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Moving On Up

Cody is great butt plug for those looking to move up to a larger sized butt plug comfortably. Its soft silicone and gradual increase in size makes insertion easier and makes it more comfortable to wear once inserted. I am very pleased and impressed by this toys well thought out design and styling and can not recommend this enough assuming you are comfortable with toys at least 1.5" in diameter or larger.
Soft silicone, Nice matte black color, Easy insertion.
Large base, Tendency to slip out could be negative to some.
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I got this butt plug as I have been wanting to take a step up in size from most of the butt plugs I currently use which are in the 1.5" - 1.6" range. For this purpose, Cody has done a very good job. It's not the sort of butt plug I would want to wear all the time but when I want something more filling then it does the job well.

Cody is a fairly decent sized butt plug making it great for those times where you desire anal to be the main focus versus an extra add on to other sensations. For me this means it's great for masturbation where I can take my time and relax more than with something like intercourse. It's large size also makes it great for stretching out for either anal sex or larger toys while its plush silicone make it a comfortable stretch. Cody's gradual enlargement and small starting diameter make it a great transitional plug from smaller butt plugs or toys to larger ones and this is the number one reason why I got it.

Cody is not great for all uses. I would not recommend this plug for long term wear because of it's big base. It may also be more difficult to wear during intercourse for the same reason. The gradual enlargement in size that makes it easier to insert also makes it come out much easier as well which depending on your use could be a good or bad thing. When standing up, it had a tendency to slip out. Not very quickly but slowly over time. Considering it's diameter this was pretty surprising and I could really feel it stretching me out as it did this. Cody is designed for use as a butt plug and while it could be used vaginally or, for the very adventurous, orally it is best used anally.

Silicone has a tendency to hold temperature and you can either warm up or cool down the toy before use for a variety of sensations. Be sure to touch it against your skin before use though to make sure it's not too hot or cold. I will note that while silicone does hold temperature, glass and metals hold it even better. So if you find you like this element, you may want to look into toys made out of these materials for even longer lasting temperature play.
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    • Anal
    • Kegels

Material / Texture

I'll be honest I HATE black sex toys. This was probably one of biggest negatives I thought I was going to have with this toy. When I got Cody I was quite surprised that the color, while black is a much nicer black than I had expected. The pictures on Eden make it look almost pitch black. It's not perfect but here is a photo I took of it that shows it a little lighter. It's actually even a little lighter in color than that. It's also a very matte surface which helps to give it more of a grayish color as well. It actually reminded me of the sort of color you would see in something like a LELO or similar premium brand toy.

The next thing that really surprised me was how soft and plushy the silicone was. I have quite a few Tantus toys and the only other toy I have by Tantus that even comes close in softness is their Compact which is MUCH thinner than Cody. Considering its large size, this is very useful since it helps ease insertion and makes for a more comfortable base. Due to its thick diameter, it's not floppy making it a perfect balance for anal use. Just to give you an idea of how flexible this toy is here is a shot of it bent over. It took a little bit to get this picture because I was holding the camera in one hand and the toy in the other but I really wasn't having to push too hard. In comparison to my Ace Plug Royal this is amazingly flexible.

As I said the surface is very matte. More so than any of my other Tantus toys. This has a tendency to make it attract dust and hair even more so than most other silicone toys I have. Its dark color may also be to blame since it makes the hair stand out even more. The surface is not sticky though and so a quick rinse of water easily solves this problem. One interesting thing is that while the majority of the toy is very matte, the base is actually incredibly shiny. In this photo you can actually see the reflection of the measuring stick in the base.

Since this toy is made out of pure silicone, it is phthalates free and does not have any smell or taste to it. It is also non-porous making silicone last longer and assisting in an easier cleanup.
    • Flexible
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

Overall I really liked the design of Cody. This is not a toy I would recommend for a beginner but for those experienced with something around 1.5" looking to move up to something larger, Cody is a good fit. The tip is easily manageable and makes initial insertion easy. I really don't feel too much of a stretch over my 1.5" toys until I get to the last ripple. This allows you to insert it and let your body adjust at around the size you're used too and then slowly move on up to the full diameter of around 1 and 7/8". I really like the neck on Cody. It's pretty thick but because the silicone is softer than my Tantus Ace Royal (more along the lines of my Tristan) it's pretty comfortable. The neck is not as long as I'd like but it's long enough to not give the locking effect I talk about in my review of the Ryder butt plug. This design is great for practicing my kegels. I could easily move this toy in and out by squeezing them giving stimulation at both the anus and on my prostate as well. It provides a very full filling which takes me a little while to get over but its stimulation of the prostate over rides any discomfort I may have from feeling full.

Here's a picture I took of Cody with the diameters listed at each section. Just a couple notes, you'll notice the neck of the toy narrows down towards the bottom which helps facilitate when doing kegels. You'll also notice how large the base is at 2.5" which makes it easy to grab and ensures there's no chance of the toy getting sucked in however it does have it negatives as well which I've already mentioned.


So how did it perform? As expected. I don't mean this as a negative or bad thing but as a good thing. As a whole, I really like Tantus' line of toys and was pretty happy with this one as well. It had some nice surprises best of which was how soft it was in comparison to some of my other Tantus toys. It was exactly what I was looking for, a toy that would allow me to comfortably move up to larger sized butt plugs. While there is always a bit of a pinch with stretching your sphincter, it really wasn't that bad considering how large this toy is. And once it's in it VERY comfortable to the point of me not wanting to remove it.

There are a couple things that while not taking away from my rating on this toy would of been nice. One is if it would stay in a little better then that might make it better for long term wear but this could be fixed by wearing some tight fitting underwear and honestly this toy is too big for long term wear for me anyways. I could also see this actually being useful in a BDSM setting where the person is forced to try and keep the butt plug in as long as they can.

One other negative that is similar to my Acute dildo, there is a bit of a suction cup on this butt plug but I would not recommend trying to actually use it. It will have a good amount of suction and then all of a sudden give out on you. I did not actually try using it but considering the suction on it is worse than my Acute, and I've had a lot of frustration with that one, I didn't want to even try.

Normally butt plugs don't work very well for much else other than going in and being left in but because of the gradual increase in size on Cody and its large base that makes it easy to hold I can see this actually being used as a dildo. The large base also makes it harness compatible although because it's such a long base you may have to do some finagling to make it work. Obviously as with everything the large base can be considered a negative depending on your use for it but it doesn't bother me and I actually kind of like it.
    • Comfortable

Care and Maintenance

Cody is made out of 100% pure medical grade silicone. This means with proper care it will last you forever. Pure silicone toys can be used with both water based and oil based lubricants and can be sterilized by either putting the toy in boiling water or putting it in a 10% solution of bleach. While you could possibly use a condom for sharing, it may not work well due to the shape. I would recommend just going ahead and sterilizing it between uses if sharing with a partner. If you're not going to be sharing this toy between sessions, a little bit of soap and water is all that's needed to clean up. You'll notice that lint tends to stick to the toy so washing it under water before using it may be advisable as well. Silicone lubricants should be avoided if possible as they have the potential to cause Cody to deteriorate. If you really want to use a particular silicone lubricant you can try doing a spot test on the bottom of the base to see if there is a reaction or just avoiding silicone lubricants. For storage it is recommended to not let it touch other silicone toys as there is a possibility they could react. I've never seen this happen but better not to take chances plus it makes your collection look nicer when everything has it's own place. You can either store it in the included box or in a plastic baggy.
    • Easy to clean


Cody comes packaged very similarly to my Tantus Ace Plug Small. In fact their packaging is identical:

When I got my Tantus Ace Plug Small the one thing I thought was strange was how big the packaging was for such a small toy but now it makes sense that they try to use a common size for most their toys. In the case of Cody it fits it just about perfectly. Up to this point I have had my Tantus Ace Plug Small in it's original packaging however I may be retiring it soon as if you look at the pictures the box has gotten crumpled some and just doesn't as good as it did. If you have a bunch of room and don't have to worry about the box getting crushed then I would totally recommend keeping it in the box. In my opinion Tantus' packaging showcases their toys better than any other packaging where the toy is merely placed inside the packaging and doesn't actually feel like it was made specifically for that product. One complaint that I do have with these boxes is that the top is pretty difficult to open but once you open it the first time it's much easier from then on.

After you take the top off you now can clearly see the toy with the top of the plug just barely peaking out. The first first thought I had seeing it was that it looks like a space shuttle. Removing the plastic insert, you can see how the insert looks like it was actually created for this exact toy.

There are no directions on use. There is a fair bit of information about the silicone Tantus uses though. Here's a picture of the back cover which has most of the information included on the packaging.
    • Good for storage

Personal comments

This is actually not my first butt plug around this range in fact I've actually had 4 butt plugs around this same size range.

They are:
Vibro Erotems Butt Plug Royal
Size Compared to Cody Front
Size Compared to Cody Top Down

Vibro Erotems Butt Plug
Size Compared to Cody Front
Size Compared to Cody Top Down

Vibro Erotems Butt Plug
Size Compared to Cody Front
Size Compared to Cody Top Down

Triple Ripple
Size Compared to Cody Front
Sorry Forgot To Take One From Top Down

Now the reason why I wanted to get Cody is that all of these four toys are made out of rubber which is not nearly as good a material as silicone. Admittedly rubber toys are cheaper but as you can see from the pictures they do not hold up over time. They also all had a harder outer coating with a softer material inside which meant when you tried to clean them water could get between the two and this along with the material being porous made it harder to clean. I actually tried using one of these older toys as I was going to try to do a comparison and I think whatever is on the outside gave me a burning sensation so the moral of the story is to spend the extra money and make up for the cost increase by the toy's longevity.

Just for reference, here's a picture of Cody alongside several of my other favorite toys.


1st Time:
Looked pretty big but knew I could handle it. Insertion took two attempts. Easily went in 2/3rds of the way but then got harder. Could of pushed it through but wanted it to feel as good as possible. Took out applied more lube and put it back in. Went in just fine. A little bit of a stretch and a little bit sore at first but not bad. Once inserted had a very full feeling which I don't like too much but went away somewhat after a few minutes. Felt pretty good against my prostate. Tried pushing in a little bit further since the base has a bit of a ramp to it but it felt like it was hitting something inside me. Was comfortable enough to leave in after I got an orgasm but still not as comfortable as my Tantus Ace Plug Royal. I proceeded to get a 2nd orgasm which felt very good. I still kind of didn't want to take it out since it was so big. I finally took it out and it wasn't too hard nor was I really sore afterwards either.

2nd Experience:
Was a little more comfortable putting in this time. This time I warmed up with Peridise and Progasm for longer but didn't use any larger plugs. It felt less painful and more like I was being stretched not super enjoyable but not painful either. After insertion, I could feel it massaging my prostate very well and felt very good. Even though it's not as long a neck as the Ace or Tristan, it's still long enough to move in and out when you tighten your PC muscles. It's still not as comfortable as the Ace and it actually makes you want to leave it in because it's so big coming out. I wanted to test how it would do staying in so I stood up in the shower. It did not come out immediately and I think if I'd tightend my muscles I could of kept it in but after a period of time I could feel my sphincter being stretched and the plug came out. I think the substantial weight of the plug combined with the gradual change in size and wide neck are the major factors in this. I do have to say that the neck on this is pretty comfortable and if it was smaller I might not like it as much, nor would it probably be as good for stretching. The black of this toy could definitely be seen in a BDSM setting but is not so overtly so that it can't be used outside that setting.

3rd Experience: I was a little bit sore after using it this time. I normally don't try using butt plugs as dildos but decided to give this one a try as I was having trouble getting my muscles to loosen up and decided to try doing a slow in and out motion to try and loosen things up and due to its wide base it actually was quite easy and effective. I think if I'd warmed up a little bit more before trying this on insertion this could actually be fairly stimulating.
Follow-up commentary
So I've gotta be honest I don't really use this toy that much. That doesn't change my stance on it. I still love it. It's just due to its size it's not a toy I use very often because it takes longer to warm up and such. I just used it again today and I loved it. Compared to my Tantus Ace Plug Royal (which is probably my most used plug) it's honestly not that much larger in diameter, noticeably so but not a huge amount. The main difference is this one is thicker for a larger portion of the plug and it's longer as well and really gives a really full feeling. This feels amazing while you are warming up to orgasm but during actual orgasm it can be a bit much. Overall I still love this toy and it's a size range that I won't use all the time but when I want something larger than normal this is what I reach for.
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