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Customize It To Your Desires

One thing that I've learned is that toys are not one size fits most -- what works for one person may not work for the next. The makers of this toy seem to have taken that fact into account as they have this toy very flexible. It is so flexible that you're able to customize it to your pleasure. Do you need a subtle g-spot curve? You can make it! What about a more extreme curve, you ask? You can do that, too!

The possibilities with this baby are endless! I love it, and I highly recommend it.
Able to be customized, Great material, Easy to use
Can be difficult to find the right position for you
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Sinfive's Flow is one of the most unique toys on the market. This toy is meant to be bent to fit your body. I know what you're thinking -- there are other toys out there that can be bent to fit your body. You're right, there are, but each of those toys seem to have some limitations. Unlike those other toy, Flow can be shaped into unlimited positions. With this toy, you're sure to find a shape/bend/curve that will do what you want it to do.

With this toy, it's possible to achieve fantastic g-spot stimulation. You thrust with it, you can rock with it, or you can simply wiggle it. Whatever your pleasure is, this toy can do it.

You can also safely use this toy for anal play. While it's true that this toy doesn't feature a base in the true sense of the word, you're able to make a base due to the flexibility of the toy. The material is firm enough that the bends that you make stay in place as long as you want them to -- so you won't have to worry about this toy slipping inside your bum. On top of that, the toy is fairly long, so it's unlikely that it would get stuck, anyway.

You could also technically use this for double penetration, though I haven't personally tried that. If you bend this in the middle, however, you'll have a perfect shape for penetrating both your vagina and your bum at once!

This toy does come with an included bullet, which is meant to be nestled snugly in the toys curves to make the dildo vibrate slightly. You don't have to use the bullet with the toy though; you can do away with it altogether, or you can use the bullet to stimulate your clitoris. Personally, I don't get much pleasure from the bullet, as it doesn't offer enough power for me.

This is one toy that can truly do it all, making it a fantastic purchase.

Material / Texture

This unique dildo is made out of food-grade quality Silicone, which rates as a 10 on Eden Fantasy's safety scale. Silicone is a great non-porous material, which means that the toy can be disinfected. The toy is super safe due to the fact that it is hypoallergenic, has antibacterial properties, and is both latex and phthalates free.

The silicone on this toy isn't quite as smooth as I was hoping it would be. It doesn't exactly have a texture to it, but it does feature a definite drag. For this, water-based lubricant is good. While the silicone does have a slight drag to it, it also feels very soft and velvety, as well.

A lot of silicone toys have a "squish" to them -- this one does not. This is because the silicone is going over a firm (yet flexible) base. The outer layer of silicone is extremely thin.

I did not notice any unpleasant tastes or odors coming from this toy. This toy does attract lint and dust like crazy, though!

Design / Shape / Size

The flow is a fantastic dildo. It measures in at just under 11" in length, and technically all of that can be inserted, as the toy is double ended. The toy is also 1 1/4" in diameter, making it suitable for beginners. If the diameter is not enough for you, you can easily bend this toy in a way that causes the diameter to increase slightly.

I absolutely love the design of this. It's sort of just a firm, flexible oval that's covered in silicone. The oval can be twisted and bent in several different ways, making your options for play (and pleasure) absolutely endless. You can use the dildo straight, you can use it twisted. You can use it with a subtle g-spot curve, or you can make the curve extreme. You can even bend it for double penetration.

I think that this toy is pretty discreet. I feel comfortable leaving it out in public -- and so I do, regularly. I did have a friend ask me what it was once. I told her that it was a piece of exercise equipment -- she believed me.


This isn't my favorite toy, but it's definitely a keeper in my toy box. It feels different than any other toy that I've tried, what with the twisted material. I really enjoy bending this up into a g-spot curve, and then rocking with it. Unlike most g-spot toys, I was able to get this one to properly hit my g-spot every single time.

I didn't really enjoy using this anally, however, as the shape just felt awkward. That being said, I'm not generally a huge fan of anal, anyway, so it might better for those of you that do enjoy anal.

This toy comes with an included bullet. The bullet is made of plastic, and it feels kind of cheap -- but it's nice enough. I'd rate it at about 3 vrooms, and 3 bees -- powerful, but not quite enough for me. The bullet does feature an o-ring, so I feel that it's probably waterproof. That said, I have only ever taken it in the shower. It survived the shower just fine.

Care and Maintenance

This toy has a bit of a drag to it, so you may find that you need lubricant. If you do need lube, make sure that you only use one that is water-based. This is because silicone lubricants may interact badly with the silicone material.

As for cleaning -- you kind of need to completely untwist the toy to be able to clean every surface. This isn't really a hassle, but it's worth noting. To clean this toy, you can use antibacterial soap and warm water. You can also use a toy cleaner, or a toy wipe. I use a toy wipe on the bullet.

I would also recommend that you wash this before use, too. The reason for this is that the toy collects lint and dust, and you really don't want all of that getting inside of you.

For storage, I would recommend that you store Flow in a pouch or ziplock baggy in order to limit the amount of dust and lint that the toy collects. Flow does not come with a pouch, so you will need to provide your own.
Follow-up commentary
I still like this toy, but I don't use it as much as I did before. It just doesn't hit the spot as well as some of my other toys do. It's still a very cool toy, though.
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