Sail away with me... and don't forget the rum!

Pleasure Island is a game that will have you and your partner exploring a world of fantasy and pleasure in a game board paradise. As you move about the island, you will be rewarded with with pirate booty ranging from foreplay to role playing, and even some light bondage. If you are willing to experiment with your partner, this game will not disappoint.
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Great way to spice up things with your partner
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Purpose / Audience

Pleasure Island is a couple's board game aimed at spicing up a night in together. The game will have you exploring a variety of different sexual situations, some of which could push some boundaries for you as a couple. There is a bit of food play, some light bondage, role-playing, and spanking. If you find sex board games fun or would like to give them a try, I think Pleasure Island is a good game to have on hand. It is also a fun way of introducing new things into your sexual relationship: if you've never tried bondage or role-playing together, this game could be a fun, stress-free way to open those doors and explore a bit of kink with your lover.
Pleasure Island
    • Couples
    • Exploration
    • Good for foreplay

Rules / Content

The rules for the game are printed right on the side of the box, making it easy to follow along. The objective of the game is to move your game pieces along the board, which they describe as a "tropical island full of romance and passion," landing on different squares and performing the activities listed on that square. You will each have a pawn and take turns rolling a die, then move your pawn along the board however many spaces correspond to the number on the die that you rolled. For the game, you are instructed to do things to your shipmate (I like the added flair that the game has by calling your partner your shipmate: helps to get more into the game).

game board

The first half of the game board will contain squares that have mainly foreplay related activities listed on them, they will help get you hot and ready for more action. Some of the game squares will have you losing a turn or going back a a few squares.

1st half of game

The second half of the game as you landing on Pleasure Chest or Prisoner of Love squares, for these you pick a card from the corresponding pile and perform the actions listed on those cards.

end of game

The Pleasure Chest cards are where you will find activities like role-play with your shipmate (as pirate and captive, captain and first mate, etc.), masturbate while your shipmate watches, tease your shipmate with a toy, bring dessert below deck, among other things. There will be 22 Pleasure Chest cards included with the game. There are also 22 Prisoner of Love cards included, these cards are more of light BDSM activity cards. They will have you blindfolding your shipmate, spanking, tying up, some role-playing with bondage, sex slave, and others.

treasurechest card

If you come across a card that you are not comfortable with and do not wish to include, you are more than welcome to skip it and pick another. The game is meant to be fun, not force you into doing anything you may not be comfortable with. I have also found that some of the cards suggest to have sex in a new position or squeeze shipmates buttocks during sex; when one of these cards gets drawn, we save it as a memento of what is to come and continue to play. You could go straight to the main event right there and leave the game behind, it is up to you. This game is hard to play until someone gets to the finish line and is the game winner, you will just be so turned on and randy that it's very hard to make it to the end without having sex with your shipmate. If, however, one of you does win the game, the winner gets to select two cards from each pile and preform the listed activities.
    • Comes with clear instructions
    • Easy to play


The Pleasure Island game is very well made. It comes in a sturdy, heavy cardboard box that is thick and will hold up for a long time. It has gorgeous bright graphics on it and a shiny finish to it. The game board itself is also quality made. It is made from a heavy-duty, thick board material that will withstand a lot of abuse. The game cards are also made from a thick card stock with a glassy feel to them. All of the game pieces are going to last you a long time. I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of this game. The game board is 15.5 inches by 10 inches and folds in half to store inside of the box. The cards are 3 inches by 2 inches and, as stated above, are made from a thick card stock. Also included in the box are two pawns, a red one and a green one, and a die. All of the game pieces fit nicely back into the box for storage. The only fault I could find with this game is a few grammar mistakes. On one of the game squares, it directs you to "tease your shipmate below the waste." Several boxes later, they get it right, and include the proper usage of waist. On one of the cards, it directs you to "enter your shipmate were ever they desires." So there are a few grammar usage issues with the game, but overall, it does not bother me and I find that I barely notice it. If you are someone who gets very irritated on grammar misuse, and you know it could bug you and take away from the experience, you have been warned.

waste grammar typo
grammar fail
    • Attractive design
    • Sturdy game board

Personal comments

Pleasure Island is a game that my shipmate and I find very amusing to play; there are a few things you can do to get even more into the game and into character. I highly suggest wearing a sexy pirate costume while playing, it only adds to the whole experience. Also when the game calls for using a toy or vibrator to tease your shipmate with, you can use a pirate themed toy, too! One of the Pleasure Chest cards will tell you to watch an adult movie and act out your favorite scene with your shipmate; if porn is your thing, then I highly suggest continuing with the whole pirates theme by choosing none other than Pirates to watch and act out. Bonus points if you do so while wearing your pirate costume. My 3-disc Pirates set came with a soundtrack disc, which has been the perfect background music for playing Pleasure Island with my shipmate. The more we get into the game with all the pirate gear and costumes, the more fun we have had with it. Some may find it silly, but we find it enjoyable.


I purchased this game as way to spice up our sex life. I will never forget the grin on my partner's face when he read the card that stated "tie shipmates hands behind back while they sit on the floor, have your shipmate preform oral sex on you." We had never watched an adult movie together, experimented with any bondage, nor had we done any spanking or playing with toys together. We made up a shopping list and gathered our supplies. In just a short time we had begun to explore so much more in our sex life. We now have porn, paddles, whips, crops, toys galore, and a few bondage restraint systems. Our sex life has become much more exciting and fun, and we still have so much more to explore. I highly recommend this game for any one who is looking to spice up things with their partner in the bedroom and needs a little help getting the ball rolling.

Oh, and now, we always keep some rum stocked in our liquor cabinet...
rum card
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