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Escapade vibrating anal beads

Vibrating beads by Aphrodisia

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Knobby Anal Vibrations

Full disclosure, I was offered this toy for free to review and was definitely hesitant based on the fact I wasn't sure how I felt about textured vibrating anal beads. Having used this toy in a variety of ways I have to admit I really like this toy and think that the texture definitely makes its use during sex with my girlfriend. It's a completely different experience compared to one that would be if the texture wasn't there. I know we are both looking forward to further use of this toy.
Texture can be felt during sex
Short cord
Not rechargeable
Texture not for beginners
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This toy was designed to be used anally, however, as it is made of silicone it can be sterilized. This means it could be used by another partner, vaginally, etc. after sterilization. Not being a woman I'm not sure how enjoyable the knobby beads would be when inserted vaginally; however, both me and girlfriend have tried to use this toy anally (sterilizing in between of course).

The fact this toy vibrates definitely is the key selling point on this toy for me as I much prefer smoother toys when inserting them into myself. But the vibrations are definitely fun once you have the toy inserted, and both the texture/vibrations made having sex with my girlfriend while this was inserted into her anally a novel experience.

I'll go more into the design, experience, and opinion of the toy in later sections.
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Material / Texture

The toy is made of a body safe, phthalate and latex-free silicone. I've got a number of luxury silicone toys, which always have a soft velvety silicone, this toy's silicone is firm and almost plastic in it's feel. Unlike the Rocks Off Limited Bad Boy toy I own, which also is of lower-end silicone construction, this toy's material doesn't have a lot of grip, which is good since it's being inserted. And my experience is you don't want a toy pulling on your insides even with lube.

The silicone used is perfect for the textured beads as you want the toy to slide with lube and provide sensations with the textured beads not result in discomfort, which is what I picture if the toy had the silicone from the Bad Boy toy. The beads are surprisingly easy to insert. The texture did nothing for me when I had them inserted inside myself; however, when we had them inserted in my girlfriend anally while we had sex the texture was noticeable as I thrust inside her. It almost reminded me of a knobby texture inside of my Fleshlight sleeves, except that it was during sex with my girlfriend (which made it all the more enjoyable).

I definitely wouldn't recommend starting off anal play with this toy as texture definitely makes it less easy to insert than other similar sized toys that are smooth. Also as it's quite noticeable as the bead makes its way inside you that the texture is there... which if you aren't used to anal play I could see definitely being less than enjoyable. My girlfriend actually commented that she wasn't really enjoying the texture and toy until the vibrations started.

The toy is very rigid for anal beads; however, the toy is still flexible as you can see in the picture below. This is good as I've had some anal toys with no flex before that didn't fit my internal geometry, which lead to a bad experience.

Bend Illustration

The toy has no noticeable smell.
    • Bumpy
    • Flexible
    • No odor

Design / Shape / Size

I was hesitant about the design of this toy when I first saw it. The idea of knobby beads being inserted anally didn't sound enjoyable; however, having tried the toy both myself and with my partner I can see the benefit to this design.

The toy is rigid yet flexible, which makes it easier to insert than most conventional anal beads. As much as I love the Flexi Felix anal beads, they can be tricky to insert, especially during sex. This toy almost seems like an anal probe with textured beads spaced along it. As mentioned, the silicone is such that even with the texture the toy is easy to insert, though the texture is definitely noticeable as it goes through the sphincter during insertion.

The idea of the texture didn't make much sense to me until it was used during sex, where it could be felt inside my partner's vagina while the toy was inserted into her anally. As much as I enjoyed this novel new internal texture change during sex I don't think she'd be sold on this toy if it didn't vibrate too.

Speaking off, the toy offers 10 different vibrating functions. There are a couple constant vibrations of different strengths, the rest of the modes are either constant pattern or building patterns. The building pattern modes are kind of novel to me as not something I've had in a vibrator previously. Basically starts off slowly and then builds stronger and stronger, then will start over and build up again. This is an interesting sensation and very enjoyable. The vibrations are strong enough that I could feel them while having sex with my girlfriend.

This was the first toy I got that had a remote to control the vibrations. The remote is also what holds the batteries for the toy as the toy is powered via a cord that plugs into the remote. The remote takes two AAA batteries, which can be seen in the photo below. The remote seems to be made of an inexpensive plastic; however, the outside doesn't feel cheap as it's soft in the hand. This results in it being pleasant to hold but also easier to hold without worrying about it slipping out of your hand.

Toy remote

The fact that this toy isn't rechargeable is a huge drawback for me as I dislike having to use non-rechargeable batteries. I'm hoping that I can use some rechargeable AAA's I've recently ordered for this toy and the remote for another toy I just got recently too. It's not a huge issue but the cord is a bit of a design issue for me, mostly as due to my height I can't easily hold the remote while having sex with my partner and my partner lost track of the remote while enjoying the vibrations when I gave it to her.

One nice thing about the remote is that it has a LED between the two buttons (one button for power and the other cycles through the vibration modes). The LED lights up and provides a visual representation of the vibration mode while powered on, this way you have some feedback as to the sensations your partner is feeling if you aren't touching the vibrator yourself. When we used this during sex we could both feel the vibrations so the visual feedback wasn't as necessary, but still a nice feature to have.
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

The toy has 10 vibration modes.

1. Constant - Low
2. Constant - Medium
3. Constant - High
4. Pattern Building Fast
5. Pattern Constant Slow
6. Pattern Constant Fast
7. Mixed Pattern, Building, Constant
8. Mixed Pattern, Building, Constant
9. Mixed Pattern, Building, Constant
10. Mixed Pattern, Building, Constant

These offer quite a lot of variety for a vibrating toy. The vibrations are located inside the part of the toy that is inserted, which really puts the vibrations where you want them for vibrating anal beads/probe. The modes basically consist of constant vibrations of increasing power for modes 1-3. Mode 4 is a cycle with a varying periods between vibrations, which starts slow but then the period between vibrations quickly decreases and then it starts over. Settings 5 & 6 are basically constant period between vibrations with the frequency being the differing factor. Settings 7-10 are kind of a combination of these modes, and alternating between them in a fixed pattern. Not really sure how else to describe it... but these are great if you get too used to a given pattern and need to switch to a new one to continue to notice the vibrations.

The controls are pretty intuitive with two buttons, one is labeled with the traditional on/off symbol that is the button to turn on/off the vibrations. The other button has a wave symbol on it and is what you press to cycle through the different vibration modes. I also really liked that the toy had a LED to visualize the vibrations happening in the toy in case you were remotely enabling vibrations while the toy was inserted in your partner.

For how inexpensive this toy is, the vibrations are quite powerful and not as loud as other vibrating toys I've gotten in this price range. The vibrations also are reasonably powerful and on par with some of my higher end vibrating prostate massagers in terms of vibrating power. The vibrations are also powerful enough to be felt during sex if it is inserted in your partner while you are in them vaginally.

The remote is not waterproof; however, the rest of the toy appears to be waterproof. It worked fine when I tested it submerged in water; however, to do the length of the cord I couldn't see this being feasible to use in a bath or shower as the remote would likely get wet or fall into the tub and as it definitely isn't waterproof this would be an issue.

So far I've been impressed with how long the batteries have lasted in the toy, which is good considering it isn't rechargeable. I'm hopeful the rechargeable batteries I just ordered will work and last a while in this toy so I can use it more often and not fret about the environmental impact of disposable batteries.
    • Easy to use
    • Long lasting power
    • Lots of variety in function

Care and Maintenance

The toy's materials make it both easy to insert but equally easy to clean. As the toy is made of silicone, only water-based lubes should be used with it, which also means that it cleans up easily with hot water. I like to also sterilize it with 91% rubbing alcohol and finally hot water before storing it back in the plastic tray the toy came in. I clean/sterilize the toy again before use.

The toy seems more fragile with the thin cord that attaches to the base of the toy. Also the remote seems like it needs extra care to insure it doesn't break so won't be just tossing either parts of this toy casually into a box for storage.
    • Easy to clean


The toy came with no instructions; however, it is pretty easy to figure out without an instruction manual. The packaging is very obvious that it is an adult toy as you can see in the picture below with the toy's box inside and the shipping box that the toy shipped in.

In the shipping box

The packaging also has all the information you'll get about the toy printed on the back as you can see below:

Packaging Info

The toy comes inside the box in an inexpensive plastic tray that fits the anal beads/probe and remote parts, which is what I'm now using to store the toy when not in use:

Toy out of the box

I definitely wouldn't leave the box or toy laying out if company was coming over as definitely not discreet in either case. Likely need to get a nice locking toy chest at some point :)
    • Minimal
    • Not discreet

Personal comments

So I really enjoy using vibrating anal toys while I masturbate, and while I did really enjoy this toy and its vibrations... the fact the toy isn't designed to apply pressure to a prostate it didn't help me build to a p-spot caused orgasm during masturbation. I actually stopped using the toy so I could bring myself to orgasm. I think if you are looking for a toy for prostate massage you should seek out one more designed for that task as this one falls a bit short. Mind you I still really enjoyed the experience and also enjoyed using this toy during sex with my partner.
Follow-up commentary
The knobby bits on the beads are interesting, but in terms of what both me and my partner want from an anal toy... they are more unpleasant than enjoyable. And over time we've opted to buy a smooth vibrating anal probe vs using this toy for anal vibrations so as to not deal with then knobby bits.
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  • OH&W, Lovebears
    Yes, very beady
  • MrClark
    Really have to be in the mood to enjoy the "beady" nature... less enjoyable than a smoother surface.
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