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The Screaming Dice (note that only one die comes in the package) is a fun inexpensive way to add variety to the bedroom. It is also a really great gag gift. Unfortunately the manufacturer never specifies how to activate the lights and sounds. The only way I can make my toy scream/light up is to pelt it against tile. Even without lights or sound, this toy is still quite fun.
Cost effective, fun!, feels substantial while rolling.
Big seam running through half of the faces, no manual, can't change battery.
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Purpose / Audience

The Screaming Dice by California Exotic Novelties was intended to spice up playtime in the bedroom. As a gender neutral toy, it is suitable for all couples. This toy isn't a game in itself, however it can be used in conjunction with other improvised or pre-established games.

It should be noted that this toy doesn't contain two "dice" as the title might suggest. Instead the package contains one die with six faces. While many might frown upon this grammatical error, the marketing disaster that would result with the correct title of "Screaming Die" makes this "oversight" acceptable.

This toy has 6 faces:
1. Use a toy
2. Do it
3. Kiss and caress
4. Foreplay
5. Nipple play
6. Undress

Rules / Content

In terms of the content of this toy, it's a die. It should light up and make sounds however mine does not. Unfortunately I do not know if I have a defective product, or if I am doing something wrong. This toy does not come with instructions, so I'm assuming that the lights and sounds work automatically. The die uses two watch batteries, which are included. Since they are not loose in the packaging, I am assuming that they are already installed in the toy. This toy is somewhat see-through and I do see a semblance of a battery in its center. There is also a hole in the middle of the "Use a toy" face. I have been in contact with the EF administrator about this issue and he is in the process of gathering information about this product. Assuming I can make my die have lights/sounds, I will review them in my follow-up review.

This toy does not come with instructions, probably because it was intended as a gag gift. There are "6 exciting action screams" however the packaging doesn't say how they are accessed. I'm willing to bet that these screams are actually referring to the 6 sides of the die, although that is speculation on my part.

This toy is made out of Cis-Polybutadiene Rubber (the "cis" refers to the stereochemistry of the polybutadiene molecule), so steer clear if you have any allergies to this material.


This toy has one serious design flaw which I mentioned in the Rules/Content section. There is no manual. I have no idea if my toy is defective or if I don't know how to turn it on. Therefore my die doesn't light up or make noise at the moment. Also, assuming the battery is encased in the toy, there is NO WAY to remove it. This means that the lights and sounds will inevitably die. While this design flaw is disappointing, it probably lowered production costs.

The die itself is a cube. The sides of the cube are circular, rather than square. On each side is a relatively large white circle with writing in the center. The phrases are written in the Purpose/Audience section of this review. There is a seam through the Nipple play, Do it, Foreplay and Undress faces. The seam doesn't affect the die's performance but it does cheapen its appearance. With proper use, this die should last for a long long time. And even if it doesn't light up or make sounds, its shape will hold up with heavy use.

This toy came in a plastic baggie. At the top of the bag was a cardboard flap that contained all of the information on the toy. The packaging was adequate. It looked exactly like picture on EF.

Should this toy get dirty, it can be cleaned with soap and water. It does collect dust, so occasional cleaning might be necessary. Do not boil this die as it contains electronics.

Personal comments

All in all, this toy is a cute novelty item especially if you and your partner love board games or improvising. Here are some of the uses that I can think of for this product:

1. If you have Candy Land, roll this die every time you land on a character (EX Plumpy, Queen Frostine)
2. During Tic-Tac-Toe, Poker or any other quick game with winners and losers, the winner/loser must roll the die
3. Screaming Dice + Twister = Endless Possibilities
4. Watch a movie and every time a code phrase/action happens, roll the die

This toy isn't meant to be taken too seriously. It is an effective play toy that can put the fun, and some innocence (or naughtiness...) back into the bedroom.


This toy presents itself exactly as advertised. Its quality is comparable to any other toy in the $6 - $10 range. EF hasn't listed the price of this toy, so I'm quoting the prices from the manufacturer's website/other retailers. I really wish this toy came in some kind of bag or packaging since its not exactly discreet - unless you're trying to hide it from a two year old.

To be honest, I wouldn't have purchased this toy myself had EF not been asked me for a review. Anyone who knows origami can easily make up a die with the same phrases without spending any extra money. But I would buy it as a gag gift to give at a bridal shower or something.

EDIT: I got my die to light up and make noise. There are different sounds and the lights do flash for about 3-5 seconds. How did I accomplish this? I PELTED it on my tile floor. And then it ricocheted across my room. By the time I caught it, the noises and sounds vanished. Unless your house is devoid of anything fragile, I would not suggest doing this. I am quite confident that this die will not light up/make sounds during use (unless you use it to play squash), therefore I am leaving my review as-is with this small addition.
Follow-up commentary
This die has died. Can't say it's in a better place, as it currently resides in a trash bag somewhere.

This just didn't cut it in my book for a non-gag gift.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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