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Euphoria enhanced

Prostate massager by BMS Enterprises

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Euphoric Bliss

This tool is worth every penny if you are interested in prostate massage, even if you don't use it as intended, for hands free stimulation.
Great for targeting the male prostate, without much effort in use.
Nothing. I can't even complain about the lack of instructions on this one!
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The Euphoria enhanced is a tool specifically made for prostate massage. It's designed to allow the user to use his Anal-PC muscles to manipulate the toy, for hands free stimulation of the prostate. My fiance is a beginner to anal play in general, and is very interested in having a p-spot orgasm. The small size of this toy and its unique design made us want to try it out.

I recommend this toy to any one with a prostate that is interested in prostate stimulation. The design of this toy makes it impossible not to find and stimulate the prostate, as long as you insert it the right way. Once inserted, it "hits home" automatically. The hard plastic makes it rigid enough to stimulate this spot without hardly any effort at all.

My fiance and I are beginners to prostate massage, and he was somewhat an anal virgin. We found no trouble using this toy, so I think it would be good for a beginner. That being said, I wouldn't take this to someone who has never had anal stimulation at all and try to stick it in. It is hard plastic and will definitely hurt someone who doesn't know what to expect. Beginners should experiment a little first, using a finger(or two) and lube. Relaxation is key. You should take it very slow and use plenty of lube.
    • Any man wanting prostate stimulaton

Material / Texture

The Euphoria is made entirely out of hard smooth plastic. There were no seams that can be felt, and no smell at all. After first washing this toy, I tasted it, and it had no taste either. The rigidity lends the necessary pressure for prostate stimulation, so there is no give or flexibility. For those that want to buy toys that have many uses, this isn't one of them. It is designed for a specific purpose, and using it to thrust in and out could be painful for some. That is not to say you couldn't try and use this vaginally, but it isn't designed for that. It's only about 4 inches insertable, and the curve doesn't look to be enough to hit the G-spot, but I guess one could try. I will leave that to the more adventurous.

Design / Shape / Size

This toy is designed to do a specific thing, and it does it well. There is no guess work. It slides in and hits the the prostate dead on. It is 5 and 3/4 inches long, with an insertable length of 4 inches. The widest part is 1 and 1/8 inches, with a taper at the end that holds the toy in place during use. There are two curly handles that branch off of the end, one with a bulbous end that is meant to stimulate the area between the balls and the anus (the "taint"). The shape and size isn't intimidating at all to a first time user. It's smooth and black and sturdy. I was afraid the the handles would be flimsy, but they are not. It is also small enough to hide discreetly, wrapped up in a sock or wash cloth.


The Euphoria enhanced did what it was made to do. It hit my fiance's p-spot, without any guess work. Although it is designed for hands-free stimulation, we didn't try it that way. I'm sure with more time and experimenting, we will work up to that. So far, we have only had the time to use this twice. I wanted to use it many more times and try it hands-free and in different positions before writing my review, but it has been a hectic month in our household. I received a reminder email about my review and I couldn't believe how much time had passed so quickly. I will definitely have to do a more thorough follow-up review.

We didn't follow the directions on how to use this toy, but I will explain why later. Although we haven't achieved an orgasm without stimulation of his cock, he has definitely had what he says are the most intense orgasms of his life. I'm sure with more practice, he will be able to use this toy on his own and together we will learn how to get him that p-spot orgasm that he wants so badly.

Care and Maintenance

Compared to all my rubber, pleasureskin, and cyberskin toys... cleaning this toy is a joy! It's plastic, so warm water and antibacterial hand soap is all you need. A quick lather and rinse and you are done. You could use isopropyl alcohol as well, though it cannot truly be disinfected. If you wanted to try and share this toy or use it vaginally, you might want to use a condom. You can also use any type of lube you like.


Standard clear hinged plastic packaging doesn't really lend to discreet storage, but you could use it to store it if you wanted. I store ours in a clear zip top sandwich bag, in our goodie drawer.

The are more detailed instructions on the back than I have ever seen on a toy. There is a lengthy description on the design and use for the toy as well as very detailed directions. From cleaning, what position is best for the first use, to relaxing and contracting your muscles... it's all there in black and white.


So one night, after a few drinks and lots of dirty talk and foreplay, I figured he was properly "loosened up" and ready to try out his new toy. Although the package clearly states (in bold black letters) to NOT apply manual pressure, and to use only the Anal-PC muscle contractions to "activate the Euphoria", we decided to use this for the first time with him on his back and me manipulating the toy. As much persuasion as I had to use to even get my fiance to try an anal toy, I thought it would be even harder to convince him to try it solo.
I grabbed the toy, lubed it generously with our favorite water-based lube, and slid the tip in. I began pleasuring his cock with my mouth to keep his mind off of the toy, as I slid it in further. I managed to get it only half way in, to where the toy is at its widest, and he told me to stop. The widest part is only 1 1/8 inches in diameter, but he was unprepared for it. He had never had anything wider than my finger in there, so I guess the pressure scared him a little at first. I began slowly rocking it back and forth, stroking his cock with my other hand, telling him to relax, that once he got past the widest part it tapered in and it wouldn't hurt. I reminded him of how good it would feel once he got it all in. He relaxed and I had no trouble slipping it in the rest of the way. It must have hit home immediately, because he groaned.

The part of the toy that is designed for perineum stimulation was resting right underneath his balls, so I rocked it back and forth very slowly and gently, making sure his taint got some attention as well. I asked him, "Does that feel good, Daddy?" He groaned and replied, " Yeah, baby.. I wanna come in your mouth." I was surprised that he was ready to come so quickly, and that he was too impatient to wait and try to orgasm from the toy alone. Being the good little slut that I am, I obliged and didn't question.

Our second try went much like the first, taking my time to get it all in, and it feeling so good that he was too impatient to try other positions or see if he could come from the toy alone. He had to come NOW! Hopefully, we will be able to try other things in the future.
Follow-up commentary
While my fiance has yet to get an orgasm through using this alone, it has given him the longest and most intense orgasms that he has ever had. He definitely enjoys it more with each use. He's even getting the hang of the "hands free" stimulation that this product was designed for. It has also made him more comfortable with anal and prostate stimulation. I think using this toy has convinced him to try more anal toys. He has expressed an interest in a vibrating p-spot massager like the naughty boy!

This toy delivers everything it claims to, and has exceeded all of our expectations. It's simplicity and ease of use was perfect for us beginners. I would still recommend this to anyone looking to try anal/prostate stimulation.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Sir
    Wonderful review, Maiden, and it's great to hear that your daddy liked it so much.

    When I first saw this toy, I hadn't known that it was plastic at all, so that surprised me a bit to hear. Though I'm not personally into prostate stimulation, Euphoria is definitely beautiful. Its curves certainly are attractive.
  • Kinky Kitty
    Thank you! Great bf and I will defiantly be adding this to our collection!
  • Jimbo Jones
    Great review, Maiden. Glad your "Daddy" liked it so much. He's not alone, I always find it hard to be patient enough to get to an exclusively p-spot orgasm as well.
  • Maiden
    Thanks all!
  • ~miss.heather~
    Very nice review Maiden!!!! We are also trying for my boyfriend to achieve a p-spot orgasm also, and while we are making progress have not got there yet. After your review this will be the next addition to our collection!! I cant wait for a follow up review!!!!! I hope he can be patient and let the toy do its magic!!!!!
  • Maiden
    We are working on it! Used it again last night, and he tried to keep it in while having sex. I think he was just feeling pressure that he's not used to, I doubt it was coming out, but he kept checking it. Maybe next time I will be on top.... we shall see. In any case, I think the journey to the p spot orgasm will be a long and interesting one! Lots of fun so far! I will keep you posted.Big smile
  • Dick-n-Jane
    Great review! I've put this on my wish list!
  • Maiden
  • brokenangel
    Great review!!
  • Fruity
    wonderful review.
  • mikebooks
    Nice review! Thanks!
  • fletchy
    Excellent review
  • Maiden
    Thanks all for the comments and votes!
  • Tripod95
    Really great review
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    Nice review
  • Maiden
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    Nice detailed review, thanks.
  • Maiden
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