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The Nexus Revo is designed to be a male prostrate massager, but it can also be used for women to enjoy. It's made of body safe silicone, but it's not waterproof. The cleaning process of this vibrator is more of a hassle than most toys because of the lack of the waterproof function. The Revo has buzzy vibrations with only a few options to pick from, but combined with a wiggling insertable shaft. It has two separate vibrator to stimulate internally and externally, but it won't fit all anatomies.
Safe material, wiggling shaft function, easy to use, nice packaging, and multiple uses.
Not Waterproof, Cleaning process, lack of vibration options, buzzy, and won't fit all anatomies.
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The Nexus Revo is designed to be a male Prostrate stimulator. The insertable shaft is used to stimulate the P-spot while the base is used to stimulate the perineum. However, since I have female anatomy, this was not my intended use.

My intention for the Nexus Revo was to use in vaginally and/or anally. During vaginal use the insertable shaft would stimulate the G-spot. And with any luck, the base would stimulate the clitoris at the same time. For anal usage the insertable shaft would stimulate the anal walls. And if the base didn't line up for clitoris use during vaginal penetration, it might during anal. Another potential use would be for double penetration with a toy or partner. However, this is going to depend on your anatomy. The base is rather large so it would have to be turned so the perineum stimulator wasn't rubbing your partner. This use could be possible for some, but isn't likely to be comfortable for the partner doing the penetration.

The Nexus Revo is best suited for anal or vaginal penetration for male or female anatomies. The insertable shaft provides the best stimulation. And this would work for most anatomies. But the perineum stimulator or clitoral stimulator will vary for users. This is because everyone's anatomy is different and this base isn't flexible. So, you must fit the toy because it won't mold to you.

Material / Texture

The majority of the Nexus Revo is made of silicone. But the bottom of the base is made of plastic. Where the plastic and silicone meet is a groove that can collect fluids. Be sure to carefully clean this crack. You will want to be really careful near the battery compartment during cleaning because the Nexus Revo is not waterproof. Water damage could ruin your rather expensive toy.

The Revo's silicone is amazingly soft and velvety. It's somewhat squishy in the places there is nothing firm under the silicone skin. There is a little bit of a drag to this silicone, but with some lube or spit it slides right inside. Silicone is free of all harmful chemicals like latex and phthalates, so it's hypoallergenic. It's a food grade material that doesn't have any smell or taste. Since 100% silicone is always non porous, it can be shared amongst partners with the proper cleaning.

On the base of the Revo are many tiny nubs of texture. These are used only to stimulate the extra area, usually the perineum or clitoris. They are used to help add to the vibrations. This texture isn't the kind of texture that is going to bother those who are texture sensitive. The Nexus Revo's texture is for all levels of users alike.

Design / Shape / Size

The Revo is a basic L shape vibrator. The bend of the L is the battery compartment. The vertical line of the L is the insertable shaft. The horizontal line is the base. At the end of the horizontal line is nubs for added pleasure. On the underside of these nubs is where you will find the power button too.

The Nexus Revo seems like a beast of a toy when you pull it out, but it's mostly because of the base. You have an insertable shaft of 4" that is full of curves to change the circumference. The top of the head is hooked to hit right on the G-spot or P-spot. The circumference of the this section is 3.75" or 1.25" diameter. The shaft the thins out and curves back out to a 4.25" circumference or 1.35" diameter. After which the shaft thins down to a 2.75" circumference or 0.87" diameter, which is attached to the bulky base. The base is 2" tall and 5" long. But only 2.5" of this base is used to vibrate the perineum or the clitoris.

The size of the insertable shaft is a good overall size for all users. It's about the size of two fingers around and the length isn't too much. It's not going to be enough for size kings or queens, but hopefully the functions would make up for that. The base stimulator is only going to fit certain anatomies. You need to know your body and your measurements in order to know if this will fit you. It certainly won't work for everyone. The Revo is not the most discreet vibrator, but it doesn't exactly SCREAM vibrator. However, someone would spot it out as an adult novelty item. So, you should store it discreetly. If you are traveling with the Revo be sure to remove the batteries, because the power button could be hit during the process.


If you are looking for a males point of view on the performance of the Nexus Revo, this is the wrong review to read. Please check out Kindred's or ToyTimeTim's. Both are well written reviews by excellent contributors and from a males stand point. This review is the female performance only.

The Nexus Revo is powered by two AA batteries that go in the bend of the L shape. The cap only goes on one way, but it can be difficult to take off and put back on. I also notice that it tends not to stay sealed very well. This isn't good if you are a rather juicy women, using too much lube, or during the cleaning process. This is because the Revo is not waterproof. You need to make sure this is completely closed before you expose it to liquids.

The power button is located on the underside of the nubs on the horizontal part of the L. When you touch the button it clicks for every level. There are three levels.

1. Only moves the insertable shaft. It wiggles nice and slow. There is hardly any sound with good moderate vibrations. This setting is 3 vrooms and 1 bee.

2. Wiggles the insertable shaft and vibrates the base with an on/off pattern. The shaft is the same as when its on solely on the first setting. It has good moderate vibrations that are virtually quiet. However, the base has buzzy and light vibrations. These buzzy vibrations are mostly felt along the bottom of the base, but work up to the top. These are moderate vibrations that are fairly loud. Overall, this power setting is 3 vrooms and 3 bees.

3. Wiggles the insertable shaft and vibrate the base with a 5 second on/off pattern. The shaft is the same as when its on solely on the first setting. It has good moderate vibrations that are virtually quiet. However, the base has deep buzzy vibrations that are mostly felt along the texture of the base. These vibrations are fairly loud. Overall, the power setting is 3 vrooms and 3 bees.

One more click shuts the Revo off. When you turn on your Revo a small LED green light lights up (like shown in my image.)

I admit to being disappointed in the selection of vibrations. There is no option for steady vibrations for the base. The wiggling of the shaft is nice, but it is slow. It could go for a speed increase. I'm not a fan of the base's vibrations either. I rather enjoy the wiggling of the insertable shaft though. Even though it's rather slow, I enjoy the rubbing of my G-spot. (More to come in Experience Section.)

Care and Maintenance

While silicone is easy to care for, this toy needs caution and extra care during the cleaning process. You can wash this toy with soap and water, 10% bleach/90% water solution, toy cleaner, or toy wipes. When you wash this toy be sure not to allow any liquid near the battery compartment. You'll find that holding the toy's base and only allowing the shaft in the water, is best way to avoid water exposure. You will also want to make sure you clean in the groove between the silicone and the plastic. I would recommend using a wipe for this job.

If sharing the Revo be sure to use a condom or wash in between partner with 10% bleach/90% water solution.

Nexus Revo comes with a pouch to store you vibrator in. After which you should tuck away in your toy box. The Revo is a little bulky to fit into a purse, but if you carry a large enough one it could fit inside. You will want to keep this vibrator stored in a discreet place.

Silicone is only compatible with water based lubes. Be sure you spot test if you are going to use any other kind of lube. Incompatible lubes can damage the material making your toy unusable. Therefore it is best to stick with water based lubes.


The Revo's packaging is actually nice, though, cheaply done. There is a Sleeve that marks this toy as the Nexus Revo. With a quick glance at the packaging you might think it's discreet, but if you flip over the back side, there is a paragraph talking about the Revo. This calls the Revo out as a sex toy by saying "The Nexus Revo is the ultimate in male pleasure technology, precision engineered to fit the desires of the body." And many other things. After you remove this sleeve you have a plain black box that is split down the middle. This split flips open to reveal the Revo inside. Under the Revo is the instructional manual.

This packaging is nice for gifting. I think its very presentable as is, but it could be wrapped if you'd like. It's not great for storage because it takes up too much space, but it's good for temporary placement.


My intention for the Revo was to use the insertable shaft to stimulate the G-spot and use the perineum stimulator for clitoral stimulation. If this failed, then I was hoping I could use it anally and have the perineum stimulator line up with my clitoris. Neither actually happened for me.

The base overshot my clitoris by about 0.5". I have a 45mm away clitoris from my urethra. Which is farther away then the average size. The average is said to be 30mm. (You can find more information about this here.) Even though it didn't work for my intention, I still like my Revo.

I am disappointed in the lack of options and the buzzy vibrations, but I was not disappointed in the insertable shaft.

I like to insert my Revo vaginal or anally and wear it around. If I keep my thighs tight I can wear it around for 30 minutes or longer. During this time I only use the wiggling function for the shaft. The shaft rubs as it wiggles right on the frontal vaginal wall right at my shallow G-spot. At first it doesn't seem like I feel anything, but then it hits me. I start to feel my juices flowing. Then I can help but be happy with my Revo. The only thing I worry about it using it for too long because I am a really juicy women. I squirt regularly. I'm afraid that my juices might ruin a perfectly good toy because it's not waterproof.

I did try the Revo for double penetration. I found it worked out best for my anatomy, if I inserted Revo vaginally and had my partner or a toy enter me anally. The base didn't get in the way when we did it like this. However, when I inserted the Revo anally and allowed my partner to enter me vaginally, with turning the perineum stimulator away from my body, the base was uncomfortable for my partner. These will vary for every anatomy though.

We are all different, so the Revo might work for you. Should you order a Revo experiment with all the different uses.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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