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Entice Him or Her, Actually

Play the game in order to gather up a few of the 60 cards at random, which will direct you in different tasks to really pamper your partner. Or just read the cards without playing it and you might do even better.
Cards offer some good ideas to try. Could work for female partners too.
Not really a game in the traditional sense.
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Designed for 2 players, Entice Him is a mini board game wherein one partner collects cards of tasks to be performed on or for the other person. It's meant to be played to make a man the center of attention, but there is nothing on any of the cards that couldn't be applied to a female partner either. You may have to alter the phrasing a little, such as in making the card that calls for a slow erotic hand job to equal a slow erotic clit fondling, but they're all do-able for any gender.

Once again our definition of the word "game" doesn't match the manufacturer's. True, this set includes a board, 2 pawns, a 6-sided dice, an instruction sheet, and 20 each of 3 types of game cards labeled either "Entice Him," "Spoil Him," or "Pamper Him." But Entice Him doesn't involve any element of competition, the "winner" is predetermined, and the only real objective for one partner to collect a set of random cards to orchestrate the spoiling of the other with. The main problem is that many of the cards can't be used in the moment, so the only way Entice Him could be used as a foreplay game (which is what we expected) is to cull the decks first and play only with the ones that could be used immediately.

Basic game play involves shuffling each of the card types into three separate piles, one partner (presumably the female) rolling the dice, moving her pawn that number of spaces, and drawing a card from whatever pile matches the words on the space. She reads the card aloud and does what it says IF it's a card that pertains to the here-and-now (and many don't). If not, then she tucks it away to use at some undetermined time. She then repeats the whole process until she crosses the Finish space, which in our experience doesn't take very many moves to accomplish.

The one variation offered on game play is to have both partners rolling the dice and moving pawns, but the cards drawn are still only supposed to be used by one partner.

The "Pamper Him" cards contain the greatest number of tasks that would have to be put off for later or that would require some preparation. They include things like serving him breakfast in bed or arranging an in-house date night with popcorn and a movie.

The "Spoil Him" cards are pretty much equally balanced between cards that could be used immediately and ones that would be for later. They range from 5 minutes of passionate kissing to a sensual strip tease or taking him out for a date. A few of the Spoil Him cards are duplicates of the Pamper Him cards.

The "Entice Him" cards contain the greatest number of tasks that could be performed immediately, including a tongue bath, short area-specific massages, and the erotic hand job we mentioned earlier.

The cards in general have some very nice ideas that most anyone would enjoy, and there are many ideas given that are different from what we've seen in other adult games. There aren't any that seem like they would push anyone's boundaries either. In fact, a lot of them aren't even blatantly sexual. Two or three are kind of presumptuous though. Such as the one that calls for a sensual hair brushing (which assumes that he has hair long enough to brush) or the one that directs you to take him to "his favorite sporting goods store" and buy him something, then treat him to a sexy meal, you in new lingerie, and lovemaking (which assumes that he's into sports AND that you have the money to buy whatever he wants plus some new lingerie).

From a physical aspect, the box and game components are as well made as any non-sexual commercial game we've played and should last a long time. The board, albeit very small, is thick enough that you can't bend it without the possibility of breaking it. The pawns and die are solid plastic and equal in weight to standard game pieces. The cards are thin but laminated on both side and won't tear easily. One thing we appreciated is that the writing on everything is large enough that it's easy to read without glasses, if all you need are 1.00 to 2.00 strength readers.

Overall we're giving Entice Him a neutral 3-star rating. While we're sure the cards could be fun for a lot of couples, we think the phrase "game" is a bit optimistic.
Alan says:
I failed to see the point in playing the board unless you're going to cull the deck for cards that you can do now first. I prefer being surprised by things like breakfast in bed or a date night out rather than have the intentions read to me ahead of time. Other than that it’s great, full of a lot of things any man would like having done for him.

Michele says:
My impression is that this would be best for new couples who are looking for ideas, or for couples who have forgotten to indulge their partner with little shows of affection over the years. The ideas are pretty good, but unless you're not used to pampering your mate on a regular basis, they might not give you many ideas.
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    Thanks for sharing!
  • married with children
    good review, thanks for sharing.
  • SJ88
  • indiglo
    Thanks for the review, this sounds kind of fun for a night in! But it really doesn't sound much like a real "game"... more just a way to spoil your partner. Thanks for explaining that so well!
  • Antipova
    I have the ladies' version of this----are there a few cards in here that felt kind of stereotypical? Or if you were to play for both partners would everything still be rational?
  • Boobs and Lubes
    great review
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    cute! I seen Beck's review for the "Entice Her", I didn't know there was one for him as well. Thanks for the review hun!
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    Nice review! I've seen another one for this product and it seems like an interesting way to spend the evening with your partner. Hopefully each couple can tweek it to their liking.
  • wuwu
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    Great review, thank you much!
  • Alan & Michele
    @Antipova--- Yes there are a few, like the one about the sporting goods store, which could be considered stereotypical AND presumptuous. I suspect the two games are very much the same though, since I remember seeing 4 out of the 6 cards that you mentioned in your review as being in this set too. I think that just reinforces all three of our opinions (yours, Alan's & mine) about couples of either gender being able to use these games simply by ignoring the pronouns.
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