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A slice of Pi

The PI is a toy that's ideal for someone new to anal play. This was my first foray into prostate stimulation and while the toy wasn't firm enough for me to achieve a prostate orgasm, the orgasm I did have was enhanced by the graduating beads on the shaft. It's a great anal toy for either him or her and will certainly be enjoyed by all.
100% ultra premium platinum silicone.
Bullet couldn't be felt through the toy.
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I'll admit I didn't know anything about prostate stimulation until I watched the one scene in Road Trip where Sean William Scott had his prostate milked by the nurse at the sperm bank. It piqued my curiosity as it did a lot of other people's (Google is proof of that) so here I am sitting with the Elements Pi on my desk.

It's only fitting that my first anal toy|Elements Pi by Tantus be one that is 100% ultra-premium platinum silicone, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and phthalates-free. The perk about silicone is that it can be shared; in my relationship I have a curious wife who wants to experience everything I do so, with a quick 3 minute boil I'm able to share this between us without the worry of spreading bacteria or germs. For personal use 100% silicone is a preferred choice. It's clean and it's safe, it requires minimal upkeep but unfortunately it's incompatible with silicone lubricants. I'm big on silicone lube, it's thick and it never dries out; while I had to go without it with this toy, the Pi gets slick when wet and water based lubricant worked quite well with the smooth, nonporous silicone.

When I think probe, I think long. The Pi is only 5 1/4" inches long with a total insertable length of 4 1/2". The plug I've been using has only been 3 1/2" long so this wasn't a major upgrade, it seemed like more of an extra long plug rather than a probe to me. A major plus is that the first bead is smaller than my finger, as is the second. The toy starts out small which is highly preferable when you feel as noob as I do to these particular type of toys. It's an ideal toy for beginners to anal play in general because of how small and unassuming it is and for the fact you can work up to the larger "beads" the more relaxed you become. The largest part of the toy is an inch in diameter, to some that may not seem like a lot, but to someone like me who's had limited anal play it required a lot of work up to achieve.

When inside the toy is comfortable. A few times I felt my body trying to push it out and with reapplications of lubricant the toy tried to slip out on its own, but my wife helped me by placing her palm against the base, keeping it from exiting my ass. She pressed her palm against the toy and rubbed it in slow circular motions; not only was I able to experience a slight prostate stimulation but the flared tip on the base massaged my taint. I didn't use the bullet, when holding the toy in hand while the bullet was inserted and on, the vibrations couldn't be felt. While the bullet was fairly powerful outside of the toy the thick silicone material prevented them from being felt throughout the length of the toy. I assume since this toy is harness compatible, that the bullet vibrator is meant for the one doing the pegging rather than to be felt by the ass that's doing the receiving. We didn't try this in a harness so I can't say either way, I can only give my assumptions.

When I came, my anus contracted and I felt the toy being pushed out of me. Instead of having my wife stop it, I had her take her hand away. The graduating beads enhanced my orgasm even if the slight prostate stimulation I received didn't. The shape of the toy seemed ideal but it was just too flexible and not nearly firm enough for the right amount of pressure to help me to have a prostate orgasm. While I didn't achieve what I wanted in terms of prostate stimulation, the graduating beads were enjoyable and helped me to have an orgasm unlike any I've had before.

The Elements Pi is a desirable toy for beginners. It's small, it's comfortable, and the quality of Tantus' unique blend of silicone make it a toy that's built to last. This is a toy that I'll be using on a weekly basis and while it wasn't what I thought it would be, it's great for what it is.
Follow-up commentary
While this slips out during sex it's GREAT during sex if you or your partner hold it inside. It's perfect for beginners and it feels damn good, while unable to stimulate my prostate it still manages to add that little extra kick I need for a mind blowing orgasm.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    Probes definitely aren't designed for good prostate stimulation. Do you think it's firm enough for harness use, or might it just be floppy and hard to control?
  • Average Joe
    Maybe a harness for vaginal use but not for anal. It's too flexible, the small beads aren't stiff enough, they'd just bend against the anus rather than glide into it.
  • Epiphora
    Good review.
  • ThePornLibrarian
    Great review. I was curious about this one... Thanks.
  • Average Joe
    Thanks ladies.
  • Nashville
    The purple is just gorgeous and the shape of this looks pretty damn cool.
  • Average Joe
    Its a very attractive toy and it is cool. I liked it a lot.
  • Naughtyboy
    Thanks for the review !

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