Nexus gyro xtreme - prostate massager by LB Trading Ltd - review by ScottA

Nexus gyro xtreme

Prostate massager by LB Trading Ltd

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Give yourself (or your partner) some wiggle room

The Nexus Gyro Extreme is a new take on hands-free prostate massagers. Using the movements of your whole lower body, you can create a wide variety of sensations and levels of stimulation using the Gyro. It also works well as a partner toy (with hands) or used vaginally as a G-spot stimulator.
Wide variety of stimulation, works hands-free or hand-held, usable anally or vaginally, feels great.
No indicator on base for which side is the front.
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The Gyro Extreme is advertised as a hands-free P-spot massager, designed so that you insert the top and sit or squat on it. The round end holds the Gyro still, allowing you to wiggle, squirm, and generally gyrate your way to P-spot pleasure, no hands required. When used this way the Gyro does work well, the friction of the ball against your choice of relatively immovable object allows you to vary the intensity of stimulation and also keeps the toy in position. This is, by no means, the only good way to use the Gyro Extreme, just the advertised way.

Don't worry, the "off-label use" is as good as the official way. The length and comfortable ball enable this toy to be used in many ways that are much more conducive to couples' play than sitting hands-free P-spot massage (though you can easily work the official method into a make-out session).

The first off-label use involves swapping the anus for a vagina. With a slight alteration in sitting position (and a thorough cleaning of the Gyro), the Gyro Extreme can work its magic on the G-spot. Unfortunately there isn't much direct clitoral stimulation, but for fans of G-spot stimulation the Gyro Extreme provides something a little different and hands-free.

The second off-label use came directly from the problem of lying down. When you're lying down it is hard to get enough friction between you and what's under you to get the Gyro to work. Lying down brought the problem to light, but then the realization dawned that there really are very few sex positions that allow you to use the Nexus Gyro in the official way. Don't worry about that one bit - the large round base also serves as a comfortable, easy to use handle to grab with one hand. Once grabbed there are several possibilities - you can wiggle it to have a hand-operated gyro effect, but the length of the Gyro Extreme's shaft also makes this a comfortable and pleasurable dildo if you prefer thrusting. You can even shake it up a little bit and spin the Gyro around, relying on the bumps to stimulate inside. The only downside is that you'll want to find some way to mark which way is "front" because it tends to turn around, and unless you pull it out most of the way it's hard to tell which side is supposed to face forward.
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Material / Texture

The Gyro Extreme is made of Nexus' matte finished 100% silicone and available only in black. Being 100% silicone, this toy neither smells nor tastes. It's made of a fairly firm density of silicone, but still very comfortable to insert and use as it bends easily. I didn't have any problems with poking or accidentally putting too much pressure on my internal organs, even with some intense testing, but the Gyro has enough stiffness to do its job. Since the Gyro is silicone it does have a bit of a tendency to collect dust, but the velvet-matte surface minimizes the problem.
    • Flexible
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The Gyro Extreme is half an inch longer and 1/4" bigger around than the original Gyro. That doesn't sound like much, but it is noticeable and puts the Gyro Extreme into the mid-large size bracket. Also noticeable when compared to the original Gyro is the different layout - the Gyro Extreme is straighter and has a much wider neck (almost half an inch wider) than the original Gyro. The straighter design and wider neck together make the Gyro more friendly to thrusting play, and also makes it a bit easier to use the Gyro Extreme as a G-spot toy. Even with the Gyro Extreme's wide neck and narrow 1/8" difference in size between the neck and body I didn't have any big problems with it coming out unexpectedly during ordinary use or position changes. This is good news for those interested in using the Gyro Extreme while having sex, as you don't have to have someone holding it in all the time (a hand or object is still recommended when you orgasm just in case, and note that it is hard to move the toy hands-free while having sex).

Insertion is easy if you do the prostate toy twist - holding the well-lubricated Gyro Extreme with the ball pointed forward through the legs , inserting the tip into the anus, and then rotating the toy vertical. Even then you need to be able to comfortably take the Gyro Extreme's maximum width of 1-5/8", so this toy is better kept for more experienced players, but Nexus has done a good job of easing insertion. When used vaginally the same procedure makes insertion easier, but most users won't have a problem with the size if they are sexually excited.

The tip serves two functions, and strangely enough massaging the prostate while rocking is not one of them (it's located too far inside the rectum to hit the prostate during use). The first function is easy insertion, but the second function is to add stimulation during the off-label hand play. It feels great sliding over the prostate or G-spot, and you can pull the toy out a couple of inches and twist the base like a doorknob for more fun (this is easier with a partner).

The large base is good for maximizing movement possibilities, but it does require that you experiment a bit in order to find the most comfortable way to sit or squat while using the Gyro Extreme. This took me one or two uses and a little creativity, but was not onerous. Note that some rolled-up towels may help.


There's no way to argue with the stimulation of the Gyro Extreme. It's highly customizable in both force and location by varying your body movements. The ability of the Gyro Extreme to work well for use either alone or with a partner make this a good toy for almost any man or couple to consider.

The biggest downside of the Gyro series is the lack of a tactile/visual indicator on the base for which side should be pointing forward. During use the Gyro Extreme can rotate if it isn't firmly contacting a fixed surface, requiring that you remove the toy partway to reorient for maximum stimulation. This rotation is especially when you're using the Gyro as a partner toy, as it is often free to twist around. I solved this problem by cutting a flat area on the front side of the base, but a factory-supplied solution would be easier and more elegant.
    • Comfortable
    • Not very discreet
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

Caring for the Gyro Extreme is easy due to its silicone construction. You need to be careful before using silicone lubes on it, as some may bond to the toy and ruin it, but all water and oil based lubes are compatible (and do remember to use plenty of lube - the size of the Gyro Extreme requires it). After use the Gyro can be cleaned in many ways, from a quick soap-and-water stop at the sink to the full scale "mechanical spa" treatment in the dishwasher. If you're going to be sharing or moving the toy from the anus to the vagina it's good to sanitize it, which can be done in a pot of boiling water or with a 10% solution of bleach in water. Storage is easy, since the silicone is non-reactive. Keep it away from sharp edges (since silicone can be cut) and away from dust as dust and hair tend to stick to the surface of silicone until you wash it again.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The Gyro Extreme comes in a clear tube with caps at both ends. The packaging is reusable and does a good job of keeping dust off of the toy. There's an insert with basic instructions for use, though they unfortunately don't have any position suggestions.
    • Good for storage

Personal comments

The Gyro Extreme is another one of those unusually versatile toys that perform well in applications beyond what they were intended to do. It's a great hands-free prostate massager, and doesn't require the skill with the PC muscle that the Aneros or Nexus hard-plastic massagers require, but that isn't all it can do. It does a tolerable job used in the vagina as a hands-free G-spot stimulator, and is great for either body type as a partner toy, either wiggled and gyrated or used as a thrusting toy. If you're a women interested in solo use you might want to look at a G-spot vibrator or wand, but if you're a man or a couple looking for a toy that is versatile for P- and G- spot stimulation and doesn't require batteries the Gyro Extreme is a strong contender. It's big, but easy to use, stimulating, and comfortable, and I didn't have any problems with discomfort during use.


Discovering how to use the Gyro Extreme was a pleasant exercise, but by far the most interesting part was discovering ways to use it with a partner. The wide, round base turned out to be rather comfortable to hold in your hand; although, it did tend to make access to the clitoris difficult when the Gyro Extreme was used vaginally for G-spot stimulation.

Finding out how to successfully use the Gyro Extreme during partner sex was an enjoyable experience. The only way to couple partner sex and hands-free use was through a sitting in a chair position, but for that some care was required to make sure that the base was not uncomfortably forced into me. Use during partner sex in positions where my wife could grab the base with her hand was much more useful, and allowed use in positions such as man-on-top, doggy, and spooning. Thrusting, wiggling and rotating the Gyro added to the stimulation.

For fans of double penetration it would be possible to hold the Gyro anally or vaginally during sex in similar positions, and in some of them, such as doggy, it is likely that contact between the partner's bodies would be enough to provide hands-free stimulation using the Gyro.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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