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Sex card game

Adult game by Kheper Games

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A game of sex

Sex! is an adult card game that comes with 3 different game suggestions. The cards depict sexual positions and acts to engage in with your partner and lead up to your ultimate fantasy. It can shed light on to new positions and acts for new couples and vanilla couples alike. Some acts require strength and flexibility so you may not find that you can do every single one. It puts a whole new perspective to "game night".
Different positions
Foreplay ideas
None-offensive graphics
Some acts can be hard to do
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Purpose / Audience

Sex! is an adult card game with, you guessed it, sex in mind. Each card depicts an act of foreplay or sexual position to do. The box says that there are 50 cards, 3 rule cards and 1 unleash your fantasy card. The deck gives you three game options or you can just do your own thing with them. This pack only illustrates heterosexual couples but other couples could use them as well, though some acts may not be possible for that. It is intended to spice up things in the bedroom and introduce new ideas though some may be things you probably already have tried.

Rules / Content

The cards come in 5 different colors. Each background color indicates how "hot" the act is that is illustrated on the card. First degree is Red, then orange, yellow, white and light blue is last.
There is a warning that is basically common sense telling you if something is uncomfortable to replace it with a different card. Some positions require strength or flexibility that might not work for everyone and the instructions suggest you look through the deck and remove those cards.
Some of the foreplay cards are a bit kinky with acts that involve light BDSM and bondage.

As mentioned, it comes with 3 different game suggestions but you can really do whatever you like with them. Here are the suggestions in the deck:

1)Lover's Libido
You and your partner quiz each other bout personal details, your libidos, likes and dislikes. When you get a correct answer you earn a card to apply to your "ultimate fantasy". You each take turns asking questions and drawing cards for correct answers (which you can keep or discard if you don't like it). Once one person has a card of each color they win the game and you are supposed to act out the fantasy in the order of colors: red, orange, yellow, white and blue.

2)Fortune Teller
You predict your partner's future by letting the cards determine the acts of the evening.
You turn the cards over one by one and face the up left to right by color. It says not to let different colors overlap. When you repeat a color you put it on top of the old one. The fortune is complete once you have at least one card of each color on the table. Again, you act them out in the order of color.

3)Ultimate Fantasy
Pick cards from the deck until you or your partner has selected the night's events.
It says your lover begins by either laying down a complete fantasy or by discarding a card. After discarding they can draw another card and then you take your turn. You repeat these steps until one of you has your complete fantasy laid out. The complete fantasy should have one card of each color. Again, you act the cards out by order of the colors.


It seems as though the company has updated the entire look of these cards. The box is now black with the word SEX! angled in the middle in deep red. The cards come with 5 different colored backgrounds now though the product page shows the old version with only two colors.
The cards do depict sexual acts and shouldn't be left out for children to find. There is nothing discreet about any of the cards or the box so if you don't want company to discover your game then you should put it somewhere that it won't be seen.
The acts are drawn characters but aren't offensive or raunchy.

Personal comments

Some of the cards to give you an idea


My fiance bought this to get some different sexual position ideas more so than to play the game. We played them a few times but it wasn't something really fun to me; I'd rather just get to the foreplay and on to the sex. Some of the positions have silly names or are crazy to me. It is a bit like a cheap Kama Sutra book. We do have a Kama Sutra book and I prefer it to these cards. I actually gave him that "are you serious?" look when he showed me what he got since we have the book and the sex games really aren't my cup of tea.
I guess for $6 it isn't that bad and will probably give many vanilla couples some new and exciting things to try but if you already have a Kama Sutra guide or two it might seem a bit lame (but I'm probably being a little harsh here).
Follow-up commentary
I never cared for this game from the first day. It was more of a "guide" for different positions to try. I gave it 4 stars because I was being unbiased. This would be good for someone that likes games or haven't really tried different positions. For me, I prefer the Kama Sutra book we have.
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