How To Do Kegels?

Contributor: Lisa Love Lisa Love
I recently got a SinFive Emigi to do Kegels, but I'm getting quite frustrated. I think I must have absolutely on muscles down there, because it slips out every 5 seconds. (I tried it in the shower, standing up.) Is this what's supposed to happen? There weren't any instructions on how to use it... just how to put it in.

I'm a mother of two, so things certainly need to be improved down there. Any advice on the best way to get started? Is there a different exerciser for people who are COMPLETELY out of shape down there?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Insightful breakdown of Ben wa balls:

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Ami Kegel Exercisers
Ami Exercisers for Vaginal MusclesI have been looking through the vaginal muscle exercisers and I want to find a toy where I just buy the smallest toy
Contributor: AngelvMaynard AngelvMaynard
It may very well be that the muscles are lax and just need to build up strength. Try not to get frustrated All us mommy's have to build back the strength we once had. I am a mother of two as well. Perhaps start by taking a certain amount of time every day, say 15 minutes, and sit or lay down and insert the Emigi. Do your kegels in this position until you start to feel the vaginal walls are strengthening. This will keep you from feeling like it is falling out and will help you to start building back that elasticity. Keep in mind, just like any other muscle in your body, it will take time and consistency to strengthen. Do it at your own pace and stay with it and you will be up and moving around gripping that thing like a chinese finger trap before you know it!!!
Contributor: SexyStuff SexyStuff
Oh man, this is making me nervous for childbirth!