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It Hits the Spot!

The P-Spot Flogger (also known as the "Incite Flogger" officially) is an amazingly sexy flogger that is unique - even in the kink world. It seems expensive, but the handle itself usually runs at a high price, so you actually end up getting the great anal toy and flogger for barely above what you'd pay for just the anal toy.
Get Intrigue + sensual flogger, Thuddy and Sensual, Natural-to-hold Handle, Easy to control, Unique
No hanging strap, Expensive
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The P-Spot Flogger is a gorgeous flogger made by Nobessence with their traditional wood techniques. The flogger tails are gorgeous strips of leather. The handle is sculpted by hand and uses the Romp's design. The flogger is almost two feet in length with the handle being six inches of it. The handle, at the widest point, is an inch and a half in diameter. Most of handle is less in diameter though.

The packaging for the Nobessence is pretty gorgeous. It comes in a little box that slides open to reveal the flogger on the inside. The inner box is padded and will work for storage for the tails. The leather tails will come with kinks in them due to being stored inside a box, but leaving them out flat should fix the kinks. The box also comes with a little instruction book about the Nobessence wood.

Thanks so much to EdenFantasys for giving me this gorgeous flogger for my 200th review! I've been just drooling over the flogger for the longest time. I've never owned a flogger that has a wooden handle, and they're pretty rare. I was also wondering what would make this gorgeous flogger cost so much, and now I've been able to experience it. I also have to giggle at myself. I was so impressed by the wood on this Nobessense flogger that I had to check out other products. I ended up looking at the Romp. Guess what? This flogger has the Nobessence Intrigue as its handle!

My review is going to focus on the flogger portion of this toy. As Carrie Ann let me know, this toy's handle is "technically" the "Nobessence Intrigue" which retails for $170, so the flogger is only $40 more than the handle itself. (The Romp is virtually the same shape if you want to see more reviews. We did enjoy it for insertion, and it was neat to have a flogger that could go straight from flogging to thrusting. I was worried the tails would end up getting soaked in lubricant and bodily fluids. You do have to be a bit careful while getting this toy ready for insertion and everything to keep the fluids off the leather, but the plug doesn't insert all the way into the butt which protects the leather nicely. It only inserts up to that little indentation in the handle.

The handle is amazing for wielding it. I was concerned that the odd shape of the handle was going to cause the flogger to feel off-balance, but it doesn't. The handle actually ends up working as a better handle that most other flogger handles do. If you handle it like you do all other floggers, it might uncomfortably press onto your fingers, but with a small adjustment to your swinging, it's actually more comfortable and natural than any other floggers I've tried. My flogger's wood did match the wood that was shown on the EF pictures; don't ask me what wood type it is. The boyfriend was worried about splinters, but I promise: The handle is completely smooth with a glaze overtop that will never allow any splinters on your handle. It's actually completely smooth and responds with the same slickness as glass or stainless steel would.

The flogger tails (of which there are 24) are made from the most supple leather I've felt in awhile. The leather is beyond soft. Beyond soft. It is completely softened and just feels heavenly through my fingertips. The leather does have some slight shedding to it (which you can easily see by looking at the inside of the white box). The shedding stops after a couple uses. During use, the leather tails travel together really nicely. There's never any "stupid" strand hanging off the crowd. They actually are extremely easy to control and give the most sensual, thuddy sensation. The handle feels completely natural in my hand and makes it even easier to control the flogger.

I do wish this flogger came with a hanging strap/wrist strap of some sort. I normally hate wrist straps, and I still wouldn't use it even if it was included, but I feel like, if any toy needed it, it is this flogger. Because the wood is so, so slick, I'm worried some people might let it slip out of their hands. I honestly didn't have any problem though; the little indentation in the wood kept my fingers grasping it comfortably. The hanging strap is a dealbreaker though.
I understand that the strap couldn't be located on the handle due to the handle being insertable, but all of my floggers hang except for this one and the Liberator's Crystal Flogger. Both are expensive floggers, and I will be making exceptions for both of them, but I'd much rather have the ability to hang these and shot them off than keep them hidden in a box. As it stands, this one's leather tails may never really straighten out since it's probably going to be in a box all the time except for use.

The flogger hits with a thuddy sensation. There is no pain involved with the P-Spot Flogger. The tails all fall together in one large clump and are extremely easy to control. The flogger isn't amazingly long, and for that reason, the flogger may not work for scene use. It's a bit short for that unless you stand pretty close to your partner. It does work amazingly for bedroom use or when you are close to your partner though. (We had an okay time using it with scening; it just required an adjustment to where I normally stood.) The feeling of this one is amazing; the boyfriend describes it as a massage with kinky toys. He said it felt orgasmic in itself and amazing relaxing.

The wood is non-porous. The Nob Essence pamphlet says it can be sterilized by using bleach. It can be washed with warm water and antibacterial soap for regular use. Please keep the leather tails away from any cleaning supplies; leather hates soap, bleach, or water. If you want to clean it, you can use special leather cleaning supplies. It shouldn't need much in terms of cleaning though. This flogger can be used with any type of lubricant, but again, keep it away from the leather. For storage, you can keep it in the original box, but I really recommend laying it out flat somewhere. I'll honestly probably be tying some sort of string around the middle of the flogger that will make it easy to hang up but can be removed. (Probably with a Lark's Head tie for you kinky folk.)

The price seems pretty high, but it actually isn't. Nobessense's toys are always expensive because they have a lot of quality put into them. This toy is very high-quality and everything. This flogger only ends up being about $40 more than what you'd pay for the handle by itself. When you consider it, other kink floggers will easily run you two or three-hundred dollars. For that, this flogger is pretty competitively priced for a top-of-the-line flogger. EF doesn't sell many custom-made floggers, so it's understandable that this one would run such a nice price tag. My consensus? This is easily worth the investment if you enjoy p-spot/g-spot toys and consider yourself a kinkster. When you consider that virtually no floggers have wooden handles, you're going to stand out with a custom-made piece like this.
Follow-up commentary
Still love it really doesn't cover it! It's still one of my favorite and prized floggers, and I'm in love with how beautiful it looks. When we have friends over or play in public, it's the flogger that everyone flocks to, and I'm so proud of it!
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  • dcooper
    Wonderful review!
  • MeliPixie
    Oh the fantasies this toy has "incited!" want it so bad, and your review only made me want it more. Thanks for sharing!
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