Treeze small bubble plug - butt plug by Don Wands - review by FAM4LIFE

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A Tree to Treasure!

This is a beautifully crafted toy with a nearly perfect design. I personally found the base to be too large for use during sex, but otherwise was very impressed with the quality and performance of this plug! Despite the flaw, I will treasure this “tree” for years!
Beautiful! Discreet, non-toxic.
Large base is uncomfortable during sex.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


This toy works extremely well for foreplay and stimulation of my boy's bum during sex. Upon receiving the plug I was delighted by the beautiful colors and craftsmanship. This wooden butt plug is deliciously smooth and pretty enough to be displayed. It was first used on me during oral, and I was blown away by the results. The first section slid in nicely, making the transition to the 1 ¼” wide bump nice and smooth. Once in, the plug sat comfortably and stayed well in place despite my eager movements. After this experience alone I was ready to give this “tree” a 5-star rating.

However, we didn't enjoy ourselves so much when we moved onto sex. At first, all was still amazing. My partner loved the enhanced tightness from the pressure of the plug. He could even feel the bumps! Going slow felt amazing for both of us, as every move my boy made was transferred to the plug. The problem arose when my boy went deep and hard (as we like to do) and I also thrusted. This caused the hard, rounded base of the plug to dig into his shaft and “pinch” his urethra at the base of his penis. As you can imagine, this was very uncomfortable for him. The problem was made worse when I was on top, eventually causing us to abandon this toy during sex.

We tried the plug in my partner's bum and he really enjoyed having it in during sex. It stayed in place and greatly enhanced our experience. I still really like this plug, I just wish the base was a “bar” type rather than rounded.
    • On the road/travel friendly

Material / Texture

Don Wands' Treeze are made from a wood/urethane hybrid, creating a beautiful, non-porous toy. It is surprisingly smooth with absolutely no rough spots or splinters. This product is 100% non-toxic and phthalates-free with a crack and chip free coating. There is no smell, and it is completely waterproof.

This is the first wooden toy I have used, and I was very impressed with the quality of the material. I am super conscious of material safety and have high standards for my toys. This plug surpassed my expectations in the realm and I am happy to have it in my collection.
This toy is very hard, so I would caution beginners as it can be rather unforgiving. This plug seems small, but the hard material feels huge inside of me. This definitely could be enjoyed by beginners if caution is used.

Design / Shape / Size

I must admit that I was a little disappointed that the larger size of the plug wasn't available. The 4” length and 1¼” width seemed like nothing for my bum, but boy was I wrong!
I had not used plugs made of hard materials and found that the firmness of this one made it feel very large once inside. Although I usually like bigger anal toys, the size of this “tree” definitely satisfies me! I really enjoyed the length, and my partner found that it provided the correct pressure on his shaft while leaving room for his head to move freely inside me (plug in my butt, partner in my vagina). This plug is discreet for travel and it even comes with a small padded pouch!

The bumps are very well placed as the gradually increasing width of the tip felt incredible upon penetration, and the second bump made for a nice “double feature.” My only complaint is that the base is too large and gets in the way when trying to have vaginal sex with it inside my bum. This could have easily been avoided with a “bar” design, and I hope to see the feature on future “Treeze” products.


The best part of this plug is the design and placement of the bumps combined with a fine material. Wooden sex toys are so fascinating to me, and the “tree” was a fantastic introduction. The design of the first bump was highly stimulating. The smooth texture easily widened me in preparation for the second bump, which was equally exciting. The stem was certainly small enough to hold the plug in place, but not so small as to inhibit removal.
The worst part of this toy is the design of the base. It is round, hard and, in my opinion, large. This causes it to pinch my partner's shaft during sex. I would consider this toy to be perfect if it had a smaller base.

Care and Maintenance

This wooden plug is very easy to care for. It is totally non-porous and waterproof. I simply wash my plug in warm water with antibacterial soap before and after each use. The wood has a coating that will never chip or crack, but I still like to meticulously check it for water during each cleaning. Once clean, I store my plug in the provided plush pouch where it will stay safe. I love the fact that you can use both water and silicone lube with this toy. And, because it is smooth and non-porous, the lube stays on and doesn't dry up!
Follow-up commentary
My partner still really enjoys using this toy when we're together. I love to use it when I'm on my own, yet the base still gets in his way if I want both him and the Treeze in me at once.
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