Vibrating prostate massager discontinued
by LB Trading Ltd

It's REVOlutionary!

The Nexus Revo is the latest prostate massager that builds on the already successful design of the Nexus G-rider by adding a new twist. An internal motor powers the head portion to slowly rotate and massage the prostate internally. Although optimum rotational pressure can only be gained by sitting firmly on the base, the innovative design is worth considering for anyone with a prostate despite a few design flaws.
Innovative rotating head,
Powerful vibrations
Not waterproof,
Bulky base
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


LB Trading Ltd builds on the design of their already successful Nexus G-rider with the addition of a rotating head designed to massage the prostate. Rather than having to rock as with traditional prostate massagers, the rotating head is designed to do the work for you. The modest size is appropriate for prostate play beginners but the features should interest even advanced users. The Revo works best when pressure is applied to the base by either sitting on it during solo sessions or having a partner hold the base while performing oral.

Material / Texture

Both the Revo and the G-rider are made of the same quality non-porous, hypoallergenic, latex and phthalate free silicone. The matte finish gives the silicone a velvety, almost silky feel and reduces the amount of drag typically associated with silicone. The silicone is extremely firm (the firmest of any toy I own) which aids with insertion. The firmness also has the advantage of applying strong pressure to the prostate during use and transmits vibrations exceedingly well. The base of the Revo houses the batteries and is made of high impact ABS plastic. The plastic on the base also has a slight matte finish which makes it easier to grip. Ideally you should keep the base clean and free of lube since the battery chamber is not waterproof. Although both water and oil based lubricants are compatible, I would recommend water based since oil will be more difficult to clean. The vibrator for the G-rider is also made of plastic and is not waterproof but is removable.

Both toys have raised silicone nodes on the perineal stimulator portion of the base. The G-rider has larger nodes but both are equally stimulating when combined with the vibrations.

Close-up of Revo perineal stimulator:

Close-up of G-rider perineal stimulator:

Design / Shape / Size

The overall design for the insertable portion of the Revo and G-rider are essentially the same except that the G-rider has larger dimensions and more exaggerated curves. Based on their respective sizes, the Revo should be appropriate for beginners on up while the larger size of the G-rider is probably more appropriate for users with at least an intermediate experience level.

(Since the insertable portion is more oval than round on both toys, I felt it was more appropriate to discuss dimensions in terms of circumference, but I have also included diameter in the table below for completeness.)

The head of the Revo has a slight hook shape designed to better target the prostate once inserted. The head has a maximum circumference of 3-3/4” that quickly narrows down initially to 3-1/2” circumference. The body then flares out to a maximum circumference of 4-1/4” and slowly tapers to 2-1/2” circumference at the neck. In contrast, the G-rider head has a maximum circumference of 4-1/2” that narrows to 3-3/4” before flaring out to a maximum body circumference of 4-3/8”. The body then slowly tapers to a neck circumference of 2-7/8”. In both toys, the body segment is still oval in shape but rounder than either the head or neck sections.

Although the silicone is the same for both toys, the Revo is not solid towards the top to allow for head rotation. This is especially true in the region between the head and body where the silicone can be squeezed completely together. This added softness and flexibility makes the toy even easier to insert for its size. In contrast, I can barely bend the G-rider let alone squeeze the sides together.

The bases are fairly comparable in size except for the height. The Revo has a 2” base height compared to the G-rider at 1”. The difference presumably is to account for the larger batteries and motor in the Revo.


The Revo contains a high torque drive motor in the shaft that controls the counter-clockwise rotation of the head. The rotation is a slow, kneading motion and completes one full rotation in about 3 seconds.

Demonstration of rotational motion (Note that motion is sped up):

The Revo has two vibration settings: a one second pulsation and a two second escalating pulsation. Personally, I would have liked a constant vibration pattern as an option. When not inserted, the vibrations can be felt along both the perineal stimulator and the insertable portion. However, once inserted, I mostly felt the vibrations only along the perineal stimulator (more on this later). The G-rider offers 5 vibration patterns including two that are constant. The vibrations can be felt along the entire insertable portion as well as the perineal stimulator during use. I would classify both as having buzzy vibrations as opposed to rumbly. Both toys have a moderate noise level associated with the vibrations and can be heard through a heavy comforter. The rotational mode alone is slightly quieter.

Revo Vibration patterns:
1. bzzz (pause) bzzz (pause)
2. bzzzZZZ (pause) bzzzZZZ (pause)

The G-rider Vibration patterns:
1. bzzz (constant)
2. bzzZZ (pause) bzzZZ (pause)
3. bzzZZzzZZzzZZ (pause) bzzZZzzZZzzZZ (pause)
4. bzzzzZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzzZZZZzzZZzzZZzzZZ (rollercoaster)
5. bzZZZZZZZZZz (pause) bzZZZZZZZZz (pause)

While the Revo requires two AA batteries to power, the G-rider only requires one AAA battery. With the difference in batteries, one might expect the Revo to have more powerful vibrations. However, I assume most of the power is used for the rotational function, as the vibration intensities are comparable. The power button for the Revo is located on the front portion of the base. While it is not visible when inserted, the button is large and made of silicone so that it is easy to locate by touch. The first push of the button starts the rotation function, a second push adds in the first vibration pattern, and a third changes to the second vibration pattern. A fourth push turns the toy off. Nexus reports that the batteries should last for 4 hours at maximum settings. I have probably used it for 2-3 hours with no signs of decreased power so far. The G-rider also has the power button on the base of the vibrator. In comparison, it is much smaller and more difficult to locate even though it is raised. Each press of the button cycles through the vibration settings and pressing it for 3 seconds turns the vibrator off. I have used the G-rider for several hours (4+) on a fresh battery before needing to replace it.

Revo battery compartment:

One minor note I should mention is that the Revo has a raised seam along the entire length of the insertable portion. It can be felt with a finger but I could not detect it during use. Nexus seems to have taken more care to remove the seam on the G-rider. While it is visible where the seam would be, it has been trimmed to the point that it cannot be felt with a finger.

Care and Maintenance

Because the Revo is not waterproof, the user manual recommends “that you use a warm, damp cloth which has been soaked in antibacterial solution of soap and water…Gently rub the cloth over the shaft, perineum stimulator and base to remove debris…” I’m sorry, but anything that goes in the ass should really be more thoroughly cleaned than with a simple wipe of a cloth. I would recommend washing the insertable portion carefully using either a toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and then rinsing under water, being sure not to get the base wet. Since the perineal stimulator does not typically get very soiled except for some lube, it can be wiped down as recommended by the manufacturer. Alternatively, a diluted bleach solution can be used to sanitize the silicone. Cleaning requires more time than typical since care must be taken to prevent water from getting in the battery compartment. Store the toy in the included drawstring pouch to limit exposure to dust/hair since the silicone is a magnet for dirt. Rinse the toy in water prior to each use to remove any dust accumulated while stored.

The G-rider is much simpler to clean. Although the included vibrator is also not waterproof, it can be easily removed so that the silicone portion can be cleaned using your preferred method (boiling, diluted bleach, toy cleaner, or antibacterial soap) without worry. A small dab of lube on the outside of the vibrator makes insertion and removal much easier. The G-rider does not come with a storage pouch but can be stored in a plastic bag or similar container. Interestingly, even though the silicone feels the same for both products, the Revo is much more of a lint and dust magnet than the G-rider.


The Revo comes packaged in a recyclable cardboard box that is not completely discreet but very stylish. The outer sleeve has the product name on the front along with product information on the back including the fact that it won an eroFame EROTIXXX Award for 2011. The storage box inside splits open vertically to reveal the toy, which is protected above and below with dense foam. While the box could be used for storage, it is really unnecessary. Included with the toy is a drawstring cloth bag for storage. The user manual includes brief information on battery installation, functions/settings, cleaning, and tips for use.


The experience with each is very similar so I will discuss them together and only note differences when applicable. A generous amount of lube should be applied along the insertable portion of either toy to ease insertion. Take care to not use excessive amounts with the Revo as the cap to the battery compartment is near the neck of the insertable portion. After my first use of the Revo, I found that lube had slipped into the battery cover. Fortunately there is a small lip on the inside of the cap that prevented the lube from contacting the batteries. Because the head has a bit of a hook shape, I find it easier to start with the hook first and then rotate the toy until the entire head is inserted. Once past the body, the toy slides easily down to the base and locks in place with the head placing pressure on the prostate. The G-rider provides a noticeably fuller sensation given the overall larger dimensions.

The rotation of the Revo head provides very mild stimulation on its own. It’s a nice, somewhat teasing sensation that would be appropriate for anyone that prefers light sensations. The main issue for me is that the rotation requires that the base be positioned so that it can’t move to optimize the rotation. Without placing any pressure on the base, the base moved in an opposite rotation to the head. To get all of the force of the rotation in the head, I had to literally sit on the base so that it wouldn’t move at all. Because of the large size of the base, I could not sit on it directly on a firm surface. That placed my entire weight on the toy, which was not comfortable. Sitting on a pillow or a mattress provided enough cushion to make it comfortable. Once I did this, the pressure was firm and intense but also seemed to dull the vibration along the shaft, probably because I was applying so much pressure with my weight. Since the base requires pressure for the rotation function to work optimally, the Revo can’t be used as a traditional hands-free toy by flexing the sphincter muscles. The bulky base is also a little awkward but did not detract from the experience. The motor seems to be quite powerful as it continued to work even when I used my full weight to stabilize the base. My wife used the Revo vaginally to see how it would perform. The girth of the shaft was too small to be felt and rotational motion was felt only slightly. However, the vibrations from the perineal stimulator on her clit were very stimulating.

The G-rider has the advantage of being light enough that it can be manipulated with the sphincter muscles alone. However, I can also sit comfortably on the G-rider using a firm surface if I want more intense pressure. The base is also small enough that the toy can be worn around as a plug if desired.

Overall, I would rate the Revo 4 stars while giving the G-rider 5 stars. The G-rider is more comfortable, more versatile, and easier to care for. I really like the concept of the Revo but would like the rotations to be faster and not rely on the base being stationary. Also, the Revo needs to be waterproof, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Lastly, my personal preference would be that the dimensions of the insertable portion be larger.
Follow-up commentary
While I think this is still a decent toy, I just don't use it. The rotational force is just not stimulating enough for me and the base is just too large for my comfort. Additionally, the additional hassle of cleaning without getting water into the battery compartment is just not worth the amount of effort it takes. I still prefer the G rider as my go to prostate toy for many reasons.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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