Do You "Retire" Toys?

Do You "Retire" Toys?

Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
I was reorganizing my toy box today after a couple of new dildos arrived in the mail, and decided to put a couple of my least favorite toys in the Box of Shame, meaning that they'll eventually be thrown out. When I opened the Box, I found my first ever toy. It barely works anymore, and I was going to get rid of it, but nostalgia crept up on me and I decided to save it from such a fate, moving it elsewhere as a "retired" toy.

Has anyone else retired an old favorite? That is, keeping it without intention of really using it anymore. Maybe it doesn't work anymore, or is showing signs of wear, or just doesn't get used as much as it used it to. Or perhaps you just hate to throw stuff away.
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I can't stand to throw out my toys, now matter what!
K101 , Chaotic Rantings , Bignuf , -BillD , ghalik , JennSenn , butts , kitty1949 , Hummingbird
I keep all but the very worst offenders.
hearts and hardons , dv8 , Ghost , indiglo , darthkitt3n , The Curious Couple , UnknownGirl , The-IT-Guy-And-My-Secretary , aliceinthehole , GravyCakes , Lummox , Rossie , REDRUM , Wild Orchid , ellejay , EJ , Ms. Spice , Gunsmoke , Peggi , Crystal1 , Sunshineamine , KaraSutra , Callisto , sausagelover , Love Perpetua , Dawn (Lilac Distraction) , sexyintexas , aimtoplease , Beaners , bunnyrabbit89 , lacybutton , potstickers , Churga57 , dezzydezire , GONE! , pokefan15 , pirkit , BlooJay , giftdgecko , ciderspider , Missmarc , Jon S , deltalima , Stinkytofu10 , Leather & Lace , ToyGeek , roskat , FHeemz , AK Bunny , LavenderSkies , Kappa8564 , CuteDee , Gone (LD29) , Moniqua , travelnurse , cas9238 , vanillaSpice , geliebt , Sima-pusya , bowzer311 , hmb12 , DoneWithAlltheLies , ichwillwaffels , Robespierrethecat , satinlady550 , Vanille , Falsepast , Trysexual , Incendiaire , h3artsav3r , ToyBunny , Amber Sweet , dm
I keep most toys that will get used, no matter how infrequently.
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I'll hang onto old favorites, but otherwise the junk toys go.
lil ladybug , ToyGurl , aliceinthehole , Ms. Spice , padmeamidala , wetone123 , Jenyana , Shellz31 , toxie m , Rin (aka Nire) , AndroAngel , Victoria , Kitka , True Pleasures , LavenderSkies , KrissyNovacaine , Pixel , AHubbyof2SexualMinds , Rory , no name 1 , SoloJoe , brevado , dawnkye , iabicpl09 , kitty1949 , Freyja9 , sexxxkitten , ThorHah , Arlinnae , 1001 Pleasures
I'll keep it if it has an interesting or unique look.
ToyGurl , wetone123 , Rin (aka Nire) , LoooveMonkey , malantha , brevado , Babylove09 , edeneve
I don't keep any unused or broken toys. They just take up space.
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Experiment time! Let see if an old dildo can become a grenade!
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Obligatory "other" option.
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sarki sarki
I am not sentimental so they go if I don't use them
Coralbell Coralbell
I will keep it even if I will use it very infrequently, but if it's broken or I know I will never use it again I will throw it away.
hearts and hardons hearts and hardons
It's hard to throw away something I spent so much money on. But after I'm sure I won't use it again I'm okay with proper disposal methods, especially if it has a lithium ion battery.
indiglo indiglo
If they break or quit working, it's into the trash they go. If they still work, I'll sometimes hold on to them for a little while even if I don't use it much. (Until I run out of space, then they've got to go too!)
Yaoi Pervette (deleted) Yaoi Pervette (deleted)
If it falls apart, I toss it.
The Curious Couple The Curious Couple
I keep all toys except ones I really dislike and ones I've broken.
Starkiller87 Starkiller87
I want to throw them away i just feel weird about throwing them in the garbage.
ToyGurl ToyGurl
This is how is goes...

1. If I have a broken toy it definitely gets thrown away. I am an artist so if it's broken glass (which usually just breaks into chunks, thank god) I will keep it for mosaics and whatnot. Otherwise it all gets chunked.

2. If I have an old toy that just doesn't do it for me, I either clean it well and see if my old roommate wants it (I like to regift with people who are comfortable with it. I don't have STD's or anything and my old roommate literally calls me each week asking what I've got for her!) or I throw it away.

3. I always try my toys one more time because what I used to hate sometimes turns into what I love. It's a trial and error thing when it comes to sex toys.

4. If it is made of a bad material, which most of my old old stuff is, I chunk it as well. I have eliminated jelly and a lot of plastic from my life completely due to some bad reactions and infections that I contracted from those toys.

5. If my collection is just getting overwhelming to where I feel like a toy hoarder, I try to get rid of what I can. Even if nothing is broken. I start with my least favorites (usually inexpensive and small toys like bullets or traditional vibrators) and put them in a bag.

So I do eliminate toys from my collection about once or twice a month. I have this thing where I hate getting rid of things I buy, but I've realized that if it doesn't work for me there just isn't reason to keep it. I rarely get rid of glass though. I like to keep it as erotic art.
UnknownGirl UnknownGirl
Basically, I use them until they're worn out. Then I toss them.
GravyCakes GravyCakes
i use all the 1s i have right now
married with children married with children
I have started to get rid of some of the toys that never get used. Have to make room for new ones.
K101 K101
I hate throwing them out. I still have every toy I've ever gotten! I have made a "box of shame" Lol and I have several that I will never, ever use. They are true sex toy nightmares! But I just can't throw them out... I wish there were other things to do with them. Too bad I am no good with reconstructing things and turning a toy into a grenade. Lol.
Rossie Rossie
I keep most of my toys, even the ones I've only tried once or twice but hated. I don't have a "box of shame", I usually push them into my closet corners, so they'll be out of sight.
Wild Orchid Wild Orchid
I try to fix broken things and modify those that don't work. Lately I've been using the bullet I've cut out from my first vibe ( rabbit ) after I had a reaction to the material. The cord is too short but I manage. I have another bullet waiting to be soldered to the cord, taken from another jelly monster. New policy: if it's jelly, don't buy it. If it's a similar material, think twice.

Things that don' work for me, like poorly designed anal plugs, just sit in the bad and wait till I am desperate for something different enough to try them.
Diabolical Kitty Diabolical Kitty
We keep the most used toys in our main toy box. The others go into a box and can be pulled out any time.
Liz2 Liz2
Toys that haven't worked for me (most rabbit types) and one's I have outgrown, I get rid of. If I can sterilize it, I will gift it to a willing friend.
I hang on to my first rabbit, for sentimental reasons, a jelly toy, that somehow did work!
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
the expensive silicone toys stay because they cost me a shitload. the jelly toys have left and i haven't bought any more so no big deal
FleurDevereux FleurDevereux
I've only thrown away toys I've broken..
Other toys that I just don't use often I keep because who knows when they might come in useful. With the variety, they don't all neccesarily get used on a regular basis.
Crystal1 Crystal1
Amusing timing for this post, since I was just thinking yesterday it might be time to retire my oldest one! It's jelly and I've had it for years, so there's that, plus the rotation part doesn't even work anymore.

I've only thrown away one toy so far, and that was because it REALLY broke (the head came off!). I keep the ones I never use in a separate drawer, I guess I think if I ever get really bored I might dig them out.
Booktease Booktease
We JUST decided to throw away one of our toys, after the material started to separate from the base. Not so great to keep clean, hah.
Sunshineamine Sunshineamine
If I find that I will use a toy at least sometimes I'll keep it but if it's just going to collect dust and consume valuable space then I pitch it.
KaraSutra KaraSutra
I've literally got bins of products tucked away in the storage loft above our bed. My absolute faves and those I really like are kept in other storage close to the bed, under the sink in the shower (in a bin). Even the ones I hate I usually hold onto for 'educational' purposes (articles, videos, etc).
Shellz31 Shellz31
My very first Cyberskin has started breaking down, but he gave me so many happy hours that I just can't bare to part with him even though he isn't usable any more.
Any other toys I no longer use get thrown out.
Angewin Angewin
I've only got a few, but I think it's time to get rid of one of them. So yeah, I guess so.
tickle me pink tickle me pink
I've only thrown a toy away once before, and that was because it was made of jelly and I bought it before I learned about silicone. I knew that if I held onto it I would never use it and it would just continue to let off that bad smell that jelly has. Now unless the toy is broken or falling apart I'll hang onto it. There are a few I have right now that I'm not sure if I'll ever use again, but they still work perfectly fine, and it would be just my luck that I would throw a few away and then a few days later I would want to use it again.
Silverdrop Silverdrop
Originally posted by Rin (aka Nire)
I was reorganizing my toy box today after a couple of new dildos arrived in the mail, and decided to put a couple of my least favorite toys in the Box of Shame, meaning that they'll eventually be thrown out. When I opened the Box, I found my ...
Old electric toys go to the electronics waste recycling. Old non-electric toys get thrown away. The only nostalgia stuff I might have kept was some nice leather bdsm gear, which I had a lot of hot memories with, but sadly, damp and mold got into them. So they had to go as well.

So, I keep nothing that I'm not using regularly.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Just bit the bullet and threw away the last 3 jelly toys we had and a bunch of broken or ineffective vibes. Still plenty to choose from and more on the way!
AndroAngel AndroAngel
I have toys that are go-tos, for example: My very first vibe and my Njoy fun wand, and then there are the ones I keep because I use them for a change of pace or because I like them on specific occasions or when I'm in a specific mood. I only really have one toy I keep for sentimental reasons, it's a metallic vibe that I don't like and I'm not even sure it still works, but it's the first one I ever used on my partner.
Dawn (Lilac Distraction) Dawn (Lilac Distraction)
When my favorite rabbit broke, I disassembled it and poked around at all the insides. I want to make jewelry out of the metal beads. Haha. I cut off the rabbit part and slid another bullet in there for a makeshift sleeve that actually works really well. Leave it to me to make things out of broken toys. Haha!

I can tell you that the Platinum Edition Jack Rabbit has some super solid construction.
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