Most amazing anal toy on earth!

Overall, I am highly satisfied by this toy and really excited to have it as a part of my collection of glass sex toys. It pleased both my husband and I (maybe him a little more than I, actually) and it's one of those toys that just WOWS you. I am upset that they didn't at least include a box that closes, or a storage pouch. The box is sturdy, but if it gets wet or falls, your toy is not protected.
Great design, Nubby end feels AMAZING, Beautiful, Comes with discreet box
Bulbed end feels boring, Not good for vaginal play, No bag included
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The Prickler caught my eye because of it's unique design. It's thin, unlike many glass toys, and it has the look that you would "poke" something with it. It is actually listed under Glass nubbed and ribbed dildos, but I see this more of a strictly anal toy since it is not thick enough to satisfy a vagina.

When I received my prickler I was very pleased to find that it came with it's own box. Nothing fancy, but the box is sturdy enough to protect the toy. It looks similar to a box that would come with a necklace or bracelet, and inside is a layer of padding to keep the toy protected. I like it because it had no words, brand names, etc. anywhere on the box, making it discreet enough to leave out on top of your dresser or nightstand.

I took the toy out of the box and immediately knew that this would be nothing but an amazing anal toy to me. If I dare even try to use this in my vagina I would most likely end up hurting my cervix. There is no bend to the toy and it is so skinny that you could definitely accidentally hurt yourself. Nonetheless, I tried it, and proved myself right. I tried to be as gentle as possible, but the lack of bend made it all too easy to hurt myself. So I do not recommend this as an actual dildo for the vagina.

When my husband got home from work and saw the toy he was instantly excited to use it as an anal toy. We washed up, prepared the bed, and got out our
Maximus lubricant. I will tell you right now - this toy is like heaven for your bum. I usually prefer plugs, or probes that are a little thicker in size/girth, but this little guy did the job! The nubby side is really the only side that feels good, which is a bit of a bummer. The bulbed end isn't enough to keep me satisfied. However, the nubby end wont leave you bored and can easily throw you into what feels like to me, an anal orgasm. I have always loved anal play, but I never get off on anal play alone until I purchased the prickler. Something magical happened and I was satisfied for the entire night without any clitoral/vaginal play.

Washing this toy is easy. The nubs seem to have deep crevasses around them, but that is just glass's way of playing beautiful tricks on the eye. There are no deep crevasses, and a simple wash down with warm water and antibacterial soap will clean this toy up completely. You can also use toy cleaners, bleach solution, etc. I wouldn't recommend dishwashing but I know many people who do this. I just feel that this is too thin of a glass toy to last in a dishwasher.

I do recommend making a small purchase of a padded toy bag. The Eden Toy Pouch is a good choice, and even the regular Toy Pouch (same thing, less glitz and glam) would work just fine for this one, however there are a few others to choose from. Even wrapping it in cloth or an old sock would work as well. The box is not a box that will last forever, especially if you get it wet on accident like I did. I made the mistake of splashing it as I washed the Prickler and the box is now soggy. I also think that the box isn't a good long-term way to store any toy since it is easily opened and if dropped your toy will fall out and break.

As far as how the toy feels... AMAZING. I don't think a toy has ever pleased me better anally. I do want to mention that what looks like only a bit of texture FEELS like a lot of texture. So if you are one to be overwhelmed by texture, this toy may or may not work for you. On a scale of 1 to 10, the texture is at about a 7-8. I expected it to be a 3 or 4. The bulbed side is good for anyone who enjoys small anal plugs or bulbed toys, however, there is only one bulb so it's not tons of fun. Much better as a handle.
I really had a lot of fun with this toy, and so did my husband. It's been a pleasure owning it, and it's one of those toys that you just can't believe exist because they feel so amazing.

I think as far as temperature play, this toy really does a great job at holding temperatures. It holds both heat and cold very well, so be sparing when you are changing the temps or you will have a frozen bum! I prefer things nice and hot when I am doing anal play.

I really do advise getting at least the cheap toy pouch that I linked in my review. The box is not going to last forever and it definitely wont protect this surprisingly thin toy from a fall.

I also recommend using the lubricant called Maximus that I linked in my review if you plan to use this for anal. You will need a nice thick, long lasting lubricant that is safe for you and your partner. Maximus is the way to go.
Follow-up commentary
I know it's really soon to do a follow up, but I had to add this:

This toy right here is a high quality piece of glass. I dropped this on the new tile floor the other day, picked it up and examined it to find that there was not a single dent, scratch, crack, etc. It wasn't a super long fall, but it fell right off of the counter onto the floor. A good 4 foot fall. I would still be careful as this toy is very thin.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  • Contributor: Pixel
    What a gorgeous piece of glass! I'm not sure that I'd get it, as I'm still a bit hesitant over really textured anal toys and it wouldn't work vaginally for me. Also, Maximus is awesome! Sliquid Booty is my go-to anal lube, but Maximus is my close second choice.

    Awesome review, thank you.
  • Contributor: wetone123
    Great review! This looks and sounds amazing. I'm glad you and hubby like it. Thanks for pointing out a beautiful glass toy I had not noticed before
  • Contributor: ToyGurl
    No problem, glad you guys liked this review! I definitely recommend at least giving this one a try. It is my go-to now and I just couldn't have it any other way now that I've found this beauty!
  • Contributor: Yaoi Pervette (deleted)
    Great review! You offer sound advice about using hard toys and the possibility of injury.
  • Contributor: sexyintexas
    I like the looks of this one. Great review.
  • Contributor: padmeamidala
    Great review
  • Contributor: The Curious Couple
    Thanks for sharing!
  • Contributor: ToyGurl
    Thanks ya'll! Glad you liked it. This toy is very beautiful and definitely something I never want to lose!
  • Contributor: mama2007
    good review. LOVE the color!
  • Contributor: ToyGurl
    @Mama2007 I do want to add (and I FORGOT to add this...) The color is much lighter in real life. It might just be mine but the blue is a lot lighter. They either really contrasted the default picture on EF or they all look a lot different.
  • Contributor: SiNn
    awesome review ty
  • Contributor: sixfootsexxx
    Thanks for the review! especially the tip about maximus!
  • Contributor: Jon S
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