Just Which "Tubes" Are You Trying To Clean Here?

Overall, this is a pretty nice product. It's safe for your body, easy to clean, and relatively easy to use. Which is good, because it comes with no instructions whatsoever. However if you're looking for a safe way to anally douche, this is a good choice.
Easy to assemble/disassemble, Multiple lengthed attachments
Can be awkward to try and use alone, Holes in attachments will catch stuff
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There's not much to this kit here, but it is pretty cool if you can find a use for it. There isn't one specifically designated on the packaging. In fact, the packaging doesn't give you much information on what you're getting at all. It's a clamshell that opens easily and closes up again just as easily. All the insert really tells you is that you're getting incremental measures, an easy pull ring, and 2 cleansing attachments. The back just tells you the same thing and also that it disassembles for easy cleaning. The fine print way down on the bottom mentions the word "douche" so that's what I went with.

This set comes with a total of 4 pieces; the body of the syringe, the puller thingy, and two attachments that screw on to the front of the body.

The set-up is like a big plastic syringe basically. The body itself measures 6" long and 5" around, and is easy to hold in the hand. It's marked in milliliters going up to a total of 100. You've got a choice of two different attachments that screw onto the front. The shorter attachment is a total of 3" with just under 2" being insertible into anything, and the longer is a total of just over 4 1/2" with about 3 1/2" being insertible. Where they screw on to the body was a well thought out design. In addition to screwing on securely and having a connector inside that meets between the attachment and the body, there's also an o-ring on the body to make sure that nothing slips out that shouldn't.

The attachments also have a unique way of releasing whatever fluid is inside. Not only do they have the standard hole in the tip, but there are also holes in the shaft. Those holes being there does give the attachments a hand when being used as an anal douche, or in trying to clean out a masturbator, but also make it difficult to use as a lube shooter and darn near impossible to use as a squirt gun.

Ok, now remember where I said it was like a syringe? That's how you'll use this. Choose your attachment first, then make sure that your handle is pressed all the way into the body. Now insert the tip of the attachment into a bowl or clean sink of warm water (if you're going to use it as a douche) and pull back on the handle til it's got as much water as you want in it. There's going to be a pocket of air, but to get rid of it you can flip it tip up and start pressing in the handle until water comes out, then flip it back over and fill it up the rest of the way.

Since it all comes apart for cleaning, it's really easy to get everything. You can wash everything in warm soapy water. If you do use it as an anal douche, keep in mind that those cute little holes that help disperse the water can also catch stuff on the way out. Stuff like poop. So make sure to check and clean them thoroughly before setting it out to dry and then putting it away. You can store it back in the package it came in if you want, since it does have indents for everything. But you could also keep everything in a plastic bag if you wanted to keep it all together.
Now when I got this as an assignment, I honestly had no idea what the heck to do with it. I accepted figuring at the very least I could use it as a squirt gun or something, but the holes in the attachments dashed that dream for me. They also make it hard to do anything without making sure you aren't going to soak anything you don't mean to. I was able to successfully use it as an anal douche, and that's about it. For me, the shorter attachment was pretty much useless. I tried it but didn't feel comfortable that it was going to work right for me, so I opted for the longer attachment. A little bit of lube (since it's plastic you can use any body safe lubricant) and it slid right in. I had started trying to press the handle in from behind, didn't work. And I couldn't get a very good angle from the front either. It's definitely doable from the front, it was just uncomfortable for me personally. So I got my husband to press it in for me, and then pull it back out. Even though I was good and clenched to try and avoid making a mess, the nozzle didn't allow for that, leaking water all down my legs when we tried to pull it out. Momentary panic of "oh crap, what do I do?!" followed quickly by "pull it out as fast as you can without hurting me!!"

The douching process worked as well as it does with my other anal douche. As for ease of use, I'd personally go with the other one, although this one is by no means difficult to use. For the price that I've seen it listed for elsewhere, it's not a bad deal.
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