How sex toys changed your life...

Contributor: Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
I'm going to be working on a few things this month. One of them is how sex toys changed my sex life forever. Do you remember the first time you put a toy in your sex life? How was it? Any little thing helps.
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Contributor: js250 js250
I was seriously embarrassed! Not only did my husband want me to try a vibrator, but to play with it myself! With him! Whaaaatttt!??!! I was super naive and not ready for the whole experience. A year or so later, I dug the toy back out and played and one night we had had a bit of champagne and I got really brave. The rest is history!!We now have incorporated all kinds of toys into our sex lives, I masturbate for him and with him and we have become very open with each other about our fantasies and other sexual ideas and thoughts. Incredible-and I almost missed out!
Contributor: Ghost Ghost
I got a vibrator years ago (a Fun Factory vibe) and I never really got into how to use it correctly. Finally, last semester I thought to myself "Hey, I'm 24 years old and I still haven't had an orgasm. Fingers don't work, partners don't work. What gives?"

I bought myself a Lelo Elise and I finally had my first orgasm (aside from the "wet dreams" I had as a young teenager). I was crying and all.

Since then, I have explored more with my sexuality, mostly with toys and have slowly started to include my partner.
Contributor: Lady Hazel Lady Hazel
I was sooo exicted. I cant seem to reach an orgasm internally so getting a toy that would help me orgasm externally was AWESOME. I love the clit vibrators!!
Contributor: Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
I've been having orgasms without issue since I was 12, and while it felt great, I rarely had any real fun with it, if that makes any sense. I'd fill the need and move on without thinking about it too much. It became a little frustrating and after a while I started wanting a sex toy, just to see what they were like.

I got my first vibrator at 19 and got a small idea of what was missing, and knew I was on the right track. A couple of toys later I landed on a nice strap-on clit vibe, and finally had some real fun.

I still wouldn't play with my toys very much, though, until one night I decided to go toy shopping for the first time in a long while, and bumped into Eden. Fun? That doesn't even begin to describe what I have anymore.
Contributor: quinceykay quinceykay
Sex toys and porn have definitely changed my view of sex from "masturbation and sex is dirty and wrong!" to "holy shit this is awesome!"
Contributor: Moein Moein
I watched porn before I been married, and I liked the sensation that it gives to woman. Many months after get married, I started talking with my wife about it and like her to try it. It improves our intimate time, and she started giving me ideas about making dildos for her -because it doesnt sold here-. Nipple suction, nipple clamps and finally elextro-sex became a part of our intimate time. Sex toys are a spices for married life, because it make sex not just a (work) you need to do, but it makes it a (loved work) you think about it all time, and try to find more ideas and immagination to create new things for intimate night.
Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: christyfuntime89 christyfuntime89
If it weren't for sex toys....I'd have no sex life, because the toys are my sex life! Lol. For those who've ready posts, you know I'm single and never been in a relationship. I've never had the opportunity to have sex with a partner. It isn't that I never wanted to, it's just dating is a nightmare and nothing ever led to anything. So if it weren't for sex toys, I'd never would've explored myself the way I have.

I'm not saying they're a substitute for the real thing, please don't misinterpret. But when you've never had the real thing and your sex drive is, admittedly pretty high, they are certainly amazing additions to your life!