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Ante up!! And prepare to...you want me to WHAAAT??

Surprise your partner with a hot and sexy casino night where you both come out a winner! Want to introduce your partner to more risque' sexual experiences? Why not plan a house party for your open minded, uninhibited and sexually adventurous friends, stock your wet bar and get deliciously naughty! This fun adult poker game will challenge your inhibitions and allow you and the other player or players to walk on the wild side! This is one poker game where everyone cums out a winner!
Great ice breaker.
Easy introduction to toy/game play.
Fun for uninhibited adult house parties.
Advanced users might find it too tame.
Cards are not coated & are thin.
NOT discreet!!!
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Purpose / Audience

This card game is designed for adults who are 18+. It combines the strategy and thrill of poker, wagering and sexual suggestions & actions. Flushed is "The Sexciting Couples Poker Game" and is designed to be used with a partner you are sexually involved with, groups who are sexually open or sexually adventurous friends. Put a spin on the usual strip poker game and add some sexually suggestive desires and actions to your game. Get adventurous with your partner, swingers group or open minded and adventurous group of friends. I would set the limit of players to 6, this still allows extra cards to draw on to make your poker hand.

The goal of the Flushed Poker game by Cal Exotics is to get a winning poker hand AND a fun, sexual opportunity as your prize. Take your prize as you win or write it down for an adventurous and sexy night. Just make sure your partner gives you everything you have cumming!! This is one game where it is just as much of a pleasure to lose as it is to win! Please remember to respect each other's comfort level and to compromise when the suggestion is beyond the other person's limits. This is just a game, and if played as designed, it can bring you to a new and exciting level of intimacy.
  • Who / How / What
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Couples
    • Sexually intimate or open friends
    • Swinger or group parties
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    • Bedroom
    • Comfortable and intimate place
    • Parties
  • General
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    • Exploration
    • Good for foreplay
    • Multiple players

Rules / Content

Contents: Cardboard box packaging - 2 Poker hand ranking charts (with hand explanations) - Instructions - 2 Flushed Poker card decks.

For two players, use one deck of cards. For more than two people, or faster play with more options, use both decks. Each deck consists of 52 standard poker cards and 4 wild cards. The poker cards have either a word or partial phrase on their faces. The wild cards are just that-wild. You may make them whatever card or suit you need to better your poker hand and also make it any word you choose for your phrase.

The dealer needs to shuffle the cards very well, both players need to cut the cards and the person with the high card will go first. The person with the best poker hand will win their 'Flushed' prize phrase. Remember, Aces are high and 2's are low.

-For an added twist, allow the winner the option of keeping their phrase or trading it for their opponent's phrase. If playing with this option, the only cards laid down are the actual cards used for their poker hand. (Example: You have a pair of 3's. The rest of the cards are not pertinent to your hand. Lay down the two 3's. Keep the other cards in your hand.) The same rule applies for multiple players.

-You can also give them options of blindly choosing up to three cards of the other player or players to fill in their phrase. Winner must discard the amount of phrase cards they want to choose prior to picking their opponents cards. The opponent picks up their poker cards to bring the total in their hand back to five cards, mixes them up, and allows the winner to randomly pick the desired number of cards. The winner may draw any number of the cards they need from any player in the game.

For the basic 5 Card Draw, alternatively deal five cards to each player. Players will pick up their cards and put together-
1. The best poker hand possible. You may only discard up to 3 of the cards in your hand. After picking up an equal number of cards to your discard amount, you will need to put your poker hand in order. You only get one draw. You are not allowed to bring your discarded cards back into your hand. They are out of play.

2. The best possible 'Flushed' prize phrase. After you have made your best possible poker hand, you are ready to start on your phrase. I would recommend using some strategy with the words or phrases in your hand while you are building your poker hand. Your phrase needs to be at least 2 words, minimum. It may be as long as all the words that are on the face of your five cards. Make it a good one, but remember, the other player might have the option of taking it if they win. If it is determined that the winner had no valid phrase, they forfeit their prize for that round. If you have either no poker hand or a very weak one, you may choose to fold. This will make either the other person or another player in the game the winner.

If you are choosing to take your prize immediately, play will stop while the action is being performed. If you are waiting until later to claim your prize, the winner needs to write it down on a piece of paper, this paper will become their score sheet. If you are using a score sheet, decide on the amount of prizes you are willing to build up to. The first person to reach that number will be declared the overall winner. This person gets to have one or all of their prizes first, again, this needs to be decided prior to the game as well.

Blackjack (21) - 7 Card Stud - Texas Hold'em - 7 Card Draw -
You can adapt this game to fit any poker game as well as most other card games. Set the rules up for the prizes first and then have fun, tally up your winnings and get really naughty when you collect your prizes.

There are two options given to you in the instruction booklet. The first one is 'Full On Flushed', no holds barred, full on betting with money, poker chips, clothing or drinks. The other option is 'Free For All Flushed', this one is meant to be shared with your friends. Go head to head, couples or guys against gals-collecting your prizes could lead to some pretty uninhibited, hot adventures!!
    • Can make your own rules
    • Comes with clear instructions
    • Easy to play (some poker experience suggested)


The original box is 3 1/2" wide by 5" long by 3/4" tall. It just barely fits the instructions, poker hand charts and both decks of cards. It is a basic, over-sized, playing card box. It does work very well for storage and transporting the cards.

The packaging is not discreet, the writing tells you exactly what this card game is all bout and the picture of a lingerie clad woman sitting at a table smiling seals the deal. This box screams adult products. If you are worried about others seeing the box, I would suggest storing it inside a small cloth bag or other similar product.

The cards are not coated, are a bit thin and will fold, bend and crease in a short period of time. There are two decks, a red backed one and a yellow backed one. They both have white writing on the back of each card that tells the name of the game, 'Flushed!', and lets people know it is "The Sexciting Couples Poker Game". Again, if you do not want others to know what game this is, keep these out of site.

The front of the cards have the suit and number or face amount in the corners. The middle has a word or beginning of a phrase printed on it in either red or black. Some of the words and phrases are: Bare, Feet, Breast(s), For, Softly, Leg(s), Suck My, Hump, Your, Naked, Use Both Your Hands To, My, Chest, Back, Use Your, Seductively, Expose, Mouth, Pussy, Your, Thigh(s), Me, Undress, Cock, Rub, Me, Massage, To, Touch, Handjob, Toe(s), Show, On, A, And, Spread, Slowly, Make Love To, Caress My, Butt, Give, Hand, A, Get, Nipple(s), My, Love, Kiss, Tongue, Lick, My Strip, Roughly. I assume both decks have the same phrases. As you can read, there can be some very explicit instructions for the Flushed Phrases, so take care to make sure all players are comfortable with performing the acts described.
    • Flimsy
    • Not discreet
    • Travel friendly

Personal comments

This card game seems to me, a great option for newer couples who want to get more familiar with each other sexually. If you are a bit shy about suggesting new ideas or want to try new things but do not know how to bring it up, this card game might be the perfect ice breaker.

Personally, I picture a group of college age adults having a party, getting really drunk, playing this game and getting really uninhibited with each other. Flushed would make a great ice breaker for a swingers group, masturbation or exhibition party or a group sex/orgy session.

My husband and I played this for a couple of hours the first night. I have to admit, after 15 years of being married we had more fun trying to get the other person's money with our poker hands than we did with the suggestions and phrases. We both felt we were a lot more advanced in our experience level than the game was with its suggestions. It was a bit awkward to go back to suggestive and mildly graphic phrases when we are used to masturbating together & for each other, watching the other person masturbate on the webcam for other people, detailing and playing out our most intense fantasies, extensive toy use together and graphically detailing exactly what we want the other person to do either to or for our own pleasure.

I can definitely see this game being a huge hit for new or beginner users, newlyweds, younger and more inhibited adults and a person who wants to introduce their partner to toys and games. I can also see it being played after a few hours of drinking at a house party. As for older and more experienced to advanced users, it would really depend on where you are as a couple with your sexual openness to each other.
Follow-up commentary
My husband and I have written our own versions of things to ante up for as well as using the original ones that have come with the cards. Now we have no idea what the stakes are exactly....but we know we will love it!!
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