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My G spot is very particular and few toys are made in a way that hits it. A customizable toy seemed like just the thing I needed. I was quickly able to shape this to my needs and this has become number four in my list of G Spot Toys That Work. Beginners will be able to use this as a traditional dildo, but may get frustrated using it as a G spot toy if they don't have some idea of the curve they need to bend this appropriately.
Customizable, Suitable for a range of users, Versatile, Great G spotting ability
Difficult to clean
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Sick of toys that come with predetermined shapes? SinFive's Flow is a totally customizable experience. It can go from completely straight to intensely curved with a simple twist. It can go from feeling textured to smooth as well. Use the full insertable length or twist part of it up and use it as a handle. Curve it in the middle and it becomes a double penetration toy. It even comes complete with bullet so it can be used as a dual stimulator. It seems there's nothing this toy can't do. Well, you probably shouldn't insert it as an anal only toy since it doesn't have a flared base. If you're really good at twisting the shape, you could probably make one of those out of this, too.

Flow can be used alone or with a partner. It's not harness compatible (unless you twist it up, but I'd imagine that would be pretty uncomfortable). The silicone material makes it difficult to bruise the cervix, so partner play becomes a little safer and easier.

Material / Texture

Flow is made of silicone, placing it at a ten of the safety scale due to its non-porous nature. It has antimicrobial properties, inhibiting the growth of bacteria. That doesn't mean you should neglect cleaning this, but germ fighting is always a plus.

Flow's silicone is pretty draggy. If I run my fingers down it, they jump around rather than glide. Lube will be your friend with this toy. It's mostly firm, but there is the smallest amount of squish. There's a seam that runs down it that can barely be felt with my hands.

There is a slight smell to the material, but it has to be held to the nose to notice it. There is no taste to it.

What really makes the material special is that the inner core is flexible. This is what allows the toy to bend in different directions. Unlike most toys that will pop back into original position, this one will hold whatever position you put it in like one of those little flex men toys.

The material can be textured or not, depending on preference. For those that like texture, Flow can be twisted up. For those that don't it can be straightened out. When straight, it has two separate parts. You can feel that there are two separate pieces which is somewhat of a texture, but not an extreme texture like the twisted version.

Since you can customize the texture, it can be used by those on either end of the texture spectrum. Beginners and advanced users will be able to find something that works for them.

Design / Shape / Size

Flow is a longer toy, but it can always be adjusted to your preference by making part of it a handle. The product page lists the total length at 11". I measured out 10.75". The insertable length will be around 10", as per the product page. The diameter is 1.25" according to the product page and my measurements. The bullet is 3" long and .5" in diameter.

Here you can see it in my hand for size reference:

The diameter works perfect for me as I tend to like things between 1" and 1.5" in diameter. The length as it comes is long, but I just knot up the end and use it as a handle. When I didn't knot it up, it seemed to go all over the place. Knotting it kept it firmer and easier to use. If you prefer longer toys, you can just use it as is.

The diameter will be best for those that like smaller sized toys or beginners. The length will work for just about anyone - those that like longer toys or shorter - since you can customize it.

The design of this is why I got it and what makes it so cool. There's a thousand different shapes you can make with this. It can be curved for G spotting, used straight for a traditional dildo, curved in the middle for dual stimulation or dual penetration, or twisted just about any other way you can think of. I tried to take a few photos of different options, though clearly this only touches on a few ways you can use it.

Of course, you can always use it straight as well.

I think this is one of the more discreet dildos, as it isn't realistic or particularly "dildo" shaped. You could probably leave this out without anyone figuring out what it was for. I'm not really sure what else it could be for, but then I'm not creative like that.

It is a bit long, but you can curve it up for easier storage or travel purposes.


I purchased this because I need extreme curves to hit my G spot. Since most toys don't offer enough of a curve, the idea that I could bend this to fit my needs appealed to me. That's what I used this for and so that's what I can discuss in terms of performance.

I can safely say that this worked wonders for my G spot. I was able to curve this exactly to how my body needed it to hit my G spot in just the right way. It's rare to find something that will work for my G spot (in fact, this will make only the fourth toy that works for me). Here's the shape I used this in to hit my G spot (in case you're curious):

Will it work for you? Perhaps, if you know where your G spot is already and what you need. If you're just starting out the unlimited options to this toy may be a bit much and bending it in every possible curve may prove to be a bit frustrating. This would probably work well as a traditional dildo for a beginner or a dual stimulator (I didn't use it that way because then it wouldn't have worked as well for my G spot). If you're looking to use this as a G spot toy, I would recommend trying some other G spot toys first to learn what curves work for you and where your G spot is located so you know how to bend the toy to fit your body.

If you look at the picture above, you'll see I have the end knotted up. That's because if you leave too much of the end straight and don't insert it, it does tend to want to go all over the place and get hard to control. You can either knot it, twist it, or bend it to avoid this problem, so it's not really a huge issue. It's not that the toy has a lot of movement range, but it has enough to want to move around if left untwisted.

The included bullet has one speed setting which runs at about a mid three vrooms. The vibrations are on the buzzier side. It is controlled by a button at the base of the bullet. It takes 1 LR1 AM5 size 8 1.5V battery, which is included. I didn't know anything about this type of battery, but my husband informs me that they are expensive to replace.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning the Flow may be the only thing I don't like about it. Because it separates into two sections, fluid collects in between the two. If you straighten it out, it's not really too difficult. However, once I found the right curve, I really didn't want to straighten it out and have to redo it every time. To clean this, I have to gently move each section and then put it right back and move to the next section. I really dread cleaning it. The material also collects some dust (not a ton), which is never fun.

Cleaning should be done with soap and water or a toy cleaner. Since it does collect some dust and dirt, you should clean this before use as well.

The package does not specify if the bullet is waterproof or not. There is an O ring, which leads me to believe it may be. As it does not specifically state that, I would take precaution and just assume it's not. To clean the bullet, a wipe or toy spray would be your best bet.

Only water based lubes should be used with the Flow. Silicone lubes can damage silicone materials.

The package does not make great storage simply because you would have to straighten it out every time to get it back in. A pouch or baggie is the best storage option for the Flow, though it will need to be a wider one if you store this in a curved position.


Flow comes packaged in a grey colored box. The front has pictures of the outline of the toy in multiple positions and says "SinFive Flow." The back has information on the toy in English and German. It has the warning "We have tested the wide variety of application pictured extensively. Other, more extreme applications should generally be possible several times, but we do not assume liability for these." Jeez.

I didn't find this to make great storage since it will only hold the Flow in the straight position. The instructions included are what you see on the box, which give some ideas on how to use the toy. The box is less discreet than the toy itself since it has text that says you can use it for vaginal penetration and such. It's not tacky, so it could be used as a gift if you don't mind the not so discreet small wording on the back.

Personal comments

If you plan on using this as a traditional dildo, users at any level will be able to configure this to their needs. For G spotting, it will probably be best suited to an advanced user that will have a good idea of how to curve it before they get it. I only had to reshape this one time before I was able to hit my G spot with it. If I had to sit there for an hour curving and curving again, I probably would have given up on it. After you've tried a few G spot toys and think you could get the curve in a few tries, this is well worth it. It's especially a good buy for those that have trouble getting just the right spot with other toys.


I have bad luck with G spot toys. Most of them curve very slightly and that just doesn't really work for me. Sometimes I can get pressure on my G spot, but still can't get a G spot orgasm. Very frustrating. My body needs a very extreme upward shaped curve that will almost hook into my G spot for me to orgasm that way. Of course, this would probably be an unpleasant sensation for most people, so not a lot of toys come shaped that way.

After I got the curve just right, which took two attempts, I have yet to not be able to orgasm with Flow. It has been one of my most successful toys to date. It doesn't make me orgasm as hard as my Pure Wand, but it's a lot lighter in weight, and thus sees more use.

My only real complaint is the cleaning issue. After use, there have been many times where I have looked at it and audibly sighed because I don't feel like dealing with cleaning it. It's not enough of a problem for me to dock points over, but it's something worth mentioning.
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