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Peni-toss review

The Peni-Toss party game is ideal for bachelorette parties. It's a light hearted way to make catch a little naughty. It's cheap and a simple game you can easily make into any kind of party game. Have fun, cut loose and throw your style into it.
Inexpensive, has the potenial for hours of fun, the Peni-Bob is well made
Paddles seem a little cheap, a novelty toy, limited use and function
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The Peni-Toss party game is a fun addition to any bachelorette bash. It's also a good game for a sorority get-together or any kind of function that's girls only (except for Girl Scouts).

It comes with two small hand paddles and one well-stuffed Peni-Bob. At $7.99 a set, it's cheap to get enough for all your friends to fill your house with flying penises; I mean Peni-Bobs.

The hand paddles are a little smaller than my hand, so there were many hit and misses. Prepare to bend over a lot. The paddles started to bend with my hand after a while, which made them more comfortable, but the front and back kept coming away from each other when I'd pull the Peni-Bob off, which made them feel cheap.

The Peni-Bob itself is well made with secure stitching, excellent firmness, and a mischievous grin only a Peni-Mom could love. It would look kick ass with some streamers tied to it. That thing can travel. I was able to throw my Peni-Bob almost 30 feet. However, I would reserve outdoor use to college campuses only. No one at your local park wants to see a Peni-Bob shoot through the air, though it would make for an interesting chew toy for your dog to fetch.

The Peni-Toss party game kind of defines the word "novelty." You can easily play with it for a couple hours, but you can only throw around a plush penis for so long. It doesn't have many applications outside of parties either. Even on a cool summer day, many people don't whip out the old Velcro paddles and plush Peni-Bob.

The Peni-Toss party game doesn't have to be just a game of catch though. You can turn it into a your own version of "Truth or Dare" or "Would You Rather?" Like anything else, you can turn it into a drinking game. If you drop the Peni-Bob, you take a shot. If you catch the Peni-Bob, you take a shot. The possibilities are endless.

I give the Peni-Toss party game three out of five stars. The Peni-Bob is well designed, while the paddles could use some work. It's a fun activity for any all girl gathering and gives you some exercise.
Follow-up commentary
I'm not even sure where this little guy is. He might be stored away somewhere or I threw him away. He would have lasted only a few parties before getting ripped, stained or burned. Sigh.
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  • Dragon
    So what did you exactly do with it?
  • HeartBroken
    I put it away in my tub of stuff I don't mess with often. If I was going to use it for a party, I'd definitely get more sets.
  • Nashville
    So what exactly is it? I have no idea what this does exactly.
  • HeartBroken
    Do you remember those hard plastic pads with a strap on one side and Velcro on the other? You and your friend would slide your hands between the strap and pad. You'd throw a fuzzy tennis ball and catch it by letting the ball hit the Velcro. You'd rip the ball off the pad and throw it back to your friend. Look up "Velcro Catch" sometime. This is the same thing but with a soft Velcro pad and a small stuffed toy penis.
  • Pandahb
    Awww I'm sad to see that you still don't like it.
  • Kdlips
    Thanks for the review
  • SiNn
    thank you for the review sorry u didnt like it
  • Top Living In A Lie
    Thank you
  • Michele
    Great review! Thank you for sharing.
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