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Eupho classic

Prostate massager by Aneros

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Aneros Eupho

The Aneros Eupho was a great starting point for my husband and I to delve into the world of prostate play. It was not intimidating, easy to use, and was very nicely presented. My husband was comfortable with it, and it did increase his sexual pleasure during sex. However, we will probably be looking into something a bit larger to try and stimulate him better, as we did not achieve the massive orgasms we had hoped for.
Great packaging
Easy to use
Did increase sexual pleasure
White color
Not able to be sterilized
Did not live up to expectations
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This is a toy for the fellas. It is NOT meant to be manipulated with your hands, rather it is designed to be used solely by the mans muscles. So, women, do not get this toy with devious thoughts of using it on your mans bum-hole. The instructions state that attempting to manually stimulate with this toy can cause harm to the man. It has a curved handle that will keep the toy from being pulled all the way in, and the nubs on the handle actually work to stimulate the perineum of the man, which can put more pressure on the prostate, and increase pleasure. To use this toy, simply lube it up, find a comfortable position, and insert into your rectum with the "finger" shaped toy facing up, as if making a "Come here" motion, so that the finger presses on the mans prostate. Then the pamphlet tells you to relax and let your sphincter muscles relax and adjust to the shape of the toy. Then you need to squeeze your muscles you would use when stopping the flow of your urine stream. This motion will cause the toy to rock, and stimulate your prostate gland. It can be done either on your own, during masturbation, or even used to make sex more pleasurable.

Material / Texture

I do question some of the choices here. While the plastic is nice because you can use silicone lubes with it, it is not a 10 on the safety scale. Bacteria could easily be attracted to and live on this toy, and while you can use antimicrobial cleaners on it, you cannot sterilize it, which is somewhat disconcerting for a toy that will be going in such a vulnerable place. However, it is a better option than say, jelly or cyber skin-like materials, and gives an option that you cannot have with silicone toys as far as the lube goes. The color is completely white, which I also question. Of all toys... why in the would would you want an anal toy to be white? Not exactly the best idea if you get my gist. Though it does make it a bit easier to clean, as you can SEE if there is anything on it. Perhaps that is the rationale. I would recommend that if you are going to be sharing this toy you do use a condom with it. Now, you won't be able to find a condom to fit this, but we just put a regular condom over it, and it worked fine, and fit comfortable.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

The design of this worked perfect for us. This was the first thing (besides a well-lubed finger on one rare occasion) that has ever been in my husband's rear end. He was pretty nervous about it, and was scared that it would be massive, or uncomfortable, but his nervousness went away as soon as he saw it. Now granted, the small size might be the reason we didn't achieve the pleasure we had hoped for, but it was a good starting point for us. It's a great size for beginners, the design did fit comfortably inside of him, and it did hit his prostate perfectly. However, we will be going for something a bit larger next time, in hopes of getting a better orgasm from it. The Aneros is four and a half inches long, with four inches of it being insertable, and it is just one inch wide, so it's not much bigger than a finger actually. I would not recommend it for those who are more experienced in anal play, it probably will not live up to your expectations.


This toy worked pretty well for us. My husband and I have been interested in using a prostate massager on him for some time now. One, because we are all about anything that can increase our pleasure or contribute to our sex lives, and Two, because of the health benefits of prostate massage. The Eupho came with a very nice instruction booklet, that gave us very simple and detailed instructions. We were a bit disappointed at first with the toy, as it did not live up to the "Crazy Orgasm" stories we have heard about prostate play. My husband did say that he did have slightly increased pleasure, but only found it pleasurable when combined with oral or regular sex. He had to have some sort of external stimulation to obtain pleasure. He also described a "very warm feeling" with his orgasm, and said it radiated out a bit, but was not the intense orgasm he had expected. I do know though, that a lot of people say this is something that comes with practice, and we are definitely going to continue experimenting with the Aneros, and still hope to achieve that "Tsunami" Orgasm.
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

We actually keep this in the box it came in. It's a very nice cardboard box, that closes magnetically and without the outer sleeve is very discreet. It has a plastic mold inside that the toy fits into perfectly, and it keeps the toy covered and safe from debris, lint, other toys, etc.

As far as cleaning, you can clean it with soap and water, you favorite antibacterial toy cleaner, or you can wipe it down with a bit of alcohol before and after each use. Pretty simple up keep, no complaints there.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store
Follow-up commentary
I really wish there was an, "I'm still unsure." Button. I don't really know if we like this toy or not yet. Sometimes it's a hit, sometimes it's a miss. I am happy we got this toy, because we now know that p-spot play can be fun, but I am not sure if this toy is going to ever give us the full on effect we want, or we are just failing to utilize it properly. I think we are going to try shopping around soon for another prostate massager.
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  • MissMandii
    Yea, I feel like the hype over them was a real letdown.
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