Luxotiq anal plug - sex toy by Luxotiq - review by schtiel

Cute, pink, and plugged.

This toy was everything I had hoped for. It's one of the prettiest toys I have. The size is perfect, and it's so comfortable to use. It feels wonderful, and I'm sure it won't be a disappointment should you choose to purchase it. It is worth every penny.
safe non-porous material, comfortable, easy to insert
base might be uncomfortable for some or extended periods of time
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Just as the Luxotiq plug is advertised,'s an anal plug. It's a damn nice anal plug though! It can be used for some gentle and slow thrusting as well. While the shape could lend itself to be nice for quicker thrusting, the neck is a little too short for that. However, I don't personally consider that much of a flaw.

As for where to use it, it's just fine for any sort of in house environment. I don't feel like this would be a plug to wear to the grocery store or to any public excursion (because even though the base is comfortable short term, it could get irritating traipsing about the cereal aisle at the grocery store for too long).

Since there's no mechanical parts to worry about, this plug is perfectly fine to wear if you're showering or relaxing in the tub. It would be suitable for dorms orshared apartments as well, since you don't have to be cautious of noises being heard by other people.

It is perfect for using as a precursor to more anal play, or simply for keeping in during vaginal sex etc. It can be used solo, or in a partnered environment.

Material / Texture

Being glass, the Luxotiq anal plug is incredibly smooth and non porous, which are both pluses in terms of insertion and safety. The plug is a beautiful soft pink, and has very little to no drag along the skin. Naturally, being glass, the plug is very firm. For people who might be hesitant or new to that kind of hardness in an anal plug, I don't believe you should let it put you off. While it's not softer like silicone, jelly, etc., the material is still very pleasurable. You will definitely feel the stimulation more, which can be quite erotic. I'm just now trying out glass toys, and I was a little worried about the material being too hard, but that's not the case at all!

Since the toy is not a porous material, it will not retain any kind of smell, and is safe to use with all lubes. You won't need too much lube on this plug since the glass aids in keeping it slippery enough for very easy insertion.

Another bonus feature of the plug being made of glass is its ability to retain temperatures, so it's perfect for those into temperature play (or wanting to try it for the first time).
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The plug has two bulges. The smaller bulge at the top is super comfortable to insert and makes the initial entrance easy. It goes right into the main bulge in the body after that, and at a max circumference of 4 1/4", the size is neither intimidating nor lacking in comfortable girth. Since the whole toy has gradual curving in the bulges, taking out the plug is just as easy as putting it in. The neck might be short for some people, depending on preference, but I personally enjoyed it this way. It really aided in that feeling of being plugged.

I've read mixed reviews on the base of this toy. I love the base, but I can see how it might be uncomfortable for some people. The base is round, but it's not so obnoxiously large in diameter that it'll push your butt cheeks in not so comfy ways. It is just the right size to keep things safe. I felt the base was fine laying in bed or walking around. I did the "sit test" that seems to be the biggest con for people who have reviewed this, and I have to agree a little. If you're going to sit with this plug in, it's okay for short periods of time, but it does seem like it'd get pretty awkward and uncomfortable for an extended period of time. However, if you've never had an issue with round bases or hard materials and sitting before, I don't think this particular plug will pose any problems for you.

I thought the size of this was great! It's not too slim, but it's not so fat that you have to do a lot of warming up to slide it in. I think this plug would be an excellent choice for people new to anal play, but wanting to splurge on something safe and more luxurious than a beginner's jelly plug.

I have one other plug, that is a little too large for me at the widest point, for when I don't feel like working up to it, and just want to have a plug in and move on to something vaginally, so I've been looking for a nice intermediate plug size. I have to say, the Luxotiq fits the bill perfectly! I am in love with the size and shape of this!


This plug definitely does its job, staying put and giving you that nice full feeling that a plug should. You can definitely feel it inside you, and it's built perfectly for easy insertion and removal (but won't slide out on you unexpectedly either). For some slow and soft thrusting, it worked just fine.

I love how unobtrusive the base is in terms of size, so it doesn't get in the way of using another toy vaginally at the same time, or having intercourse.

It was great for experimenting with some temperature play, since glass retains heat and cold well.
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

Caring for this toy is so simple! It can be cleaned easily with an antibacterial soap and some warm water, or even placed on the top rack of the dishwasher if you're able to wash your toys with your dinner plates at your house.

You can dry it off with a soft towel or the included cloth, or let it air dry. Then, store it for next time.

Conveniently, the Luxotiq Anal Plug comes with its own little storage box, so you can simply place it back in that. If you find the box to be bulky, you can store your toy in a toy bag, and place it in a safe well padded place. Edenfantasys sells a nice selection of padded pouches for storing toys, so it would be worth investing in one of them if you choose not to use the box it came in. If you choose not to do either of these options, just make sure to keep it somewhere soft and NOT where it can get bopped around. You don't want anything happening to your plug!

However, accidents can happen, so if anything should happen to crack, chip, or break your plug, clean up all the pieces and dispose of it properly. Please don't use a damaged glass toy; it's not worth the risk. You wouldn't drink from the chipped and sharp rim of a broken glass, so why would you put a cracked glass plug in your bum?

Since this plug doesn't risk caustic reactions with lubes, any lubricant of your choice is fair game.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The packaging on this is just gorgeous! I'm so dismayed at toy packages with garish colors and oiled up women making awkward bedroom eyes at me, and tacky product names scrawled above cheesy tag lines.

But this...this package is so classy, and cute. It comes in a sweet pearly white box with a flip lid, and ties shut with some decorative baby pink ribbon. The top of the box has the Luxotiq brand name printed on in black. Inside, the box is lined with pink satin, and the plug sits in a hollowed out area shaped for it.
It's not especially padded, but unless you're chucking your box at the wall, it works just fine to keep the toy secure and safe.

The toy comes with a small pink cloth to dry off your toy after washing, and a little card with cleaning instructions (nothing fancy, just simple wash with soap and water directions).

Personal comments

Hands down, I love this plug. Everything about it is just right for me. I'm so glad I bought this. I want to use it all the time because it's just so darn pretty and feels so nice! It is definitely one of my favorite toy purchases ever.


Using the Luxotiq plug for the first time was amazing. I purchased it because I wanted a less girthy plug (but I didn't want one so skinny I wouldn't feel it either), and because I've recently been getting into glass. I was not disappointed.

I was surprised at just how smooth it felt, as I dragged it across my skin, and how good the coolness of the glass was. Even without submerging it in ice water for a low temperature, the glass was pleasantly cool. When I finally had it lubed up and started to insert it, that cool feeling was really stimulating. I loved how easily it inserted, and that final filling feeling you get once you've got the widest part sliding in. Feeling that temperature difference internally was something that really made me regret not trying glass toys earlier. It was just as good as it warmed up to my body temperature and was in even longer.

I used the plug in tandem with another toy vaginally, and the fullness from both was a huge turn on, with neither making me feel too uncomfortable with size. I kept the plug in for a little while, after awhile I did some miscellaneous tasks about the room, and that final stretch of having it in was nice. Definitely a great experience with this.
Follow-up commentary
I am still quite in love with this pretty pink plug! I almost don't have the heart to buy another plug because I still love it so much. It's just a super satisfying toy to use, and I feel sexy and cute with it in every single time.
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