Colt anal douche - anal kit by Cal Exotics - review by GoToGirl

Good for hygiene, bad for small/weak hands.

This is a good basic douche for hygiene purposes. It holds a fair bit of water but is difficult to compress with one hand, so it may take several refills and some practice before you feel adept at using it. It is otherwise easy to use and doesn't require assembly, and it definitely beats buying disposable enema sets at the pharmacy.
Fair price, more convenient than buying disposable sets at pharmacy, no assembly required.
Awful rubber smell, bulb is hard to compress fully with just one hand.
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I opted to try this anal douche kit, instead of buying new ones repeatedly from the pharmacy, because the price was right and it seemed straightforward to operate. I use it as a hygiene booster, not a sex toy, so I can only comment on it in that capacity.

First impressions; straight out of the box the Colt looks easy to use. No assembly is required. I simply washed it with hot water and soap to try to lessen the potent rubber smell, which didn't really work, but I suppose it will be less strong-smelling as it airs out over time.

Submerging the narrow tip into any pool of water (I used a disposable plastic cup) and compressing the bulb with both hands will draw enough water in to fill the bulb about 3/4 of the way. To fill it all the way, you have to carefully squeeze out any remaining air and, while keeping it compressed in your hand, re-submerge it to draw in more water. Be sure to use water that is at body temperature, as hot water will scald and cold water will cause cramping.

Whether you use the ribbed tip is optional, based on your preference. I chose not to use it, as I don't generally enjoy the sensation of ribbing. I did play with it in the sink though, and noticed that its unique feature is a slit all the way around it near the end that allows water to "spray" out 360 degrees. I wasn't particularly impressed with the force of the spray and so opted to set this attachment aside.

With the bulb filled, I lubed the narrow tip and it inserted easily, since it's only about the width of a pencil. It is not sharp-ended, but I would still advise taking care to insert it gently and slowly. Also, it's not really long enough to cause any discomfort but is still long enough to feel like it's doing its job.

The hardest part about using the Colt was finding a position to use it in. Ultimately I opted to stand and lean forward a bit. But the trouble with this, and many other positions, is that I'm not flexible enough to reach both hands behind me and squeeze the bulb two-handed. Thus, I had to use it one-handed, and my hand was too small and not strong enough to compress it completely. I would guess that I only got about half the water out. Then it has to be removed (without letting go of the compressed bulb - unless you want to suck the water back in), let go for air to fill again (or fill it with more water), and reinserted all while you are trying not to expel the water you've already injected. This requires considerable practice and coordination and took me several tries to master.
I would say this douche is effective as a hygiene tool, but somewhat user unfriendly - it takes a lot of practice to use it smoothly and easily. The rubber smell is, of course, unpleasant too.
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    Thank you
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    Thanks for your review. I have limited motion in my hands, and your comment about it being hard to squeeze was helpful!
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    great review
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    thank you for the review.
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