Recommendation for our first couples toy!

Contributor: adirondacker adirondacker
My girlfriend and I have been together for a while now and I am interested in purchasing a toy for us that we will mutually enjoy. I was hoping to get some suggestions on couples toys and how you my have introduced them into your sex lives
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Contributor: ScottA ScottA
The first thing I'll say is get something safe and long lasting. This mostly applies to the materials used, and you can read more about it on the materials page. The short answer is that the cheaper soft materials (jelly, many rubbers) can have nasty things in them and have funny effects. For instance, people have had jelly toys "melt" into goo with little or no provocation. TPR/TPE is chemically safer, but hard to keep clean.

Beyond that it depends where you are in your relationship. If toys are completely new and you're not sure what she'll think, something such as the Jimmyjane massage stones are nice. They aren't overtly erotic but (at least for the Contour) can be used in an erotic way. The Hitachi Magic Wand is in a somewhat similar position, but it's probably less useful for massages. Vibrating cock rings can also be fun, but I'd look for silicone there.

G-spot wand toys (such as the Tantus G-Force and Crystal Wands) can also add a new dimension to sex (but can't be used during PIV intercourse). They can also be used anally on a man as a prostate stimulator. Good G-spot vibrators are often expensive, but they can add some sensation that is difficult to do with penis/hands alone. G-spot dildos can do some of the same things, but sometimes women feel a bit more uncomfortable with a dildo, at least at first.

Sensation play can be a good starter, too. I'm not talking about whips and paddles (although spanking can be fun, too), but simple things. EF has ticklers here (link), and you can think of things to add as well, such as marbles, ice cubes, back side of pens, etc. A blindfold (you can lay it over the face as you or your partner are lying down if tying it is too much) helps.

Be creative, lots of things can count as sex toys. Just be careful what you insert inside your bodies.

Butt plugs are fun and can be worn during intercourse, but your GF hasn't been introduced to anal stimulation yet so they're probably not a good idea. Down the road I think that a harness and dildo setup for pegging is one of the ultimate couples toys, it feels very good and is amazingly intimate.
Contributor: Victoria Victoria
If you're not looking for super-strong vibration, the We-Vibe might be a good choice.
Contributor: Femme Mystique Femme Mystique
I guess I would wonder what sort of things you are both interested in, sexually. I think sensual products (such as massage oils) are generally a good gateway product. Also, her reaction to introducing toys may be different depending on if she's ever used toys before. This might be a good thing to ask if you have not already.
Contributor: fishkiller fishkiller
We have ventured into anal pegging. I guess this counts as a gender reversal type if sex. Fine, call it what ever, we both enjoy it, now for the rest of the story. She was not too infavor if this idea. I have been experimenting with various anal stimulation. What got her to try, I bought her one of those butterfly vibrators, the typw that strap on for ladies. Once that was on, she put the strap-on with the "pegger" (beginners model) lubed up and started. I dont know who enjoyed this more, she or me! Anyhow this one lets us use toys on the other one, and we both seem to like it......
Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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