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Anal Douching 101

Have you been thinking about douching anally but were worried about being too inexperienced? Well fret not! The Colt Anal Douche is a great choice for a first anal douche, you really can't go wrong.
Great for beginners, Included attachment can be used on its own, Easy to clean
Smaller/weaker hands may have a problem squeezing the bulb, Tapered tip can be irritating
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The use for this is, well, pretty self explanatory. However there's more than just one reason that one might want to douche their anal cavity. Some might just enjoy the squeaky clean feeling that follows, while others might just want to preempt any attempt their body might make to put a damper on any kind of anal play. No matter what your reasoning is, the Colt Anal Douche is definitely a great place to start.

Material / Texture

The bulb and the base of the 'ribbed' attachment are both made of latex. If you're allergic or have sensitivities to latex, you should probably stay away from this. There is a slight smell that can be attributed to the bulb and splash sleeve, but it's really not that bad. Really sensitive noses might have a problem, but otherwise, you should be fine. Both the insertible parts are made from a hard plastic. Neither of those have any scent on their own.

The rubber latex of the squeeze bulb is pretty thick and easy enough to manipulate with two hands, but it might prove to be more difficult if using just one.

Design / Shape / Size

Fully assembled, the entire thing is only about 10" long. The optional 'ribbed' attachment comes in at about 6" long and 3" around at its widest, and does attach itself securely to the rest of the contraption. The smaller circumference makes it a great choice for beginners. However if you're still squeamish about the size of the attachment and normally only play around with something smaller and more squishy, like a finger, you can forgo the attachment and just use the piece that's attached directly to the bulb as it's tapered and less than 1/2" around. This piece can also come out if you just pull and wiggle a little bit, making cleaning a breeze.

The bulb itself is a lot smaller than I had initially anticipated it being. At its widest, it's only about 10" around, and not much bigger than a small fist.

The smaller size make it pretty decent for traveling, as you can store it all in a ziploc bag and tuck it into just about any suitcase. That being said, it's still not that discreet and you should still take care to keep it tucked away in something to avoid answering questions.


Well first start out by filling either a bowl or squeaky clean sink with warm water. Make sure that it isn't hot, because that can cause burns. I find that water that feels nice and warm to the touch will feel a bit cooler once inside of you. Next step, you can fill the bulb one of two ways: remove the tapered attachment and pour right in, or leave the attachment in and do the following: squeeze bulb to remove as much air as possible, point downwards into body of water and release, allowing the bulb to fill with water. Once it's fully expanded again, repeat the process, squeezing the bulb until water starts to come out, pointing downwards into body of water and releasing the bulb. After the second time, it should be completely full.

No matter which attachment you choose to use, you should also use some lube. Since you're playing around with water, you can opt for a silicone based, but you can use a water based aimed for anal use as well. Lube up your attachment of choice, and insert. If using just the tapered tip, be careful because it can get a bit pokey. If using the bulbed attachment, make sure you insert at least 3 of the bulbs, because water shoots out of a slit around the first bulb, and if it's not in far enough, you could end up with water going everywhere but where you want it. Once you've got your attachment inserted, squeeze the bulb as hard as you can to shoot the water inside of you, and keep squeezing until you remove it. Letting go while it's still inside of you can bring tainted water back into the bulb (a bad thing), or grab onto some very sensitive tissues and cause some tearing (also a bad thing).

Hold the water in until you feel like you need to go to the bathroom, then sit on the toilet and let it do it's thing. You shouldn't really have to do much pushing. And repeat this process until the water comes clean. My first time took 2 or 3 bulbs, but your mileage may vary.

Care and Maintenance

Since everything comes apart, cleaning is pretty simple. You can fill your sink with warm soapy water, then suck it up into the bulb and squeeze the water out into the toilet (or some place other than your clean soapy water) a few times to clean the inside of the bulb as well as the inside of the taper. Then you can do the same thing with the other attachment, if you chose to use it. The tip of the bulbed attachment does come off, and if you used it you should remove that and give it a thorough cleaning, even if it looks clean anyway, because lube/other junk can get caught in there and sit. You can remove the tapered attachment from the bulb and give that another rinse out, then let the bulb dry upside down on a paper towel or something similar.

When you're lubricating, you can use either a silicone or water based lube, whichever one you're more comfortable with. Once everything is clean and dry (make absolutely sure it's dry, bacteria love to live in warm damp places), you can store it in the original box, or in a ziploc bag. The bag would make it a bit easier to stash in a drawer.


The packaging, well, the packaging is about as far from discreet as you get. It's not the tackiest thing out there, but it's pretty close. Between the pictures of the almost naked man and the pictures of the douche itself, it's just, no. However it did come with instructions, but they're a bit lacking. They cover the basics, but lack a few extra tips that might be useful (like don't release the bulb while the nozzle is inside of you).

Personal comments

You should always wait at least 2 hours after douching to engage in any kind of anal play, since douching removes some natural lubricants that our bodies produce. You also shouldn't douche more than once a week to avoid disturbing the levels of healthy bacteria that live in your colon.

Since the plastic can't be sterilized, I recommend not sharing, period. While yes, you'd probably be fine wiping everything down with bleach and sharing with your significant other, or just having one attachment reserved for each, it's still better not to take that chance.


Anal douching. Something that I had been interested in trying for a while, but only just now worked up the nerve for it. I did use the bulbed attachment once, but I personally prefer the tapered tip. I found that the tapered end can be a bit pokey, but I don't think it was intended to be the one used all the time. Either way, it did leave me feeling squeaky clean, but it's still not something I'm going to use all the time. This will get reserved for special occasions and the like.

I do recommend it to anybody who's been thinking about trying it out. It will work great on a male or female, beginners and experienced users alike.
Follow-up commentary
I've had a few douches here and there, but this one seems to be the one I like the most. It's easy to use, although the bulb could be a bit more flexible, and I haven't had any problems using it thus far. I still wholeheartedly recommend it to anybody who's interested.
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