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Sex card game

Adult game by Kheper Games

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Sex card Game

This simple deck of cards can help you and your partner spice up the sex life by building fantasies together. You can play one of the three game ideas provided or make up your own. The possibilities are endless. The 50 cards provided, will allow 100,000 possibilities!
Cheap, easy & simple games, lots of position ideas
Elementary images, some positions require acrobatics
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Purpose / Audience

The purpose of this simple game is to build a sexual fantasy for you and your partner to act out. This can be done in your own way with the cards, or by playing one of three provided game ideas. These cards depict sexual positions between a man and a woman, but they can be up for interpretation between same sex couples. Other cards have items to use during your sexcapades. Couples who are less "vanilla" in their play may find this boring or not exciting enough to entertain them in new ways. It still is a fun, simple, and cheap way to add at least a thing or two.
    • Couples
    • Exploration
    • Good for foreplay

Rules / Content

3 ways to play. 100,00 ways to win!

There are three game ideas provided with the deck.
To help understand these games, I'll describe the cards. The majority of the cards have sexual positions on them ranging from the norm, to crazy acrobatics. These positions can be for vaginal, anal, or for oral sex. The other type of card has objects and props. These can include sex toys, costumes, light S&M, bondage, & body toppings. The left over cards are male or females choice wild cards.

1. Fortune Teller

Concept: Predict your lover's future by using the cards to guide a wild night.
Setup/Play: You will turn the cards from the deck over one by one and separate them by color. The "fortune" is complete when one of each color is on the table. You only use the top card in each pile for the fantasy. You being with the red foreplay card and proceed, to orange, yellow, white, and finally blue.
Comments: This game was a lot of fun because it was funny to see come of the cards passed up and the "awww" look on my boyfriend's face. Some of the things we didn't do of course, but for the most part we liked all the fantasies.

2. Lover's Libido

Concept: You and your partner quiz each other about likes, dislikes, libidos, and personal details. Right answers earn you cards that you can apply to your fantasy.
Setup/Play: So I could ask my partner what is my favorite position? And he would have to reply correctly to get a card. The questions can be anything, and don't have to be of a sexual nature. If you get an answer right, you can choose to keep or discard the one that you draw. You have to earn one of each color. If you choose to keep a card, it can not later be replaced by a card of the same color. When a player collects a card of each color, they win and their fantasy gets played out.
Comments: I really liked this game. We asked silly questions to try to trick each other and because we love being competitive, this really was enjoyable for us. But really, no one really ever loses.

3. Ultimate Fantasy
Concept: Collect one of each card until you have created a fantasy
Setup/Play: Shuffle and deal 5 cards to each person. You take turns drawing cards and either keeping the card or discarding. You want to collect one of each color before you lay down your fantasy. You do not have to lay down a fantasy as soon as you get one of each color, you can wait until you have one you like better.
Comments: This game wasn't really a game and we didn't like it for that reason.
    • Can make your own rules
    • Easy to play
    • Quick game


The cards are of standard card deck size. There are 50 fantasy cards and 3 instruction cards. The cards are red with SEX written on them in bright letters. The box is the same, except it has a picture of a drawn couple on the cover. This box isn't anything special but I must say that it has held up to a lot of abuse over the years. I have had these since I was 16 when my guy friends thought it was a funny gag gift...I'm 22 now!

The pictures on the cards are kind of cave-like in that they are crude drawings of couples in sexual positions. Often they are not anatomically correct. For example, belly buttons and limbs seem to be in the wrong spots or missing. This isn't really that important to playing the game, but it would have contributed to a better presentation.
    • Travel friendly

Personal comments

For a board game version of this, try Lust!


Like I said earlier, some of the sexual positions are a bit extravagant. After 14 years of dance training I'm blessed with flexibility. And while I could get into all of the positions, we didn't find them all sexually enjoyable. You can pick and choose with your abilities and comfort level.
Follow-up commentary
My boyfriend and I got a game awhile ago called Lust. Since using that game a lot more we don't really use these cards anymore. The cards in that game are very similar, and have the same game idea with the colors etc. But the game has a board and other additives that make it more fun than these cards. I still really like these since they are great for travel, but I'll probably end up passing them along.
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