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Rock hard, glass smooth, and built for pleasure

The Luxotiq Anal Plug combines the fantastic smoothness and hardness of glass with a design that features a long tip to play with during insertion and a secure, stay-put design that can be used for longer term wear. A good design with only minor faults, this plug is good for those who are new (to either glass or anal toys) or those with more experience.
Slides in easily, stays in well. The weight feels great, and it's a toy you're unlikely to outgrow.
Round base can irritate during long term wear if you're not careful.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
Edenfantasys asked if I would be interested in reviewing a new butt plug. Naturally, I said yes. After that, there was a twinge of uncertainty – after all, this was a bit of a blind date, and the only thing I knew about the product was where I was supposed to put it. I should have known not to worry. When it came, the new butt plug turned out to be the Luxotiq Anal Plug in a deep cobalt blue, a blue so deep that it looks almost black sometimes, with shimmering deep blue dots chasing around inside when the light is behind it. Made of Pyrex, the plug is quite safe, being hypoallergenic, easily cleaned, and can be sterilized by all conceivable methods (but 10% bleach or boiling is probably your best bet). The tip is blunt and well-rounded, so the risk of having a perforated rectum is minimal, but do keep in mind that this is a rigid toy and needs a bit more care during use than a silicone plug.

I lubed up and popped the Luxotiq Anal Plug in and was quite favorably impressed. While smallish (topping out at 1-3/8” diameter/ 4-¼” circumference, with a ½” neck), the weight of the glass allows this plug's presence to be felt every time you make a move. Unlike the other glass plugs I've seen, it has a extended tip that you can play with during insertion. The stiff glass means that any wiggles or taps get transmitted to the sensitive bits deep inside. It's good for temperature play, as the glass holds the heat (or cold) well, but it warms up to body heat fast enough that I never had to bother with preheating. The Pyrex glass means that you can use any lubricant you like, and it's almost indestructible (you should watch out for chips or deep scratches, though).

Once I left it in for 4 hours to see how well this plug would work for long-term wear. I'm happy to report that the Luxotiq Anal Plug passed with a decent score. It aced the retention test, staying in for all the tests I could devise, and it did put a swing in my step that isn't there usually. Every once and a while I noticed the tip of the plug poking me in a less-comfortable manner, generally during more extreme movements. It wasn't a big deal, and moving to a different position or a quick wiggle solved the problem, but this is not a plug that I would recommend to wear while breakdancing.

The biggest downside to this plug is the base. It does its job of keeping the anal plug where it belongs admirably, but I wound up taking out the plug a bit earlier than I was planning on after about 1 hour of constant sitting (dinner followed by a drive) resulted in some irritation where the edge of the base contacted my buttocks. This was disappointing, as the presence of the Luxotiq Anal Plug certainly added a new dimension to the car ride home. I would recommend either removing the plug or else discreetly spreading your cheeks so they won't be pressed against the base of the plug as forcefully if you're going to be sitting for a while.

Other than that, I had no problems during my evaluation, and have put my Luxotiq Anal Plug (stored in its cloth-lined storage box that looks a bit like a book) in my main toy box ready for future use.
Follow-up commentary
The Luxotiq Anal plug has grown on me over time. At first, I wasn't quite sure what to do about the base, which originally caused a bit of chafing on the neither cheeks during extended wear (a problem shared by most, if not all, glass plugs). After that experience, I spent some time trying to tame the base by various means, but without success. All of my ideas either poked, created cleaning problems, or pulled hair in sensitive locations. I eventually decided that this was not a plug to wear to dinner and a movie. However, the Luxotiq Anal Plug is just too good to let languish in a dusty drawer if at all possible, so I started to figure out how to work with the plug, and finally a solution presented itself.

Don't sit down - or at least don't stay sitting for more than about 10 minutes at a time.

I found that this really isn't a very big limitation, as there are many things that can be done standing or lying, with the Luxotiq adding an extra bit of spice. I could work around the house, go for a walk, kiss someone, roll around in bed, even write sex toy reviews (provided that I lie down or kneel at the computer) with no problem and an extra wiggle in my step. I suppose I'm a bit weird, but there's even a bit of a game that can be played by trying to figure out how to do daily tasks in a way that allows me to enjoy the Luxotiq without having to pull it out, the net result being that I'm wearing a plug that originally had some issues with long-term wear for longer periods of time than some that don't have a chafing problem. Once you figure out how best to work around the limitations, the Luxotiq loses none of its advantages of heft, hardness, and ability to stay where you put it, but the chafing is minimized.

In short, the Luxotiq has become one of my favorite plugs. The unique sensations of the slick glass and security of knowing that it isn't going to fall out far outweigh the challenge of figuring out the best ways to use it.
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    Fantastic review!
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    Thanks for the review! I just ordered this in pink
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    Awesome review! Thanks for talking about how it feels when sitting as that was a concern of mine, but I love your plan for finding other things to do while wearing it instead.
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