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The Ophoria Rapture #5 probe is a series of 5 balls gradually increasing in size crafted out of pure silicone. The heavy-duty loop handle gives the user good control over the toy with a single finger. The graduated ball design makes the Rapture #5 a warm up toy, dildo, and anal bead set in one easy-to-use, comfortable, highly stimulating package.
Silicone, easy to control, good handle, useful for both warm up and general play
Probably not a good toy for anal beginners - it gets wide faster than you'd think
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Lover's Choice's Ophoria Rapture #5 anal probe is a high-stimulation pure silicone anal toy that can be used for many tasks - as a warm-up toy to help relax your anus or as a "main course" toy. In either of these applications the Rapture is a good performer.

The Rapture #5's loop handle is comfortable and strong for solo or partner use. Sometimes it can be easier to stick a finger through the loop than it is to grab the end of a toy, and the loop is relatively immune from becoming slippery and hard to hold from migrating lube. Unlike many loop handles, the Rapture #5's is sturdy and almost 1/2" wide. I was very impressed at the level of control the handle offered, allowing me to easily direct the probe where I wanted it to go and maximize prostate stimulation. The handle was pleasurable for the person being stimulated as well, as its small size and rounded edges are comfortable and make sure it doesn't get in the way.

In common with many probes, the Rapture No 5 has no base in the classic sense, but the design of this toy makes a runaway toy problem highly unlikely. The design of the bumps means that the toy will probably not be entirely sucked in - and even if it is fully inserted, retrieval is easy due to the rounded design and loop handle. During testing, I completely inserted the Rapture inside my butt, stood up, and walked around for a while to see what would happen. The answer was nothing much - when I went to remove the Rapture I merely slid my finger inside me and through the Rapture's handle, allowing me to comfortably remove it.

The ball design means that the Rapture widens a bit more rapidly than a smooth toy of the same dimensions, so you might want to start off your play with a smooth toy or finger. Once you've got things started, the Rapture is a great second toy for warm up. as the balls provide convenient resting points, and it's easy to regulate the maximum width inserted. The Rapture #5 is not just for warm-up, though - it works very well as a general anal toy. The feeling of the balls sliding through the anus is very nice indeed, and the strong loop handle makes it easy to direct those balls against the prostate if the ass in question is so equipped. This is best used as a slow toy, though - the bumps give so much stimulation that wild thrusting was a bit too much stimulation for me. In general, I wouldn't recommend the Rapture No. 5 for anal beginners, who would probably be happier with a smooth toy. The bumpy design seems to make the Rapture slide a bit less easily in the rectum than a smooth dildo would, so it's best to take a bit of care with the Rapture until you're familiar with how your butt works.

The silicone density that Ophoria uses is a good choice for this product. While stiff enough to allow for easy insertion and play, the Rapture Probe was soft enough so that it was comfortable to use however the probe end was pointed - a plus for partner anal play.

Even though the Rapture is marketed as an anal probe, it would be hard to not wonder how it would work vaginally. It works, and the balls provide added stimulation, but keep in mind the taper, which reduces the amount of stimulation that the bumps give and makes it a less satisfying experience than it might otherwise be. The last two balls give good stimulation at the vaginal entrance, but fans of G-spot stimulation will likely be less than satisfied.

My Rapture #5 had a noticeable seam running up both edges that was a little irritating the first time I used it. I was able to trim it down with a razor. I've been checking around, and I think my sample just slipped through unintentionally - I've never seen an issue on any other Ophoria product. Once the seam was gone the Rapture #5 was very nice indeed.
The Rapture No.5 is a slow toy - it works best when you let your anus slowly slide around each ball . The first time I forgot this - too much foreplay had me in a state where I wanted it hard and fast, and I tried it with the Rapture. It worked, if you count getting off fast as working, but I was sort of numb to the pleasure after a while, and afterwards my ass was a bit irritated. The next time would be different, I swore, and it was. I made sure I was empty (more important for the highly textured toys), and after borrowing my wife's leg razor to doctor the seam I was ready. I lubed up and slowly slid the Rapture in and then out, slowly introducing another ball every so often. It was a torment of ecstasy, especially when I used the handle to direct the Rapture right up against my prostate (you can control the Rapture well with only one finger, just rotate the toy so the pressure is across the handle). I moved the toy from straight up and down to parallel with the floor, and the silicone bent to accommodate the angles (as long as only 4 balls were inside - with all 5 I did have to be a bit more careful). Finally I let myself go over the edge.

In short it was good, very good (once the seams were off)
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