And how did your relationships change after adding sex toys?

Contributor: Lena Eden Lena Eden

I remember my first sex with Him. So damn vanilla!!
We came to his place after a party and things unrolled like in the best Romantic movies. Hot kisses at the doorstep, then he took me to his bedroom where we started slow and so on and so forth…

At the time he didn’t know I was working for Eden. So, on our next date, I surprised him with my Hitachi wand. We’ve started with a sensual massage and eventually, things turned really hot. I think you know what I mean…

Today we live together and regularly add new treasures to our sex toy chest. Now we have our favs and use them to tease each other every single time. Sex is now more anticipated than ever, and our connection is deeper and more honest now.

… And how did your relationships change after adding sex toys?
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Contributor: Stellar Stellar
I must say, sex toys first entered my life very recently. We were three years into our relationship, and our first try was light home-made bondage. We laughed about it, we joked about it, but we didn't really weight on the experience.
Then my SO got hooked on the idea of shibari - it's a type of bondage that is more cultural and esthetic than sexual, but still heavily used in the bondage community.

We haven't dared to try it by this day - but it got us into research and led us to more traditional sex toys

We started talking about it, fantasizing about what we would like to try, not much at first, but now it's like every two or three days we share a new naughty wish. I wouldn't say that sex toys drastically changed our sex life - I think they changed our LIVES and relationship in general They made us more open to each other, free to discuss things we were too shy to bring up before. Well, sex lives, also - things are getting riskier and riskier with every year
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
We've been using toys for most of the last 25 years. The impacts have varied from the epic to the mundane - we don't actually even attempt having sex without toys!

On the mundane side - you have your typical clit vibes. They are simple reliable and relatively low tech.

On the epic side there's the Pure Wand. After gushing what seemed like a pint or more - she commented that she never dreamed that a simple piece of Stainless Steel could have such a profound effect.

Other acquisitions worth noting (it's worth saying that I have thrown away more toys than most people will ever buy):

Fun Factory Big Boss - the 1st one died after many years and we like it enough to replace it with the 2nd gen model and still use it regularly.

The Fun Factor Pulsator - a complete dud. Two died in a short period of time and we've been told by FF that they have sent us the last one!

Fun Factory Volta - fun but not epic, probably not worth the price

Vixskin Johnny, Maverick, Outlaw and Randy - love them all

Womanizer Pro 40 - a real surprise - an over-achiever

Rabbits in general - mostly a success. The best one was the Jopen VR12

As for accessories - the Liberator Wedge, Ramp and Throw are indispensable.

We'll keep trying new toys - just to keep things interesting
Contributor: OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
I didn't need or use toys till recently. Meaning in comparison to number of yrs having sex.

A gal smiling at me could get me excited. Anytime I got even a glimpse of OW,s beautiful bod / flesh, up it went. We have enjoyed plenty of sex through out our relationship. Sometimes 4-5 times every week. She of course enjoyed it but definitely not as much as I. Toys have helped her enjoy sex Much more. I m happy if she's happy I'm happier
Contributor: hiseden2253 hiseden2253
I've been a rather sexually adventurous individual my entire adult life. I actually purchased my first few sex toys while still in high school. Then and to this day, I have found that sex toys in the bedroom simply add to the pleasure of all parties involved and the intimacy of the whole incredible experience that is sex. At this point, I can't imagine a sex life without them.

Then after they've been introduced, it is always especially fun to build a collection that can be enjoyed together and make sex something that you can look forward to together even more!
Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: adventurous1 adventurous1
We've used sex toys for 35+ years. What you can get today compared to then is amazing. We try vibrators but they were too intense for her. Then we went to dildos, first medium sized and worked her up to huge ?, she loves the feeling of being full and the stimulation from the visual effect is a real turn on. I truly enjoy using the big toys on her, seeing and hearing her enjoying the sensations I provide her with them is stimulating to me as well as orgasmic for her. Toys have definitely improved our sex lives, use them constantly. They have improved over time with the selection offered and quality of materials. Some things do improve with age.