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Great for gutsy beginners!

I really enjoyed these anal beads, and I'm glad I got them. They're great for beginners or people who don't practice anal sex a lot, thanks to their relatively small girth and simple clean up procedures. I wholeheartedly recommend them!
Cost-effective, smooth, decent size variation, conduct vibrations well.
Awful smell, size queens won't be impressed, bullet requires an N battery.
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Everybody needs a little anal. I'm not BIG on anal stimulation--it's fun and feels good, but it doesn't get me off--but I have to admit that my toy box would feel really empty without a decent set of anal beads in it.

Enter Pipedream's vibrating anal beads! This toy arrives in stereotypically cheesy packaging, with a white-clad porno chick bending over a bit on the backsplash. The anal beads come in two colors, purple and black, and I ordered the black, which are completely opaque. The plastic is surprisingly smooth and supple. There's a very slight seam on one side of the toy, but it's not rough, and it didn't irritate me during play. The smallest bead is about the size of a chickpea, the largest is a little wider than a nickel. The base isn't super-wide, but it's wide enough that I don't worry about losing this toy, and it has a squarer shape as well. The bullet is about the size of a lipstick tube and is translucent black plastic. It fits snugly in to the base of the anal beads.

Like I said, the anal beads are surprisingly supple; they're firm, but can bend with enough pressure. They're not as rigid as most plastic toys are. Also, this toy smells AWFUL if you get it close to your nose; the scent reminds me of rubber. I'll trust Eden Fantasys, however, and treat this toy like it's plastic: a condom is preferable if you're using these for anal play, and you should clean this toy with toy cleaner or mild soapy water before and after each use.

As an anal toy, these beads work surprisingly well. You can lower yourself on to them without having to worry about falling over and ripping anything, thanks to the flexibility of the material, and they're just the right size for "lying down" insertion. The final bead is a bit too much for me, but the first couple of beads are just the right size! The beads feel smooth and wonderful as they pop in and out of you.

The bullet vibrator is surprisingly strong. The vibrations conduct all the way through the toy, although they are stronger towards the base of the toy and are light and teasing at the topmost bead. The bullet isn't quiet by any means, but I can't hear it at all if I throw a blanket over it, and inserting it motor-first in to the anal beads softens the noise. You have to insert the battery (a 1.5V N, the kind of battery most people never have any sort of need for and therefore can't find in most stores,) and twist the bullet shut for it to start; obviously, opening the bullet back up stops it. You can probably use another bullet for the beads, but the supplied bullet is just fine.

These beads also provide interesting vaginal stimulation. I really enjoyed the feeling of the bumpy beads thrusting in and out of me, and you can use the bullet on your clit or tickle the outside of your anus with it.

On a side note, Pipedream's vibrating anal beads includes a sample of Moist lubricant and some off-brand toy cleaner. I've never used Moist lubricants, but I've heard good things. I don't know if I'd recommend using the toy cleaner, though; it comes in a tiny lubette and is very watery, so it's easy to get cleaner everywhere, and it's not the best way to clean out all of this toy's cracks and crevices. Plus, there's no brand name on it, just the words "toy cleaner," which I don't trust.

I really enjoyed these anal beads, and I'm really glad I got them. Anal connoisseurs probably won't care for them, since they're made from cheaper materials and don't get super-wide, but they're good for beginners or people who enjoy anal, but aren't crazy about it. The bullet is pretty powerful, and the beads are easy to care for and are very comfortable for insertion. Overall, this is a solid addition to my toy box, and I wholeheartedly recommend them.
Thanks to their curved shape, anal beads are often a lot tougher to clean than other toys. These beads are advertised as "plastic," however, so you can get away with dropping them directly in to a bowl of mild soapy water and scrubbing it like a dish, would should help matters out. You should also use toy cleaner before and after each use. A condom can also help keep a toy clean and provide a retrieval method, should the toy manage to get sucked in; hence, I highly recommend using a condom!

I had no problems with condom slippage with this toy.

If you're going to lower yourself on to these beads, please make sure you are well-supported and won't slip! While these beads are relatively flexible, it's still all too easy to stumble and have the beads rip out of you, which can tear something.

Use lots of good lube with anal toys! I recommend Maximus.
Follow-up commentary
"You know who's a butt slut?" my one friend asked our social group. Then she pointed at me. Where I once would have been (comically) indignant, I now proudly proclaimed, "I AM a butt slut!" The same friend then asked me if I would recommend these anal beads to her, since she's been meaning to try out anal toys, and I wholeheartedly recommended them! I figured I'd use this toy once a week, tops, but I wore out a 3 pack of Kimono condoms in less than that, and I've discovered that I really enjoy anal--huzzah! I still think size queens will be unimpressed, but they're affordable starter beads.
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    Do you think you could have this in your vagina while someone is thrusting into you? I'm trying to find a toy that would work like that...
  • jdFtM
    Do you think you could have this in your vagina while someone is thrusting into you? I'm trying to find a toy that would work like that...
  • jdFtM
    Do you think you could have this in your vagina while someone is thrusting into you? I'm trying to find a toy that would work like that...
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