Screaming Dice (Doubles as Lint Collector)

The Screaming Dice is nothing to scream about. That being said, I could see it being fun at a party, if you are willing to bring some creativity to the table. I think the idea is good, but California Exotic has failed in the execution. Perhaps with some different materials and workmanship this product would be more versatile and worth purchasing. Although the gender neutral suggestions are a big plus in my book.
Gender neutral suggestions (any couple can use it), fun for bachelorette party.
Sticky, no way to change batteries, hole in one side, made in China.
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Purpose / Audience

The Screaming Dice seems a bit more appropriate at a Bachelorette Party than in the bedroom. It says "For Novelty Use Only", and it definitely has a novelty feel to it. This is enforced by the fact that you have to bounce the rubber dice vigorously against the ground in order for it to light up and make noise.

That is not to say that couples with a sense of humor would not enjoy this. For use in the bedroom, I would suggest staying low key and simply rolling the dice. Of course, you won't experience the lights and sounds that way.

Rules / Content

The Screaming Dice is not a game in the traditional sense. There is no gameboard, score keeping, or rules. It is more of a "suggestion dice", which is not a bad thing.

Each side of the dice includes a different action:

Kiss & Caress
Nipple Play
Use a Toy
Do It

The nice part about the suggestions is that they are not gender specific. This makes the dice ideal for any couple who would like to use it, regardless of sexual orientation. I have seen many other dice that refer to specific parts of the anatomy, thus making several sides of the dice useless depending on the couple. This definitely does a good job at staying gender neutral.

Also, if you roll "Do It" the first time out (and opt not to re-roll), it kind of takes away from the idea of the dice being a fun part of foreplay.

The Screaming Dice comes packaged in a plastic bag stapled to a piece of folded cardboard which states the name of the toy, the maker "California Exotics", the fact that it is Made in China, and the company website. No instructions are included.


The design is where the Screaming Dice gets hairy, literally.

The Screaming Dice is made from Cis-Polybutadiene Rubber. This makes it soft, squishy, and easy to hold on to. It also makes it EXTREMELY sticky. It doesn't feel horribly sticky to the touch, but it collects every particle of dust, hair, and fabric fuzz it touches. It even sticks to the cardboard description that comes with it if it sits there long enough.

I see this as a huge problem, considering how hard you have to bounce the dice in order for the lights and sounds to function. It is basically designed exactly like the rubber balls that have strobe lights in the center. If you have ever played with one while waiting to check out at a grocery store you know how hard you have to bounce them, and, more importantly, how high they bounce when you do. Now add in the fact that the dice is square. That means that once it is bounced, it will ricochet off in random directions, forcing you to chase it around the room. This in itself would not be a huge issue, if it weren't for the fact that while it is rolling around the room it is covering itself in every bit of dust and lint and pet hair it can find. This is extremely problematic in carpeted rooms.

It also states that it takes "2 Watch Batteries, included". I'm sure that this is true, but there is absolutely no way to get to the electronic component in the center without cutting open the rubber outer layer. So, when the two "included" watch batteries die, good luck changing them.

There is one more part of the design that doesn't make sense, and that's the hole. On the "Use a Toy" side of the dice, there is one relatively small hole, approximately the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen. It doesn't seem to serve any purpose, it's just there. I see this as a problem because it makes washing the dice interesting. I try to be careful not to let the soap or water leak in the through the hole. So far even with putting it under running water and lathering it up with anti-bacterial soap, nothing has happened to the electronic component.

Personal comments

Although I have not taken this to a Bachelorette Party, I could definitely see the potential fun in it. The dice bounces in all directions, as I mentioned earlier, which would make for a fun game of catch. Or maybe you could give a small door prize to whoever catches it with "Do It" face up first. As long as your friends aren't too bothered by the lint or hair it collects, and your floor is relatively clean, I could see it being amusing. Or have everyone share a funny, interesting, embarrassing, or unexpected experience they've had with whatever side of the dice is face up when they catch it (i.e. doing it, foreplay, using a toy, etc...).


My wife and I played with the Screaming Dice a bit as soon as we received it in the mail. We started off by rolling it on our coffee table. The first time we rolled it, it lit up and made a noise that sounded like Asteroids, for Atari. It did this without much force needed.

The next time we attempted to roll it, it did nothing. I wondered if it had broken already. I picked up the dice and bounced it again, a bit harder. Still nothing. Finally, I bounced it, as you would a ball. The dice came to life, blinking red strobe lights and sending out the sounds of an old school pinball machine.

We spent a while longer tossing it around, and taking turns chasing it down as it rolled away to the far corners of the room. We agreed that every noise it made sounded like it came straight out of an Atari game, which was kind of amusing, considering the nature of the dice. I guess it could be some reference to "rockets taking off", or some other sort of pun. I thought it was kind of nostalgic.

When we were done, the dice was filthy and I washed it off in the sink. I washed it several times, hoping this would pull some of the tacky texture out of it. It didn't seem to help much.

In bed, we were able to keep the dice cleaner. We have a blanket that has a shiny layer on the outside which doesn't produce fabric fuzz. Therefore there wasn't as much to stick to it. When just rolling the dice it easier to keep under control, and the suggestions are fun and left open to interpretation.
Follow-up commentary
Still lint and dust and hair filled. There's really no possible improvement for these. I think this product is flawed enough in its design, that there is no "getting used to it" or "enjoying it more down the road". It might provide a little bit of novelty for a night, or a minute or two, but overall, it's just not what it should be.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: Jul!a
    Well at least you managed to get some use out of them. It sucks that they just captured all that fuzz and stuff. But if you have pets maybe you could use this as a lint roller next time? lol
  • Contributor: Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Great review Wolf Boi! Big smile

    Such a shame that you can not at least change batteries! Sorry you did not like this Sad face
  • Contributor: sophie2229
    Mine didn't even light up or make noise Sad face
  • Contributor: Lynk
    Thanks for reading everyone! Big smile

    Julia: It probably would be a lot better if they marketed it as a novelty lint roller. It actually picks up more fuzz than most of the actual lint rollers I've owned. Big smile

    Sophie: I can't believe yours didn't do anything from the start! Well, I can believe it, but that's really disappointing. Of course, there's a slight possibility that yours has to be thrown extra hard? The force needed is kind of excessive. Winking
  • Contributor: removedacnt
    Very nice review, thanks!
  • Contributor: Sammi
    I'm glad yours worked - mine were DOA as well. I seriously banged them hard after reading your review, but no dice Smile

    Good review!
  • Contributor: Lynk

    I guess CalExotics isn't doing much quality control testing on these! Surprised
  • Contributor: sophie2229
    So I got mine to work by pelting it against my floor. Then it bounced around my room. Won't be trying that again...
  • Contributor: Lynk
    Haha, yeah. That's the game of chase I was referring to. Big smile
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