Ophoria Rapture # 5 - probe by Lover's Choice Inc. - review by Rockin'

Ophoria Rapture # 5

Probe by Lover's Choice Inc.

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It's a dream -- except the seam

The Ophoria Rapture #5 is a tantalizing toy with an elegant and practical design. Used for vaginal insertion, you’ll be taken on a long, bumpy ride of ecstasy. If you can find a way to avoid feeling the seam, then the #5 will be a winner for you.
Beautiful color and design, sturdy, easy to maneuver and clean
Noticeable seam decreases pleasure.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
The Ophoria Rapture #5 is an elegant silicone toy. It comes in a clear plastic casing enclosed in a stylish cardboard box that is free from any sexual images or words, aside from “anal probe.” While it is listed as an anal probe, so far I have only used the #5 vaginally. I am not an experienced anal toy user yet but, if you look for my follow-up review on this toy in a few months, I may have graduated to the Big Leagues by then!

Out of the box, the #5 looks and feels even more sophisticated than I expected. It is listed as “navy blue”, but I’d call it a deep indigo. It’s gorgeous. The handle at the larger end is quite sturdy while not being bulky, a huge plus. The five balls range in diameter from about 1” to 1 5/8”, but the widest ball feels much larger, in a very good way.

The #5 silicone is quite firm and barely compresses when I squeeze it. If I hold the first ball and the last ball I can bend it somewhat, but I wouldn’t call it a flexible toy. Don't expect this toy to bend with your curves as it definitely offers some resistance.

Now, onto the one thing I didn't like; the seam. The seam on this toy is noticeable in the pictures of it on this site, and was easily seen and felt when I took it out of the box. I didn’t really notice the seam during my first time playing with it, but during subsequent sessions I couldn’t ignore the irritation. I could feel the seam even when I just let it sit in my vagina! Granted I only felt it on my inner lips, and a little ways into my pussy. The fact that it was irritating me, makes me think it probably was rubbing just as much on my more inner regions, and I just couldn’t tell. I had to rotate the toy periodically while thrusting in order to avoid irritating the same part of my V for an extended time. I haven’t tried it with a condom yet, but that would be my recommendation if you aren’t willing to shave down the seam like another reviewer suggested. I definitely didn’t want that seam in my ass, if I could feel it so distinctly in my pussy.

Now that the negative part is over, you still have hope for this beautiful toy, right? Well, don’t worry; I’m not going to let you down!

As a dildo, this toy is spectacular. The contour of the balls feels just heavenly to my vaginal muscles. I love to clamp down on a toy and fuck myself silly. The ‘valleys’ between the balls are just perfect for gripping. I love to feel stretched and penetrated, and the #5 gave me all that I wanted and more. The design of the toy is something I didn’t appreciate until I’d played with it a few times. It's not shaped like a penis, which means I don’t have to “take” the biggest part of the toy first. The sensation of being penetrated increases as I insert more of the toy. This is the reverse of toys with bulbous heads, where the peak of fullness occurs before the majority of the length is inside me. With the #5, I feel full before I even hit the biggest part of the toy. And to top it off, the smallest ball doesn’t bludgeon my cervix when I thrust hard and fast.

After all that praise, what could be left? Pop in your favorite stay-in-place butt plug, and THEN play with the #5. You get all of the fun I described in the previous paragraph, coupled with the interaction between the #5 and your plug. The sudden shifting sensations provided by the balls bumping over the anal plug are electrifying and addicting. With this setup, it’s a delicious struggle trying to shove in that last ball. I highly recommend the butt-plug, plus the #5, combo. It will send you to the moon.

As with all silicone toys, please do not use silicone-based lubes. Cleaning up is a breeze with soap and water, wiping down with a 10% bleach solution, boiling, or washing in a soap-free dishwasher. I recommend washing before and after use, since the #5 attracts dust and hair. If you are going to share this toy, clean it between uses or cover it with a condom.

The #5 isn't perfect, but it still feels really, really good.
Follow-up commentary
09/01/09 - After initially loving this toy except for its seam, I realized soon after writing the review that I had indeed damaged my girl bits by thrusting repetitively while getting off. Because of the large fifth bulb, I pressed it against myself very hard during play to get that lovely "stretched" feeling. What alerted me to this problem was when I inserted another toy a day or so after last playing with the #5, and felt significant discomfort and stinging while the toy was in. It was a smooth plastic toy and shouldn't have hurt. I didn't play at all for a couple days, and even after that I had some pain during sex and with other toys. I'd never had any vaginal abrasions like that before, and I'm sad to say that I haven't played with the #5 since then. It basically put me out of commission for penetration for about two weeks.

I did try shaving the seam with a small, new bikini razor, but the damage the razor did seems worse than the seam itself. It's not a concentrated line of danger anymore, but it's oddly textured in a way that doesn't feel good to my fingers. The silicone also flaked a bit when I tried to shave down the seam, leaving little flaps along the seam line.

I'm reluctant to use a condom with this toy because one of the main reasons I love silicone toys is so I can use them without covering them. I'm also afraid of hurting myself again, even through a layer of latex.

On a related note, I recently bought another Ophoria toy, the Rapture #6, an anal bead/chain. The seam on that toy, while visible, is MUCH smoother, barely noticeable to my fingertips. I'm not worried at all about that toy. That makes me think that my toy may be more "seamy" than the average toy (even though I know ScottA said his had quite a seam, too). The Rapture #5 was fun at first, but it's not in my go-to toy pile anymore.
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  • Kinky Kitty
    Thank you! I love the shape of this one
  • Rockin'
    @Kinky Kitty - You're quite welcome. The shape is quite wonderful!
  • Sammi
    Too bad it has a seam.
    Good review!
  • Rockin'
    @Sammi - Yeah, I might just take a razor to mine if condoms don't do the trick or are too much of a hassle. Thank you for reading!
  • Epiphora
    Great review, especially the info about using it as a dildo. There is a glass toy floating around out there that looks like this. Also, I have a NobEssence dildo that has bulbs like this. It's very nice. Look into those if you want a harder material but similar shape.

    Oh, and let me know if you razor it...
  • TastieStacie
    Great review. The seam sucks. I hate seams! :S so sad day there.
  • Rockin'
    @Epiphora - Thank you for your comment! I saw the #5 and was like "Oh wow that would feel GREAT inside me" but then saw it was an anal toy and was kind of like, "Oh...well, I'mma get it anyway." I've seen a glass toy or two that looks like this, and those would be wonderful to try. Thanks for the reminder! I'll look into NobEssence, etc. And I may just have to razor it just to see if it's better (it'd give me some good follow-up material, right?)

    @Staciehogan - Thanks for reading! It's a shame when something so beautiful and stimulating has a manufacturing glitch.
  • Mamastoys
    too bad about the seam.. sounds good otherwise. thanks for the review
  • ~LaUr3n~
    I'm surprised about the seam. All the silicone toys I have are smooth all around.
  • Rockin'
    @Mamastoys - Thanks for reading! Smile

    @Lauren - One of my other silicone toys has a seam, too, but the rest are all super smooth. I think they made it from two halves so they didn't have to put the seams/weak points between the balls on the toy. I wish they could have just carved it out from ONE big chunk of silicone, though, lol.
  • Devz
    Thanks for the review
  • starklover
  • HomuHomu
  • Stinkytofu10
    fantastic review, too bad about the seam, seams are definitely noticeable on the sensitive areas
  • Allstars316
    Good review!
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