Cleaner Missile - anal kit by Cal Exotics - review by ScottA

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Big Nozzle, Gentle Spray

The Cleaner Missile is an anal douche with a large, seamless, flexible nozzle that provides a gentle, comfortable spray during use. The useful capacity of the Cleaner Missile is about 5 oz of water per squeeze. A permanently attached nozzle can make cleanup difficult.
Large, flexible nozzle provides pleasant stimulation and gentle flow.
Nozzle permanently attached to bulb. Can't set down upright when full.
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The Cleaner Missile anal douche differs from most other bulb syringes in the nozzle. Instead of having a small hard plastic nozzle, the Cleaner Missile has a hollow, flexible nozzle made of the same material as the bulb, with three perforations at the tip. The result is a relatively inexpensive large-nozzle enema bulb that minimizes the risk of accidentally perforating the rectum, a good feature if you're starting out.

Another good feature for the beginner is the three small holes at the end of the nozzle. These provide a gentle spray of water into the rectum, regulating the flow and ensuring that the water is introduced into the rectum at a comfortable rate. The Cleaner Missile was leak-free and did not have any ridges on either the bulb or nozzle, excluding the joint between the two. The Cleaner Missile is phthalates-free, but it did have a slight plastic odor.

The capacity of the bulb is 6 fluid ounces of water, and a squeeze squirts about 4-1/2 to 5 ounces of water. The hollow nozzle holds another 2 ounces of water (making the total capacity 8 oz), but this can't be used. A benefit of the large interior diameter of the nozzle became apparent when I filled up the Cleaner Missile for the first time. Smaller nozzles tend to hold water in them, resulting in water squirting out when you squeeze the bulb again to fill it up fully.

The large space inside the Cleaner Missile's tip allows the water to easily drain back into the bulb. Once the tip fills up things get messy though, as the three holes spray water over a large area. A thumb strategically placed at the tip of the nozzle minimizes this, though. There's no way to set the Cleaner Missile upright when full, but the small holes in the nozzle allow only a small amount of water to leak out. The bulb wasn't unusually hard to squeeze, requiring around 10 pounds of pressure.

The nozzle is smoothly contoured, and provides a bit of pleasant stimulation for the anus and P-spot during use as well as making it easy to hold the nozzle in using the anal muscles. The PVC material is compatible with water-based and silicone lubricants, and because of the size of the nozzle you should always use a lubricant with the Cleaner Missile. The size of the nozzle, 1-1/2” in diameter at the widest point, could make this toy difficult for a beginner to use, but full insertion is not necessary for successful use.

The hollow nozzle is sturdy enough to not kink or collapse during use, while being flexible enough to follow the rectum if it is inserted at an angle. During tests I was able to insert the nozzle at an angle comfortably, with the only result being increased P-spot stimulation. I didn't have a problem with the nozzle clogging, but I did take the precaution of giving myself the first douche with the nozzle inserted only about an inch. I found that it took about 3 bulbs of water to completely fill my rectum with the Cleaner Missile.

The length of the Cleaner Missile made it difficult to use while sitting on the toilet, but it worked well in other positions. The gentle flow of water was comfortable, and two three-bulb douches left me clean. For douching it's best to use only clean warm water, as other solutions can irritate the rectum.

Afterward I played around with the Cleaner Missile as a dildo. The bulb provided a convenient handle, and the nozzle felt good thrusting in and out. Note that it's best to use a condom to cover the nozzle if you want to use the Cleaner Missile as a dildo, to keep things out of the nozzle.

Cleanup was mixed. On one hand, the smooth lines of the Cleaner Missile were easy to clean externally, but on the other hand the nozzle is permanently glued to the bulb, making it difficult to clean inside the douche. Soapy water can be sucked up into the bulb and swirled around, followed by a bleach solution to sanitize, but the difficulty of cleaning makes the Cleaner Missile best kept as a single-person toy. The glued joint also means that you should be careful about the amount of force applied to the joint.

The design of the Cleaner Missile makes it a good choice for someone who wants to experiment with a large-nozzle anal douche without investing much, or for those who are interested in experimenting but want a toy that's soft to minimize the risk of perforating the rectum. The size of the nozzle on the Cleaner Missile means that the beginner might want to look at the Cleaner Torpedo (smaller, straight 1-1/8” nozzle)
Follow-up commentary
As I used the Cleaner Missile I started to like it more and more. There are several noticeable advantages to the design - the smooth, flexible nozzle can't scratch or poke, and the three holes certainly help regulate the flow of solution, and it's a latex and phthalates-free douche. Sadly, it started leaking around the joint after three weeks of use. If I hold it just right it doesn't leak, but that gets hard. Sadly this has dropped a few stars.
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  • deceased
    That's a cool device!!!!
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    That's a bit of a different take on the bulb design. You mentioned that the joint was glued on the missile and that certainly seems like a weak spot. I guess we'll have to wait for pricing to see if this is worth the few drawbacks. Very good review.... I can't think a a question to ask!
  • Lady Neshamah
    great review
  • damnbul12
    Thank you for the review.
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