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Wheel of Shame

Play this game if you like bringing hardcore sex acts home. Also, play it if you have no reservations, boundaries, or sense of shame. Here, there is the potential to be truly depraved. For some, this might be exactly what they want. After all, so many games attempt to be naughty, but fail. But for what I suspect are a great many others, this game will likely cross a few too many lines. Play if you dare.
Lots of Variety
Customizable Rules
Great for Foreplay
A Bit Cheap Looking
Too Hardcore for Some
Not Everyone Loves Sex Parties
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Purpose / Audience

The Sinner's Wheel is meant to bring an element of risk back into fooling around. Suitable for 2 players or 10, count on plenty of variety, and plenty of hardcore fun. A word of warning, though, this game is not for the timid or the tame. I myself expected a game that could span from slightly naughty, to devilishly daring. What I wasn't expecting, however, was a game that was all dirty, all the time.
    • Couples
    • Good for foreplay
    • Multiple players

Rules / Content

The way this game works is simple. Players take turns spinning the wheel, and depending on the where the pointer points, the players perform the sex acts indicated. That's it. It's one of the most uncomplicated concepts ever, but with the right person or persons, this simple spinner is all you'll need to create your own fun.

There is no winner. Actually, I'd say that everyone that plays wins. How could they not, after all, since the goal of this game is sex, not arbitrary points or reaching the end of the board. As for instructions, you really don't need any. Just pick up 2 AA batteries, make sure they're in straight, push the button, and watch it spin. Beyond that, players can make up their own rules. There is virtually no end to the variations of how to play this game.
    • Can make your own rules


The wheel is made of plastic, and seems to be of passable, but not quality construction. Around the outer rim of the spinner are interchangeable discs. On these discs are printed the various sex acts required for the game. The discs are made of laminated card-stock. They are stiffer than paper, but sill flimsy and easily bent. The game comes with 4 discs in all, and each one is double-sided.

More important than what the discs are made of, though, is what is printed on them. Each side has a theme, and the acts included under that theme will vary in terms of extremity. Here's a list of the themes, with just a few examples of the acts they include:

BLOW ME! (PLEASE...) - "Lick the Head", "Deep Throat", "Bite it"
ASS AND YOU'LL RECEIVE - "Anal Beads", "Rimming", "Motorboat Ass Cheeks"
NEITHER HERE NOR THERE - "Kitchen", "Car", "Backyard"
TAKE IT OFF BITCH - "Everyone Take Something Off", "Take Something Off Someone", "Swap Undies With Someone"
RISQUE DRINKING - "Nibbles Your Neck 'n' Drinks", "Do a Body Shot Off Them", "Fake an Orgasm 'n' Drink"
DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME - "Snow Balling", "Blumpkin", "Angry Dragon"
TO THIRD BASE AND BEYOND - "Cowgirl", "Pile Driver", "Anal"
BLANK - Here you can write in your own ideas

Personal comments

I have mixed feelings about this game. It has so much potential, and I certainly enjoyed how playing it make us feel naughty, much the way that truth-or-dare did when we were drunken teenagers. But there are a few things that I don't appreciate.

First, this game contains some majorly disturbing content. For example, when I researched the acts suggested on the "Don't Try This at Home" disc, what I found was so extreme, I found myself deleting my browser history for fear of someone reading it. I don't mean to offend anyone out there, but some of this stuff really made me ill. I simply have zero interest in treating someone, or being treated, like a human toilet, punching bag, or other object designed for heavy degradation.

Second, while it is possible for couples to play this game, and have fun doing so, it certainly seems geared towards porn directors and orgy enthusiasts. I don't have a problem with people who feel that more is merrier, but it's not for me. Because of this, much of the game is unusable for me.

Perhaps the most redeeming element here is the blank disc. Here you can customize your experience, and fill in the stuff that you actually want to do. We used it the first time we played, and I'll probable end up making a few more myself.

Keep this in mind if you want to try this game: you must play with someone who is at the same level of daring and adventure. If one person is more eager than the other, than the game just won't work. You'll end up passing a lot, and instead of setting the mood you'll end up creating a disaster.
Follow-up commentary
I've recently re-written most of the interchangeable paper circles that come with this game. I like it a lot better now that my wife and I are actually willing to play.
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    awe... at least you found a way to enjoy... my hubby and i are open, but not open enough to share eachother... maybe a kiss or a hug at a drinking party, but... the sexual intentions will no go beyond us. and no offense is taken from me, i may be a bdsm kinda gal but im not that deep lol.
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    Thanks for the review. Good to hear you made the game work for you.
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