Dual magic probe - anal probe by Cal Exotics - review by El-Jaro

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Flexy pink recorder from hell!

Only for the first time anal players, Cal Exotics Dual Magic Probe is too small for almost anyone else. Conversely, though, this may be too pointy for the inexperienced. Without a flared base to prevent unwanted suction, the Dual Magic Probe could be your first ER toy story.
Clear to help with cleaning.
No flared base, not for anyone but basic anal players.
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extremely useful review


For the anal probe beginner, it’s not too easy to find web resources to find the exact uses of an anal probe. If you’re not careful one of two things will happen: You’ll end up watching South Park clips with Cartman or you’ll get frustrated and try to logic it out. I tried to logic it out (not a South Park fan).
To save some people time, here’s what I learned:
2. Relax.
3. If it hurts, take it out and try again.
4. ALWAYS use something with a flared bottom.
5. NEVER stick anything sharp up your rectum.

The general idea for an anal probe is to get your booty and booty hole relaxed enough to stick larger things in there. Lacking resources to find out any more than that, that’s what I came up with. If you know more, please share, I’d love to learn.

The design of Cal Exotics’ Dual Magic Probe lends itself to getting the receiver (or user) comfortable enough for more anal play to come. The thicker, flatter, curved bit with the point looks like it’s supposed to be for p-spot stimulation.

Other than the points I’m going to list below, this would be a good toy for beginners.

Material / Texture

The Dual Magic probe from Cal Exotics is a TPR constructed anal probe that you can use with either silicone or water based lubes. The TPR of this toy is phthalates-free.
When I opened the plastic box the Dual Magic Probe had a faint hint of something I couldn’t place. Strawberries, maybe? I’m a smoker, so smell is an abstract idea at times.
TPR is one of my favourite toy materials. It’s smooth, forgiving, and easy to clean (but you can’t boil it). If you use a condom and anti-b soap, you’ll be fine.

One thing to note with the texture, the ring bit under the pointy tongue makes it hard to remove if it goes in too far. It sorta helps form a seal with the lube and the soft interior bits.

Design / Shape / Size

As an anal probe, this fails miserably for this moderate to advance anal enjoyer (i.e. size queen). The thickest part of this toy is only 1 3/8”, or about the average diameter of a penis. That should be a warning sign. Not a warning to not use the toy, but a warning to properly use the toy. A rule of bum (pun intended) is to never stick anything up there that you couldn’t comfortably explain to a medical professional how it got there if things turn south.

Because of the design of the toy, this is for inexperienced, but educated, user. If you’ve have already enjoyed anal play enough to know how to get relaxed, one of the first things you should notice is the lack of a flared aspect of this toy. Failing to notice this, you’ll be trying to get a lubed TPR toy out of your arse.

The thicker and flatter part of the toy that is supposed to be used for p-spot stimulation is way too sharp to go there (I’m still kinda sore). Even though TPR is flexible, this part of it is pretty thick and very pointed.

Discreet and/or suitable for travel? I guess. I don’t think TPR shows up in X-ray machines. If it does, it almost resembles a recorder (that flute thingy in music class).


TPR is fine to use in water. This toy severely let me down in the performance. The only reason I’m giving it one star is because it could be useful for the beginner. The gentle segments are at great intervals to get a person used to something going up there.

Care and Maintenance

The Dual Magic Probe is cleaned with anti-b soap and warm water. It is porous, so put a condom over it if it’s going to go into multiple holes. With this product, I wouldn’t worry too much about storage as long as you clean it thoroughly before use and put a condom on it.

I specifically chose the clear pink for hygiene reasons...easier to see bits that might want to hide. The rest of the toy is pretty easy to clean. The nubs and bumps aren't too hard to clean at all.

Personal comments

I might try this toy again sometime in the future, but not in the bath tub...and only if my gf is there to help (she has smaller hands)


OUCH! This is sharp!

The point for the prostate part seems pretty dull on your exterior; it’s way too sharp for interior uses. On the other end of the toy is a series of segments which also hint of pleasure; however, as the very tip of this is too pointed, it’s way too stiff for safety from my point of view. I shudder to think of what would happen if either end poked its way through a rectum.
I used better sex essentials silicone lube with the Dual Magic Probe.

When I suggested my partner try out this toy, she passed. She’s really not too keen on porous toys.
Follow-up commentary
To be totally honest, I really don't know where exactly I lost this. Unlike if you used it on yourself anally, you'd know EXACTLY where you lost it.

I still wouldn't recommend this to anyone unless they took precautions to keep it from going too far.
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