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The Fashionistas Small Bunny Tail Butt Plug is an interesting item. Designed for those who like to add pet play into their routine. This butt plug is beautifully designed, but might appeal more to the feminine side of folks. Artistically designed and made of glass; this plug is great for temperature play. The feather's on the end on somewhat of a con. They make the plug rather appealing, but also collect lube and other fluids.
Safe material, role play, beautiful design, and temperature play.
Feminine design, feathers are attraction to my pets, feathers collect lube and other juices.
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The Fashionistas Small Bunny Tail Butt Plug is designed for those who like to add pet play into their routine. Butt plugs are meant to be worn anally for extended periods of time. During this time you can do whatever you want; even your daily activities. There are no moving parts to make noise, so this toy is completely discreet during use, unless someone where to check. Though, having the bunny tail bunched in your pants might not be ideal for comfort.

There is an artsy design on the plug of fairies and the feathers are pink. So, this plug might appeal more to the feminine crowd. However, butt plugs in general are designed for both male female anatomies alike.

Those with female anatomies can use this plug in a variety of ways. Butt plugs can also be used vaginally. Depending on the shape and your shape; they could be used as a kegel exerciser. The only way for you to know if it will work right for your body is to just try it. We are all angled differently, so it will vary from person to person. Another use for female anatomies would be for Double Penetration. This will also very per anatomy. It's possible to use this plug anally or vaginally and have your enter the other orifice or use another toy with this plug. However, this might not work for everyone.

The purpose of the feathered end is to mimic a bunny tail. So, during role play you can have the wearer be your rabbit, but it could also go along with a playboy theme. In fact, I thought it would be neat to see someone pose for playboy wearing this. Because all of the bunnies should have a bunny tail. Another use for the bunny tail would be for sensory play. It could be lightly ran over ones body to tickle and tease them during any activities.

Material / Texture

The butt plug is made out of Tempered Glass also known as Pyrex Glass. Tempered Glass is an inorganic, non metallic material without a crystalline structure. It's a cooled liquid that is cooled at a rate crystal's can't form. Pyrex is the brand name for Borosilicate glass, which is made by mixing boron, sand, soda, and ground lime. By adding boron to the mix it helps reduce the stress during temperature changes.

The most amazing quality about glass is it's ability to take on temperatures from it's surroundings. This quality makes it great for temperature play. You can add it to cold or warm water and have your fun with it. You shouldn't boil the toy for temperature play because it can quickly be too hot. However boiling can be done for sterilization purposes for most glass pieces. Be sure to completely cool them before using them. You should sterilize your toys if you are sharing with a non fluid bonded partner. But with this glass toy you should use a 10% bleach and 90% water solution. If you want to avoid using condoms. This is for your own safety because infection can spread from person to person with toy sharing.

Glass is rated a 10 out of 10 on the safety scale. It's a hypoallergenic material that is latex and phthalates free. Glass is also non porous, so you'll never have to worry about it harboring bacteria with proper cleanings. There is never any smell or taste to glass either.

Glass, usually, feels smooth unless texture is added. While there isn't any texture to this butt plug the artsy design gives it some slight texture. It's not smooth, but it's not rough either. You can feel this artsy design when you rub your finger on it, but it's not felt during use. The artsy design feels dry and similar to extremely dull sand paper. This doesn't effect it's use. It's not at all scratchy feeling.

The bunny tail is made of feathers. According to the box, these are real feather puffs. Which means it's from actual animals with feathers. So, for those who are into vegan things you might want to pass on this bunny tail. There is no information on what animal it's from or anything of the sort. So, those allergic to feathered animals will want to pass too.

The feathers are amazingly soft. They feel like a soft, feathery, powder puff! They are very delicate, but seem to be secure in the top of the plug. You can feel the hard calamus or the Quill. This is the hard steam that is through the feather. It attaches the feather to the animal. These are felt in the middle, but they don't make the bunny tail any less soft. There isn't any smell or taste to these feathers.

Design / Shape / Size

The shape of the plug is like a cone with a cone top. The top cone is attached to a flat disc that is the flared base. On the top of this flat disc is a post. The feathers are then stuffed into this post to keep them attached. Your final product is a butt plug with a bunny tail.

From the rounded tip to the edge of the feathers is 7". But it can only be inserted 3". This is because of the flared base which has a 1.25" diameter. And the fullest the plug is 1.25" in diameter. Since the plug slenders back down fromt his fullest and then goes to the flared base; there is no worry of it slipping inside.

This size is marked as small. So, I pulled out my other two glass plugs to give you a quick comparison. The first plug is the Sasha Grey Small and the second is Moonshine. Neither of which are the the same shape, but the Sasha grey small is actually the same size at the fullest. Moonshine is larger, but not by much.

This plug could possibly pass as a powder puff, but someone who knows sex toys would spot this out. So, leave this out at your own risk. You could travel with this, but you need some kind of pouch for it prior to traveling. Be sure to pack it so the glass is safe.


I'm pretty happy with my bunny tail butt plug. It's really cute. I love the fairy design. I didn't expect the design to feel rough and dry on my hands, but I was grateful it wasn't like that during use.

The shape is really nice. The rounded tip makes insertion so much easier. Even with little to no lube. I like how this toy starts thin, gets to the fullest in the middle, and then slims back down at the base. This really helps the toy be more comfortable to wear during use. It also helps me wear it longer.

I am able to wear this plug for well over an hour without feeling uncomfortable. I do tend to get tickles on my cheeks from the feathers, but otherwise I have no issues during use. These tickles almost feel similar to when you feel there is a spider crawling on your skin. But then you remember you have feathers hanging out your ass!

The issue with this plug is the feathers. If you aren't careful with lube or other fluids; the feathers could absorb these juices. This could damage your feathers and harbor some yucky things. So be sure you hold the feathers back during the insertion process. I just pinch them all together and insert. Then when I let go; nothing is near the feathers because it's all inside.

On a side note for pet owners: Keep this bunny tail away from cats and dogs. At least mine seem to think everything with feathers is their own personal toy. I took this out of the box and set it on my bed. Walked away for one second and came back to it missing. Then I saw my puppy carrying it around. While humorous at the time, I was worried he would damage it before I could take my photos.

Care and Maintenance

This plug needs an owner who is going to care for it properly. While glass is easy to with feathers on the end isn't going to be the easiest to clean. You can wash it with soap and water, toy cleaner, and toy wipes for basic cleaning, but be sure no fluids touch the feathers. For a complete and sanitizing clean you should wipe it with a 10% bleach and 90% water solution. You should not boil this because of the feathers.

You should store this in a pouch in a discreet location. I have been using the original box for the time being. I don't have a pouch that is sized for storing this plug. Be sure to store in somewhere the glass can't be damaged.

Glass is compatible with all lubes. So use whichever you wish. But remember to avoid the feathers with all fluids.


This box is pretty basic. It has minimal useful information on it, but there is some. It's okay for short term storage, but not long term. This is a plastic box with a plastic sleeve inside for toy placement.

Personal comments

Overall, I am giving this plug four stars. It cute, effective, safe, and certainly something different from the normal. (If there is such a thing.) I'm happy with the performance. I only deducted a star because of the feathers issue.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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