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Maybe We Shouldn't Do It

The Let's Do It Playing Card game is just a deck of cards with instructions for an "erotic game" with the cards. The cards are sorta-adult, but not especially that you need to use them, so that puts them out of commission for non-sex use. The game is fun and silly, but most certainly not hot and heavy.
You get a deck of cards, the game itself is pretty fun
Not hot or heavy, rewards are silly, cards aren't discreet, just paying for instruction book
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The Let's Do It! playing card set is card game intended for 2 adult players. The set includes a rubber-band for easy storage, a tiny 12 page rule book, and 54 playing cards. It also includes a little half-box that takes up half the size of the packaging to make the cards stay towards the top during shipping. That half-box can be thrown away or can be used to slide all of the cards into. The front of the packaging shows a couple in a passionate kiss with "Let's Do It"; so while it's not horribly sexy, it's probably something you want to keep the kids away from, I recommend you store it without the outer packaging if that's a problem.

Here's what the objective is by what the instructions state: "Let's Do It! is an exciting, fast-paced game in which the two players, using their mental alertness and physical speed, race to get rid of their cards as quickly as possible. Players do not take turns, but instead compete to win a Let's Do It! Reward. Each deal is an opportunity for the players to reduce the number of cards in their stock pile, eventually getting rid of all of their cards and winning the game."

Basically, you take out the jokers and split the 52 card deck in half. Each player gets 26 cards. Each player makes five little piles in front of them, the first having 1 card, the second having 2 cards, up to five piles. (Face-down piles) That leaves 11 cards left-over for your "draw" pile. To get ready to play, each player flips over the top card on each of their five piles. Each person flips over the first card on their "draw" pile at the same time and they get placed side-by-side in the middle of the playing field.

Now comes the "Holy crap, what am I doing" step. Only one hand can be used. Basically, there aren't turns. So, as fast as possible, both players are trying to rid themselves of the full content of the 5 piles in front of them. This can be done by moving the top card of any pile to sit on top of one of the active cards in the field but only if it is one above or one below the current number of the card. You can choose to flip over the card that has now been "uncovered" by the card you just moved. Or, if you need to get to cards underneath one of your top numbers, you can move the top card to an empty space (think Solitaire), but can only have 5 piles at once. If you run out of options to play, you do another "draw" over the two current cards. Basically, ignoring four other "if this happens...." pages in the rulebook, if you are the one who runs out of your draw pile first, you win.

If you win, you get to pick out a "reward" for yourself out of the 20 available rewards for her and him written on the back page of the instruction book. It includes receiving a tongue bath any place below your waist (your knee, anyone?), having your hair "lovingly" brushed, to kiss your lover and slightly nibble on their lips, to have your partner "powder" your naughty bits, and many more. I honestly think some of these prizes are....odd, but I guess that's just me. Most the rewards are set up where you could choose to move on to the sexin' or you could play another game. To be completely honest, the game sounds a lot more fun than some of the rewards.

I was a little disappointed with the cards for this set. I know the product title says that these are playing cards, but isn't that just a little silly to sell a deck of playing cards but just include a little booklet of instructions? I guess in my mind it is. The cards are regular playing card size, but they seem to be made of a little bit more flimsy cardboard than regular playing cards are. They seem much more light and flexible than I've seen from regular decks of playing cards. On one side, you have the regular playing card - nothing dirty, in all of the four different suits, and the two jokers. You'd think they might have sexied it up or something. On the other side, it follows the same color scheme with the red and black, has a black background with a red border, and says "Let's Do It" in the same, red font as the front of the packaging, then says "The Hot and Heavy Adult Couples Game" in subtext. So, there went the idea of using these playing cards for regular games.
Interesting part of the cards? You know how a cigarette package used to open with a little piece of plastic hanging off that, when you pulled, would go around the entire package? These cards have the same thing when they are packaged in their plastic. Sure, it's only when you open them, but that brought memories back.

So my verdict? Well, the game is fun, but just downright confusing at first. The game in itself is about as unerotic as they come. Especially since the game instructions tell you that you must shout "Let's Do It!" when you draw from your draw pile. It's like Bingo, but just...wrong. The game is fun though. The rewards? Not so much. They feel like they've been taken out of a Cosmo on what to do on the first date. Which I suppose is kinda neat, but for a "Hot and Heavy" game? Yeah, not so much. I don't think I need a game to tell me I can kiss my partner. You could make up 20 new prizes though or just play the game itself. The cards? Well, they aren't very discreet and can't be used for non-sex play, so that makes them kinda useless. Since you could play this game with a regular deck of cards, there is really no point in digging out these playing cards just for the game itself. So really, in theory, if you own a deck of cards, you are really just paying for the book of instructions. This game could just be played for entertainment too.


Putting that the deck was not discreet was a point of contention to me, because it's silly. Expecting my adult game to be discreet is just a contradiction to what the game stands for. Normally I would never list that as a con. However, with this review, I chose to because there is nothing special with the deck that warrants its use with this game - it's just a deck of playing cards. Thus, if there was no reason to plaster sexy things on the back of the card, I feel like they shouldn't have, at least not the "Hot and Heavy Adult Game" part. I could have dealt with the "Let's Do It" cards. I feel like they made it unnecessarily obvious.
Follow-up commentary
I do enjoy the "Let's Do It!" playing cards. I just think they are a bit of a waste of money. However, the game is really fun to play. If I hadn't have received this set, I wouldn't know the rules to this game. This game has given us quite a bit of amusement when we've replayed it. I still think it's a bit silly of a set, but the game itself is fun to play. We just ignore the sexual aspect of it.

The cards are holding up fine. We usually use them to play just for the sake of using them. It's still holding up great.
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  • ~LaUr3n~
    Great review Mistress Kay! I am nominating because it is a completely honest review. A great example of how to write a review on a product you are not thrilled about.
  • Hopeless Romantic
    I have been wondering if these cards would be worth buying or not. I added the ones, I think they are called some thing like Touch Me Erotica or something. Nice review
  • Jenna.J.Ross
    Great review sounds like I could just go buy a deck of card and make up my own rewards tho
  • Airen Wolf
    What an oddly cute little game! Great review.
  • P'Gell
    Good review. The "rewards" don't seem worth the price of the game. Thanks for letting us know.
  • Darling Jen
    Great review! You tried so hard to find the positives in what, in effect, is kind of a rip-off. I guess I can turn any card game into a hot n' heavy one.
  • Midway through
    Awesome review, too bad the cards aren't more fun in a sexual way.
  • Kayla
    We really loved playing the card game - it was fun, but we feel a little sad because the cards don't really change the course of the game at all. It includes the fun instructions though.
  • Illusional
    Awesome review, I had given these a glance over before. Thank goodness I didn't give them a try. I definitely already know how to kiss my partner.
  • namelesschaos
    great review I never played this card game I'm more of a poker man, but if i wanted to I'd just Google direction instead of buying a new set of cards.
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