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Not What I Expected but a Lot of Fun!

If you're looking for a free form game in BDSM and like things on the harder core side, then Power Play Cards are what you've been looking for. These are perfect for exploration but make sure you have a good relationship with your partner as some of the scenarios can be on the edge of hardcore.
52 scenario cards, harder core than most
No instructions
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Purpose / Audience

This is really supposed to be a card game that helps couples open up to BDSM ideas and explore. For that purpose it fits the bill well. However, it's more just a deck of cards with instructions printed on each one than a real game. Yes, you can make a game out of it, but there are not any instructions given, so you either have to be super creative or just pick a card, any card, and do what it says. These playing cards are also just your normal, everyday, poker cards. That being said, you could play just about any traditional card game with them and invent your own sexy rules. I would not however, take them to your next bridge game, people might stare.

These are really meant to get the ball rolling with BDSM. That being said, they are for those who wish to explore domination gently and get a feel for the fun of it. If you're super hardcore these might be too vanilla for you, but if you fall in the range of beginner to intermediate, then these are a nice fit. I found that they were easy enough to follow but really had that edge that I'm always looking for.

Since they aren't meant to be constrained by a set of rules these can be played by 2-however many players you want. So, take them to your next party. Well, as long as it is a sex party. An office party would be a bit awkward.
    • Anyone
    • Couples
    • Exploration

Rules / Content

My deck did not come with rules or instructions on how the game was to be played. An instruction insert or card was not included and the back is really just info on Dr. Ava. So, I guess the rules are pretty much free here. Pick a card off the top of the deck and do what it says or pick a few cards. No rules, no winner, no loser, just fun. So let yourself roam free with this one.
    • Can make your own rules


The deck is 52 playing cards done in black and red. The back of each card is a copy photoprint of the front of the box, with a chair encircled with rope, the manufacturer, and of course the name of the game. Each card has instructions regarding what is to be done by the Dom to the Sub. The cards all say "Power Play" at the top and are divided into categories of spanking, bondage, domination, blindfold, and discipline. If there's a purpose to the categorizing, it's not clear due to a lack of instructions.
    • Attractive design
    • Travel friendly

Personal comments

So here's some games you can play with this deck.

Pick a card, any card. The Dom shuffles the deck and has the sub pick a card. Everything on that card must be done. If the sub does everything correctly then a new card is picked. If not, then the first card is repeated.

Poker. Dom and sub play a hand of poker. The winning hand contains all the instructions for the BDSM session.

Switch up. The dom and sub both take seven cards. The highest ranking card is played first (with the suites being ranked clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds from lowest to highest). From there, each consecutive card is played with the owner of that card being the dom.


I really did not know how to use this, so I made my own rules. I chose a few cards and was the sub. I found them to be just on the edge of making me a little uncomfortable, which was great!

A look at some of the cards:

"The sub must walk on all fours, taking orders from the dom, bringing a drink, cleaning the toilet, or massaging the dom's feet." OK, I thought this one was a little gross.

"The dom tells the sub to bend over, pull down their underwear, and then gives them 10 open handed spanks, 5 each on the fleshy part of the cheek."

The dom straddles the sub, restrains wrists, and places a hand over the mouth. With other hand dom pinches sub's nipples, thighs, and sides of abdomen. Watch them wriggle underneath."
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  • Pete's Princess
    I nominated you for the rumble. I would have never looked at these cards without your review. Thanks.
  • Amber Sweet
    So glad you added some example of what is actually on the cards. I think I might skip this. Thanks for your review
  • Heartthrob
    Wow, thanks Pete's Princess!

    Amber Sweet, thanks!
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