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Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble!

This high quality, 100% silicone toy certainly adds some variety as a vaginal toy with its unique shape, smooth texture and plush density. But, for me, it's not quite enough on its own when used vaginally. The design is probably most enjoyed by more experienced lovers of anal play who desire a bumpy and comfortable fullness. Because of the somewhat flimsy base, I would not recommend this toy for harness play.
Unique shape, 100% silicone, plush density, smooth.
Flimsy base, may not be enough for vaginal stimulation alone.
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I had been longing to add something from the Jollies toy line for quite some time! Their toys are all 100% platinum grade silicone, meaning it is non porous, has no taste or smell, hypoallergenic, incredibly easy to clean (it can be completely sterilized by submerging in boiling water for a few minutes, washing in a 1/10 solution of bleach water, or by placing in the top rack of the dishwasher with no soap) and can last a lifetime! I had heard and read all about the Jollie line years ago. When it expanded to include the Bubble Probe, I immediately began lusting for it.

What a unique shape! Five bubbles curve and graduate to a 1.5” diameter and end in a flared base - ideal for use as a handle or with a harness!

When I received my package, I found my new toy nestled among a bed of red tissue paper inside a white cardboard box. It is lovely to look at - a much lighter shade of purple then shown on the site, with a pearlescent glow. I always clean my toys before I use them and after shaking the water off the probe, I squeezed each of the wonderfully smooth bubbles between my fingers. I have to say that I love the plush feel of it! It’s a little softer in density than most 100% silicone toys, which gives it a more realistic feel. The flared base of the toy seemed a tad flimsy to me, and upon closer inspection, I discovered a tear between the base and the first bubble. I pulled lightly on it and noted that the connective silicone was quite thin here - especially since there is a hole in the center of the base. I like the hole, since one can easily slide a finger into it or add a vibrating bullet - it just leaves too thin of a connection between the base and the toy for any real strap on play.

Just to see how well it would fit, I put the toy in my harness and it fits just fine.

I hopped into bed, eager to discover what this toy felt like inside of me. I added some water based lubricant and began inserting the toy into me (silicone lubricants should not be used with silicone toys unless a patch test is done first). The sensation was definitely new to me. First, feeling something smooth enter me, then nothing, then something smooth and a tad larger, then nothing. This pattern continuing as more of the toy was inserted and reversing as it was pulled out.

The fourth bubble is the largest of the five. Some people may be concerned that 1.5” is too wide, but be assured, because of the unique shape of the toy, it really does not feel large at all. When used vaginally, I did not get a feeling of fullness, as this is not a "filled out" toy - there is empty space between each of the bubbles.

The curve in this toy makes it quite comfortable when fully inserted, however, there is not enough "spine" for this toy to really hold its shape. If turned upwards, is gives quite a bit, making this a poor choice for G-Spot stimulation.

When squeezing my PC Muscles around it, I felt a fairly distinct difference between each bubble as I moved the probe slowly. With quicker movements, I couldn't duplicate the sensation, yet it was still very different than using a phallic shaped dildo. I could not hit my G-Spot this way, so I rubbed my clitoris while I thrusted my toy and had my first climax with it.

When I decided to use this toy in my bum, I lubed up myself and the toy. After giving myself a few clitoral orgasms, I began to slide the first bubble in. Now, I am still a newbie when it comes to anal play on myself, and after inserting the first bubble, I couldn't insert more. The other bubbles are simply too wide for me. When I slid the tip in, I felt my anus close around the connection between the two bubbles and found it to be incredibly comfortable. I did not feel stretched at all, but still felt the wideness of the bubble in me. I imagine that someone more comfortable with anal play would have a wonderful time with this toy as you can feel full without feeling stretched.

I would highly recommend this toy for both men and women who are quite comfortable with anal play and for those looking for a medium sized toy which provides a very moderate fullness. Persons wanting something for G-Spot massage, feeling full (vaginally) or harness play, I would suggest looking at other toys.
I had intended to use the base as a handle, but found that the diameter and thinness of the silicone there made it difficult for my small fingers to grab hold of, so I slid my middle finger into the hole and guided the toy that way. I will say, I was happy that the toy stuck to my finger quite well and this is probably the easiest way to guide the toy during solo play.
Follow-up commentary
When I used this toy the other night, I did notice that while each bubble wasn't individually noticeable, I could sense the small gaps between them. I have yet to use this toy with a partner, mainly because I know how to make this toy work for me and, well, I just do the best job of pleasing myself.

The base of this one has shown no signs of tearing yet! Keeping my fingers crossed.
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  • PurpleReign
    Very helpful info...especially about the thinness of the last ball and the base with the vibe hollow.

  • TinyTease
    Yeah, they would have designed it a little better if they had made the last bubble a half-bubble. Glad you found the review useful!
  • Sammi
    I've been looking at this one, but as more of an anal toy.
    Nice review!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    I love the title of this!
  • TinyTease
    Thanks, Sammi! I really think this would work best as an anal toy.
  • TinyTease
    Haha Lauren, the title kind of made me laugh, too.
  • Nixon_42
    Great title! And a good review to boot.
  • TinyTease
    Thank you, Nixon! Reviewing toys is always so much fun!
  • Hotflashes & Wetdreams
    Great review -- too bad about the base. Clearly a design flaw!
  • TinyTease
    Yeah, it is too bad. I just received my replacement today and this one DOESN'T have a tear, so we'll see how it holds up.
  • Cupcake Girl
    This is a great review. I've added it to the list of toys I would like in the future!
  • TinyTease
    Thanks, Cupcake Girl! It is a lot of fun.
  • Serendipity
    I really love fun looking toys like this. I think it would be delightful used anally. Thanks for the review!
  • TinyTease
    Yes, it is very different. I highly recommend it!
  • Kcito
    looks interesting, im gonna order it to try it out
  • kermi91
    I was initially intrigued but after hearing that it isn't recommended for harness play, I think I'll pass! Thanks for a great review. Extremely helpful!
  • TinyTease
    @Kcito hope you enjoy it!

    @Kermi91 Yeah, unfortunately the base does seem to tear a little too easily for that, however I think it would make a wonderful addition for non-harness anal play. I'm glad you found my review useful!
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Very good review TinyTease!
  • LavenderSkies
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