What was your first time like?

Contributor: AshMegYo AshMegYo
When I lost my virginity, it was the worst situation ever. It hurt so incredibly bad, I cried for twenty-minutes. I was on the world's squeakiest bed that I swear would squeak if you even looked at it. I was at some guy's house that my boyfriend at the time knew, who by the way was high and had never told me he smoked weed... And to top it all off, there was no door; there was a blanked over where the door was supposed to be. Worst. Experience. Ever.
If I could take it back, I would. What about you?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: Ghost Ghost
It did not hurt, there was no blood, and it was very boring.
Contributor: Pink Jewel Pink Jewel
Contributor: Peggi Peggi
Ugh. Well, it wasn't painful, I didn't bleed, but he couldn't get it up, which was fine because he was nervous. Then, he couldn't get it in, because he was nervous. Then, there was the issue of us having sex on a cold, tile floor in my parent's basement. Which sucked because THAT hurt! Then, when he was close to finishing we were interrupted by my dad yelling down the stairs asking if I'd fed the cat lol. Quite an adventure.

I wish I'd waited >_< Like, for someone different entirely lol.

BUT...I'll admit, it WAS funny
Contributor: fifi fifi
Originally posted by AshMegYo
When I lost my virginity, it was the worst situation ever. It hurt so incredibly bad, I cried for twenty-minutes. I was on the world's squeakiest bed that I swear would squeak if you even looked at it. I was at some guy's house that my ... more
Ugh.... my first ~willing~ time having sex, was in a car, in the woods, while camping with my then boyfriend and a bunch of friends. Not very romantic, especially as he had a hard time finding his way in, and his best friend/my sister's boyfriend decided it'd be funny to bang on the windows and act like someone was killing him when he heard me starting to moan. >.> My sister beat me to beating the crap out of her boyfriend, and then handed me saki and a roasted marshmallow to drown the disappointment of a sucky first time.
Contributor: Shellz31 Shellz31
I was in a relationship with the guy so it wasn't bad at all. May have been better if he was more experienced, but I have no regrets!
Contributor: LQ LQ
Originally posted by Ghost
It did not hurt, there was no blood, and it was very boring.
Ditto. I was like "This is what the big deal is all about?"

I was a gymnast when I was very young & did a lot of bike riding, etc. so my hymen was gone long before 17. And the guy was not much to write home about, either.
Contributor: married with children married with children
with the woman I married, it was great.
Contributor: Envy Envy
I had a lot of pain and bleeding as my bf at the time (now ex) didn't do any foreplay, used no lube, and essentially fell on me. Sex wasn't tried again and he mostly just wanted me to get him off and then play games after, my satisfaction was never taken into consideration.
Contributor: AndroAngel AndroAngel
It was with my lover, and depending on your definition of virginity, it was either in his car or in his bed. If we're talking about the first time I was penetrated vaginally with anything, it was with his fingers, it hurt briefly, then it felt good. If we're talking loss of virginity in general, it was a little awkward, nobody got off, and we both look back on it fondly because even if there was no orgasm, it was still good.
Contributor: Kitka Kitka
My first time was with my husband actually. He was a virgin at the time too and we just took it slow. No real pain and no bleeding for me. It was a pretty enjoyable experience.

Sorry to hear about your horrible time with it AshMegJo *hugs*
Contributor: NicNat NicNat
My first time was at a little party with me and a couple of my friends. and some of there friends. I ended up egtting soo drunk i said yes to have sex with this one dude and he was soooooo small, I mean like it was only a inch, and he had no idea what he was doing, i hated it. I regreat it sooo much, he didn't even stretch it out or anything. But then a few months later i had sex with my curent husband and it hurt , i bleed for hours, and i cried for at least 30 mintues, And he had made it so romantic.
Contributor: jewelsngems jewelsngems
My first time was with a guy that I really liked, I thought we were a couple and finally put out for him....and that was it, it was all for him! This giant banana shaped thing penetrated me, I remember thinking...'oh for f***** sake, was that all everyone has been going on about!' Then, 'oh well, there goes my virginity' still thinking that it was going to be all good with him, going to visit him the next day....and finding him sticking his banana in someone else! So I guess you could say....not the most pleasent experience ever for me either. However, I did get my revenge a few years later when he saw me, I decided it was time to turn the tables...took what I wanted from him while taking full control and not allowing him anything that wasn't decided upon from me, getting him addicted to the Jewels' way of things and then telling him....hmmmm, you know what, I'm not interested anymore. Game was up and I left him with nothing but his hand. Karma I say
Contributor: emilia emilia
It hurt alot
Contributor: Princess-Kayla ♥ Princess-Kayla ♥
It hurt quite a bit, but it was actually really wonderful. We had sex on my bed, after we discussed it a bit that morning. My legs were shaking the whole time, but I didn't cry. Then afterwards, we cuddled and talked for hours. Now we talk about our wedding plans, about 6 months later.
Contributor: Velocity Velocity
It hurt so bad. I didn't full out cry but my eyes were definitely watering something fierce.
I felt awkward and self-conscious because it hurt and I hadn't shaved, but he was really sweet and listened to me, and stopped the minute I told him I couldn't anymore. He never even got all the way in
I was so sore for days and it took a long time to be able to have sex without it hurting.

but i don't regret who i was with. I just wish I waited till i was more emotionally ready. I stressed about sex and it's potential consequences way to much.