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Rip off of Spit

The Let's Do It! card game brought me back to childhood...I don't think an adult card game should do that. This is because it actually is a rip off of another game I learned as a kid. It's a fun and fast paced card game for two that claims to have hot and heavy rewards at the end. They aren't the greatest. Good thing is, you can easily make up your own.
Fast passed, fun game, can use the cards for other games
Not original, sexual rewards are kind of lame
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Purpose / Audience

This game is great for couples who love to be fun and competitive while earning sexy rewards for winning. What this game is not: a "hot and heavy" game as it claims to be. It could easily be played without the rewards or by two non-coupled people. It is very fast paced and requires quick thinking and reflexes. The rewards are not the greatest ideas, but you can easily just make up your own if you want. Basically this is an already existing card game that was made into a "sexual" game in kind of a cop out way. The game is REALLY fun though, with or without the rewards.
    • Anyone
    • Couples
    • Good for parties

Rules / Content

Really this is an almost exact rip off of an already existing game Spit (or speed) that I LOVED to play while growing up. Once I realized this I was pretty damn excited because I hadn't played it in years and hadn't remembered all the rules of play. Using your quick reflexes, good eyes, and a bit of strategy, the aim of the game is to work opposite your partner to get rid of your cards as quick as possible. There are a few rows and who ever runs out first, leaving the other player with all the cards to pick up, wins a "sexual reward".


-A regular deck of cards, including 2 jokers
-An instruction booklet, that has 20 rewards for guys and 20 rewards for gals in the back
-Box to hold it all in

Set Up:

The deck is shuffled and split evenly in half. Each player makes 5 face down piles. The first has 1 card, 2nd has 2 cards and so forth. Each top card is flipped up. The remaining cards are put face down in the center, between you and your partner. Each partner has one of these "Let's Do It" piles and leaves space in between them to flip over a card.


When everyone is ready, you are supposed to yell "Let's Do It!". We don't... Both player flip over the top card of the "Let's Do It" piles and places it next to it. Let the game begin! As fast as you can you have to deplete your piles by placing a card in imitate or reverse succession on either pile. But you can only use one hand! Suit and color is completely disregarded. So if the card piles have an 8 and a jack. You could play a 6 or 9 on the 8 or a 10 or queen on the jack. As you do this, you are also flipping up new cards in your 5 piles as you take the top cards off and put them in the middle. Once they are moved, they cannot be touched again. You can also move any top pile card to another pile. You do all of this until you have no more cards in your piles. When you are all out you yell "Let's Do It!" and try to slap the smaller pile. At the same time, even if they are not done, the other person will try to do the same thing. First person to slap a pile gets it.

BUT, what if you don't have any moves. One person can be stuck and has to watch the other person play until they have another move. Once both people are stuck, game pauses and a new card is flipped over from the excess pile until someone is able to make a move.

So...when you have slapped a pile, you also take the remainder of your excess pile and shuffle them together to start a new round. Eventually one person will not have enough cards and you will be playing on one pile. At this point, you want to slap the empty pile and you win. You then get to look in the back of the small instruction booklet to pick a sexual reward for yourself. Her are some male and female examples:

-Pretend you have never met. Give your partner your best pickup line.
-Have your partner spank your butt, but only until it is pleasingly pink.
-Get the lube. Your lover will supply the hand.

-Have your partner massage your scalp and lovingly brush your hair.
-Allow your partner to use a vibrator to fire up your engine!
-Do a little dry humping for fun!

So yea...they aren't the best and we ended up just making up our own on whim. The game itself is a lot of fun though and got us laughing a lot. A game length really can vary from a very quick 5 minutes to a half hour. It depends on luck and the skill of players.
    • Comes with clear instructions
    • Quick game


The design of the cards is nothing special. They are a regular deck with non-discreet tops. They are black and red and say "Let's Do It!" in large letters. While nothing else on the cards is graphic or anything, it still indicates that they are part of an adult game. The cards can totally be used for any card game though. They are not as high quality as Bicycle brand but are not horrible either. The instruction booklet is very small, so keep track of it. All of the parts fit in an over sized box that isn't discreet either. The front has a semi naked couple on the front. It is a good size for travel though.
    • Travel friendly

Personal comments

I'm giving this game 3 stars. I love the game itself but it isn't what it advertises-hot or heavy.
Follow-up commentary
We don't use these cards. BUT we do play the rules of the game with better cards. So, if you like the idea of this game, just do yourself a solid, and google spit or speed the card game. You will save yourself some money.
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