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Large Anal Beads Fill a Need!

These beads are great for beginner users, and would be an excellent treat on a romantic get away as they are small and travel easily. The price is low so that would make them easily disposable when that white cord gets to looking dingy. They have multiple functions that are fun and playful as well. All in all a great value for the money, and if you like anal beads, these would work just fine!
Smooth beads pop in and out. Fun vaginal exerciser & compact size makes them great for travel.
Nylon cord is rough, white cord is difficult to clean.
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The item arrived well packaged in a plain box as expected. The description stated the large beads would be pink, however what came was red. Other than the color the advertised description was an exact match. There are 5 smooth plastic balls double knotted onto a white nylon cord with a plastic finger loop at the end. The beads felt smooth to the touch and well secured. The size was accurate at ¾ inch each however they just seemed small to me as an intermediate anal player.

In the bedroom I used plenty of water based lube and completely coated both the beads and me for easy inserting. First thing I noticed was that the 1st bead has the knot and nylon cord sticking out of the bottom. This is the 1st part to be inserted, and honestly it felt stiff and scratchy. I wouldn’t say painful, but not pleasurable either. The actual beads entered easily, they popped in one at a time and with a little finger work I managed to tuck the stings in as well. Insertion for me was nothing exciting. It was neither pleasurable nor arousing. They felt small and just slipped in easily.

Quickly seeing that these were not going to bring me to ecstasy alone, I reached for my favorite glass dildo. The beads were hardly noticeable but I did begin to feel a traveling sensation after some vaginal play with the dildo. They felt interesting and after finding that the finger pull ring was close to my anus I decided it was time to pull, I was a little worried of loosing the beads as the finger pull is only slightly larger than the beads. Rule of thumb is always be sure there is an adequate stopper on your anal play toys as they have a tendency to travel with the contractions within the anus.

I definitely enjoyed the feeling of them coming out. Each pulled out in a slippery pop and it did help push me over the edge into an orgasm. It was really nice, and much more pleasurable than I had anticipated. The anal beads lived up to the promises of pleasure upon removal, however insertion and masturbation while inserted really didn’t have much of any effect on me.

I think this toy was much more fun when you have a partner inserting and pulling them out. Self play was slightly awkward; however when I used these with my husband, the entire experience was more exciting, and pleasures were more intense.

I also tried the beads vaginally. I used them like a kegel exerciser. I was able to place all of the beads inside my vagina, and spent an hour with them inserted while doing regular household stuff. They actually aroused me as the clicking of the beads sent vibrations through me and the stuffed feeling was intensely pleasurable as well. If used for this dual purpose, it makes the value of them increase greatly.

All in all, they are a great value for the price. For beginner anal players the size would be about right. I personally will not pull these out of the bag often for anal play, as I am more intermediate category. However, I can see I may use them often vaginally for kegel exercises or just to feel naughty in public.
This was my first experience with anal beads. And honestly I was not so impressed. The scratchy cord and it being white were both a turn off. The cord should have been black or a darker color to hide the yellowing. Clean up seemed a little difficult, as the knots tend to collect fluids. I personally like this so very much more as a vaginal toy. But be sure to always sterilize it. You should never switch from anal to vaginal as it promotes bacterial growth and can cause infections.
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  • Victoria
    Thanks for the review! Could you tell us how you cleaned the beads?
  • Stacey_Place
    Hi! I would be happy to help with that issue. There are a few ways you can clean your toys. I always start off with hot soapy water if the item is waterproof (As these anal beads are) then I like to follow up with a high quality antibacterial cleaner like the California Exotic Antibacterial Toy Cleaner for 6.99 sold here at Eden Fantasys. Although I have not tried it I dont see any reason why you couldn't throw these beads in the washing machine on gentle cycle, but I wouldn't trust using bleach. Not only could it be an irritant for sensitive skin, the bleach could have an adverse reaction with the plastic. Stick to using a dedicated toy cleaner.
  • Betty Rocket
    White cord on anal beads? Yikes
  • zandria
    Good review, thanks!!
  • kfbkrfjgb
    great review
  • P'Gell
    Thank you for the review.

    As the cord can trap bacteria, I would not use them vaginally after using them anally, even after a wash. The bacteria can lodge in the twine as well as get into the holes in the beads and set you up for a nasty infection.

    I was given a set of these as a "gift" from an other company. Due to the unsafe cord and no way to cleanse them from anal bacteria, I have never used them.
  • raymond
    love your review
  • Eucaly
    I'm really scared of these exposed-cord anal beads!
  • ms.anon
    Thanks, it's good you found your own favorite use for the beads
  • noofbat
    I wouldn't have thought twice about the cord prior to reading this, thanks!
  • angel142stx
    Thanks for the review
  • MrWishyWashy
    Good job, thanks!
  • Blooddragon
  • Rin Forshor
    Thanks for the review
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    nice review
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