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Every Jedi Should Own One!

Forget honing your light saber tricks with Obi-Wan Kenobi, what every Jedi padawan needs is a Tantus G-force! In spite of its floppiness and uneventful design, the G-force succeeds where many other toys have failed in basic functionality. Easy to maneuver solo due to its length and stimulating without being overly filling, this anal probe is wonderfully practical from its smooth bulbed tip down to its easy to grip handle.
Length makes solo access easy, sharp curve, easy to grip handle, moderate size, non-porous
Floppy, can be difficult to insert, length makes leveraging tricky
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The Tantus G-force is a simple idea, so simple that most anal enthusiasts have probably at some point wished for a toy that accomplishes what the G-force does. Anal play can be challenging at times because not only does it involve a highly sensitive and vulnerable area of the body, but it involves an area of the body that can often be difficult to access. Particularly if you are playing solo, reaching the anus and properly stimulating the P or G-spot through the rectal wall can be way easier said than done. Certainly I'm not the only one that's ever wished while squatting precariously on my mattress, or lying flat on my back with my legs stretched upward uncomfortably, that the toy I was using were a few inches LONGER. And if only it could have some kind grip, a handle that was easier to grasp than your standard suction cup dildo base!

Seriously, my gripes about past anal toy experiences almost explicitly outline the design of the G-force. This probe answers all of my prayers so specifically and completely it's eerie. Nearly a foot long, with a 7" shaft and 4.5" handle, it solves the problems of access primarily through its size. Not only do you have plenty of body to use internally, but you have a long enough handle (forget those piddling flat bases) to grab with your whole hand so you have full control over what you're doing. It follows the classic, time-tested design of many slimline G-spot vibrators which is comprised of a bulging head to stimulate the G/P spot and a long, thin stem that does not unnecessarily stretch or stress the anus.

In other words this probe gives you size right where it counts (about 1.25" at the widest point of the head) and less where you don't need it (only about .75" at the widest point of the stem.) For those that like the feeling of being stretched, you may find this one a bit boring. For those like myself that like to feel full without feeling stretched, the G-force has you covered.

Initially the size concerned me. How could something so thin and flimsy provide any serious stimulation? Well, my concerns were only partially founded. On the one hand, while the width and shape of this probe may be understated its G/P-spot massaging capabilities are about as subtle as a hurricane. Upon insertion the sensations are mild due to the slight girth of this Tantus offering, but once it's fully inside and properly positioned it zeros right in on your G/P spot and doesn't relent until you do. The rounded tip comfortably massages sensitive tissues, but is small enough to make pinpoint contact. Of course, it doesn't quite work as easily and effortlessly as one might want. There is one problem with getting this toy to rub you the right way, and that is the density of the material. This glossy, smooth silicone happens to be quite flexible - not really squishy, but easy to bend and manipulate.

Insertion can be difficult as the bulb can slip away from you as you are trying to initiate penetration. I do not recommend holding the toy at its handle for insertion, but rather underneath the bulb. Targeting specific areas with intense pressure can also be very trying. When using this on my partner there were times when we weren't sure if it was even facing the right direction because the pressure was so slight. Once you find a position that works the stimulation is, as I said earlier, about as subtle as a hurricane. It's just a matter of getting the thing properly angled! The length and girth of this probe works against it here as well. It is much harder to create leverage with a longer and thinner toy than a shorter and thicker one. My partner really does love using this toy, as do I, but we both plan ahead time-wise for its use. For us, this toy usually requires about a solid half hour of maneuvering and thrusting and playing before orgasm. We don't pull it out for quickies or for crazy, instantaneous stimulation. The G-force is more of a lover-maker than a wham-bam type. Which is fine by us, we can appreciate a more sensitive toy in our collection!
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Because it is made from silicone the G-force is very easy to care for. It is non-porous meaning that it cannot absorb microbes. A lathering of the toy with antibacterial soap and hot water will clear most of the bacteria off of its surface, and a wipe down with a 10% bleach solution of 3-4 minutes in a pot of boiling water will provide an even more thorough cleaning. Always be sure to clean your toys especially well when sharing with non-fluid bonded partners or when going from anal to vaginal play. Only use water or oil based lubricants with your silicone toys as silicone lubricants can negatively interact with them. Do not store your 100% silicone toys with soft toys that are not also 100% silicone. Materials like TPR, TPE, other silicone composites, rubber and jelly can all be warped or melted if stored openly with silicone. Keep your toys in a plastic Ziploc bag or a toy pouch to keep your toys in top condition.

I do love this toy a lot although I find it to be a little challenging at times. In some respects it excels far beyond what other anal toys are capable of, but some very minor flaws such as the ultra floppy silicone make the G-force a mixed bag. It's still totally worth it, if only for its awesome handle and the convenience of the length. The extra work that I sometimes have to put into positioning and angling is always well worth it because in the end the G-force always comes through. It's almost as cool as a light saber. Almost.
Follow-up commentary
It's still not as cool as a lightsaber, but what is? As far as things that actually exist go, the force is mighty strong with the G-force. Angling remains a bit of an issue but my hat stays off to Tantus for figuring out what anyone that's actually played with a butt already knows - it's all about access! It's HARD to reach back there sometimes, especially depending on your position. If you're not comfortable, you're not relaxed, and if you're not relaxed your anal session is just not going to be all that much fun. Anal play depends heavily on your ability to be relaxed, and if you're straining to reach then you aren't. This strangely long handle and ergonomic grip both pay off in a big way, and I really do salute Tantus for this.
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