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For anyone looking for an XL butt toy (or XXL), Tex is the best option. He's well made and specifically designed for advanced anal players. Tex is a great warm-up to a fisting, or a good substitute for one.
Well proportioned, made of platinum silicone, with a sturdy and wide flared base.
The nipple on the top is poke-ish, and the size is huge. Advanced users only!
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Among the Cowboys, Tex is a shy brute. He doesn't stand long, tall and inviting; he sits short and squat and – frankly - unapproachable. This is because Tex is really big – three inches across in diameter in just over four inches of insertable length. For those that are dimensionally challenged, the typical slim dildo is only one inch diameter, and the typical large dildo is around two inches. Tex is big – as big as a fist, and just as aggressive. He gets wide, fast, and makes no apologies about it. This, boys and girls, is a big freaking plug – it is *advanced*, to say the least, and only for those who are ass-talented enough to pretty much take a hand.

Tex's shape is described as a trailer hitch, and he does look exactly like one. Unlike a trailer hitch, Tex has this little nipple on top - for seemingly no good reason. It makes jokes about Tex as a third breast possible - which is admittedly a nice little added extra - but in use the nipple becomes a bit pokey when Tex wobbles around between greased bum-cheeks. It does, however, allow easy orientation of Tex should he get a bit off axis – entirely possible, as he is pretty spherical. Still, it's more of a negative than a positive in the design.

Tex widens fast, but he tapers down a little slower. This is a blessing – with large toys, you really want the insertion to be the most difficult part, not the removal. The groove is still pretty big on Tex – a good two inches across – but the base flares back out so there is not chance of Tex going spelunking. And although Tex is heavy, he won't pup out on his own that easily, which is a nice touch with any large butt plug.

The key to inserting a large ass toy – or any sized ass toy with a pronounced and difficult ridge, is to get some of the ridge inside of yourself. Then, with a simple twist and push of your wrist, your ass will hungrily draw in the rest of the toy's ridge as it's corkscrewed in. My favored way of doing this is by placing the toy on the ground, sitting on it, then leaning forward somewhat. Then, by gently and slowly working the toy inwards, the “taint” side of the ass will slip over the edge of the toy. You'll feel it, it's like the release of tension all up your spine and down to your toes. Once that little bit is in, and feels comfortable (or as comfortable as possible), gently grab the toy, push, and twist. If enough of the widest portion of the toy was in your ass, and if your ass is ready for it, the way the muscles want to move will cause the toy to be grabbed inwards in an almost orgasmic burst of sensation. And if not, it will still feel really good, like a massage on your ass with gentle yet sustained pressure on all your fun parts.

Tex is made of medical grade platinum (sexy black) silicone – so it can be sterilized with boiling, dishwashering or wiping with 10% bleach. Playing with a big toy like Tex demands you respect your ass by giving it liberal amounts of warm up with increasingly larger toys. This is a long slow lovemaking type of toy – no quickies with Tex please! Be sure, too, that you use lots and lots of a good, thick, long lasting lube. I recommend you go with a thick oil based lube – they are the slipperiest and longest lasting. And just because it must be said, never, ever, ever use a desensitizer on your ass to help with a big toy. If it hurts, you're not ready.
It took five tries, lots of hours, and many many ounces of lube, but Tex eventually slid into home accompanied by a quiet moan and a shudder. On each attempt I warmed up with other big toys – the Randy, to start, followed by the Ringo, then the A-Bomb, and finally, my hand. For you see, I have nothing that bridges the final three quarters of an inch between the A-Bomb and the Tex, because the Tex really has no taper to work with. My hand could only help me so much, however, because the angle makes it tough to really get in there (and besides, feeling the inside of my own ass with a lot of my hand kinda creeps me *right* out). I do wish I had a tapered toy that would help prep for the Tex (Tantus! Get on that!).

Tex was intense when in place. I didn't move much, nor did I touch myself. It was enough just to have this ball of silicone nestled into my nether regions. I felt warm all over – I guess because Tex puts pressure on all the pleasure spots from the inside out. I flexed my ass gingerly, quivering at the oh so faint yet oh so effective twitch I was able to get. It's funny to me that such a hulking buttplug causes me to get so still and peaceful once it's in place.
Follow-up commentary
Tex is still the largest butt plug I own, and still represents a major challenge to accommodate. I reiterate my wish for a tapered toy that would help work up to Tex's massive size.

Once in place, Tex is incredibly intense. After repeated experiences, I have finally moved beyond simply being overwhelmed by him (when he's in place), and have noticed that I find the base gets to feel quite annoying the longer Tex is in place. It's a big round base and it just does not want to nestle between ass cheeks. This effect is less pronounced than one might note with a smaller plug, with a round base (like Tantus Cody or B-Bomb), as the whole area is stretched out pretty darned wide when Tex is in place.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Airlia
    Great review!!! How long did you keep the Tex in? If I ever got that thing in me I'd be so shocked I'd probably push it right out.
  • Carrie Ann
    Excellent review. I love the advice on insertion.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    I love the way you wrote this review! Well done. i look forward to more from you.
  • goodvibrations
    great review. I don't think I will ever be ready for a plug this size... it is very intimidating. excellent advice on working up to one this size.
  • Red
    I don't keep Tex in too long - he's a lot to take, and I can only handle the intensity of it all for maybe10mins or so? I sit back down pretty quick after getting him in, so he certainly does stay put.
  • Oggins
    Excellent review Red! I am in total awe! You are oh so much more talented than I! Thank you for the advice! It does kinda look like a third breast though. Smile
  • ToyingCouple
    Wow! Very impressive but we're definitely not ready for Tex!!! Excellent review.
  • HiImKate
    Wow, keep up the hard work! I applaud! Thanks for the review and honesty!
  • M121212
    Thanks for writing about this. I've never read advice about inserting larger plugs before. It's really interesting.
  • CafeSabroso
    Great review. Hoping to one day get a tex of my own for those days where I just crave more.
  • Porfiriato
    Excellent review, I especially liked the advice on insertion. I wish I could see this toy in action
  • laceypanties
    Thank you!
  • richsam
    thanks for the review
  • badk1tty
    Great review, but this is so far outside of ever being within my reach, I can only applaud you for it.
  • Rey
    thx for the review on this. Although i look to this as a 'novelty' product, i applaud your factual review!
  • *Camoprincess*
    WOW great review and congrats on achieving the insertion of this BIG boy. I wouldn't even order this thing
  • Suisei
    I greatly enjoyed reading this, as I've been considering purchasing Tex for myself.
    My main concern is similar to one of your own; with what do I bridge the girth gap? It presents a conundrum that I did not realize until I saw a picture of Tex alongside the A-Bomb. It's quite a difference!

    Very informative, in any case! Thank you very much.
  • J5ive
  • znowman
    wow, great review, the 'Installation Instructions' part is very good.

    (sorry if this is a bit personal) but does your hole ever return to normal? and if so how long does it take? I would be scared of permanent resizing.

    PS i hope i'm not breaking any rules posting these, but here are some pics of Roxy Raye using Tex - she makes it look easy:

  • znowman
    sorry the images are here:
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