you end up ruining it.. #2 most reasoning to make this cavity is to insert a vibrating motor.. as stated the bulk density of the Silicon will dampen the vibration. So looking at these challenges this is how I managed to overcome and Design a personalized toy.. as for making the whole any type of drill bit seem to cause more problems than results. So I didn't even attempt any bits.. instead I went back to my trusty other Hobby glass blowing and pulled out my MAPP gas torch. I've been started heating up a butter knife until it was good and red.. I started melting a circle and pulling out the pieces. Now it will smoke something nasty. But it makes a clean cut and the Heat actually cauterizes the silicone smooth. After getting to the tip of this big fat pounder Advantage continued to heat the knife up and melt smooth the walls of the tunnel. 2 things to watch out for one don't breathe in that smoke. Second be aware of the depth as well as thickness of the sides.. I now have a perfect hollowed out Center.. now you say vibration don't go through silicone? Let's see if we can do something about that. Going back to my laboratory I start looking at the performance of motors and the power source.. I took apart a couple broken up vibrators to see what makes them tick.. there are two parts you're going to want to take from these. One is the motor.. usually incased in an egg shaped plastic. 2nd you will need the end cap with the button or dial switch. Now for the fun part. After many various size voltage batteries I found the magic. I bought a 4-pack of rechargeable batteries lithium ion that are running about 5 volt.. I soldered wires made a battery battery case out of plastic cylinders and glued the cap with the switch to the top allowing the dial to turn and remove the battery when needed. So I can't begin to explain the horsepower it gave this little egg vibrator. Let's just say that's silicone egg damper in anything on my toys. And the best part the batteries are rechargeable and there's always a backup ready to go..
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I have modified 5 of my better dildos to make them into vibes - all in all I'm please with the result. I used a new sharp 5/8" bit - and with proper care it wasn't that difficult. The hole accommodates your typical slim-line vibe with two AA batteries in line. The WeVibe Tango also works well.

All of my vibes are premium silicone - so it was with some trepidation that I undertook the project. The only negative outcome was a curved dildo that I had now goes straight when the vibe is inside of it.

The good news is I can still use all of them with or without the vibe with no issues.

Admittedly I have an Outlaw - but It's one of my favorites and opted not to drill it.

I have a new vibrating cock-ring that slip on the Outlaw and it works quite well. I don't remember the brand but the vibe is rechargeable and comes with interchangeable ends.