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Up and down anal pleaser

Vibrating anal plug by Nasstoys

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“It’s ALIVE!!”

I was quite tickled to be given this item as my latest assignment. I’d been playing around with the idea of getting it for quite a long time, but hadn’t ever gone through with it. Reason being is that the toy’s following is rather divided in their conclusions. There seem to be as many people who have hated it as there are people who have loved it, and I was very unsure as to which category I would fall into...
Pretty amazing toy across the board…
Concerned about wire connection getting wet during cleaning.
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There also seems to have been a lot of fuss made over the fact that the toy doesn’t vibrate, which is a contradiction of the product description given of the toy on more than one adult toy website. I don’t know why the online stores say that it vibrates when it doesn’t and it doesn’t state anywhere on the packaging that it does, but I didn’t particularly hold that against the toy before I got it (because I already knew that was a typo), and I especially don’t now since I’ve taken it for a spin, and have come to the conclusion that if it did vibrate like some people want it to, it would actually detract from the sensations you feel of the plug flexing inside you. You would have a plug you could feel vibrating, but nothing more than that as the vibrations would cover up anything else it was doing.

To be totally honest, this toy doesn’t seem to have gotten a fair shake from a couple of its reviewers here, and on other sites. Some individuals seem to be mad at it for it not being MORE capable than it already is. Which is a bit silly, seeing as how I would equate that with being angry that the Space Shuttle can’t reach Pluto. (which I’m still having a difficult time believing is not a planet. lol!)

The Up & Down Thruster Butt Plug is actually a nifty little toy, and one that has quickly made its way into my favorites. It doesn’t vibrate (as we’ve already covered) and it doesn’t exactly “thrust”, but the sensations that it creates are very unique and are quite erotically stimulating. The plug doesn’t actually move up and down, it’s the beads within it that move up and down, creating a ripple-like flexing within the middle of the toy that pleasantly strokes against the internal muscles.

Now, for someone who is actually used to good, genuine anal sex, they may be harder to please with this toy if they are expecting it to feel like “the real thing”. Well, I hate to break it to you, but it’s not going to feel like the real thing. Nothing will. This toy is INCREDIBLY enjoyable, you can feel it undulating inside of you and can even fantasize quite easily that you’re not alone as its moves all by itself, but its not going to feel like REAL anal sex. First off, it’s a plug, not a penis. So if you want something that feels like real anal sex, then get yourself a realistic dildo and lube up! ;) But if you enjoy large plugs and the sensations they can create, than this baby is going to become a favorite VERY quickly.

The toy was much softer to the touch than I thought it would be, and for me, its size was perfect. Some have complained that it was too big, but I don’t really see that unless you just aren’t sure if this type of anal play is something you’re into yet. But provided you know what you like, and with proper preparation, it wouldn’t take too much for even someone relatively new to anal play to be able to accept this plug, with emphasis on the “proper preparation”. For me, I started out with a couple of realistic vibrators in two different sizes to help stretch and relax my sphincter muscle in stages to help prepare for the insertion of this plug, and that worked really well, as when it came time to insert it, it slid in easily and stayed put all on its own.
I did discover something early on, however. If you use too much lube, you will not feel the sensations of it moving inside you as keenly. There have been several people who have complained that they could hardly feel the toy moving, and I think that may have been their problem. It’s a bit of a fine line, actually, because if you use too little, it will hurt when you insert it, but if you use too much, you will not be able to feel the toys flexing inside of you. On the same token, if you go for a longer session with this toy, you may dry out a little bit quicker if you don’t have as much lube to start out with and you may experience some discomfort when removing it. Keep all of this in mind the first couple of times you use it, and figure out what works for you. Also, different positions will create different levels of sensations from mild to fairly extreme, so play around with that, too.

And remember, this toy CANNOT be sterilized. So do not share with your partner unless you are either using it with a condom or are seriously fluid-bonded.

It’s a five star item for me. Could it be stronger? Yes. Could the plug itself actually thrust up and down? Yeah, that would be fun. But in order for it to be stronger, to be capable of thrusting and vibrating, it would require a heck of a lot more power than batteries could supply. In order for it to be the toy that some seem to be looking for, you would be looking at an electric plug and about five times the cost. You would also be looking at a bit of a revolution in the sex toy industry as there isn’t anything out there yet that can do ALL of that. This toy is actually fairly cutting edge for today’s current market. It’s not its fault that adult toys haven’t advanced as far as our imaginations would like them to have, so keep that in mind when deciding whether or not to purchase it and enjoy it for what it is… and keep looking forward to the day when reality does finally catch up to our imaginations.

I know I will! ;)
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