Alumina Revolve - dildo sex toy by Tantus - review by Pumpkin Lady

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No Ordinary Tin Can

The Revolve is a shining example of a luxury dildo. Temperature play is an integral component with the Revolve, whether your pleasure is hot or cold. It’s a perfect choice for the eco-conscience, made of 100% aeronautic grade aluminum, safe for use and safe for the environment. Anyone looking for a deep, rippling g-spot or prostate massage with some interesting advantages, you can stop looking.
Design targets g & p-spots, made of anodized aeronautic grade aluminum, customizable, versatile.
Rating by reviewer:
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If you could ask the Revolve what it loves to do most, it might say, “I like picnics, long walks on the beach, and torturing your g-spot until your toes curl up and disappear into your feet.” Uh...okay Revolve. That was a weird answer. But you know what? It’s true. My g-spot and the Revolve are in love. Twisting, teasing, delicious, satisfying love.

The Revolve’s curvaceous contours are almost as beautiful as ours (us Ladies, that is). These curves really make it a wonderful tool for g-spot stimulation. The Revolve doesn’t limit itself to a woman’s inter-regions. Turning the Revolve on its side and sliding the bulbs across your clitoris will feel amazing, especially if you've prepared it for a temperature change. Some bums out there will lust after the beauty of The Revolve, though it's up to the user whether or not they can handle a toy without an obvious flare.

I would like to note is that since the material is absolute and unyielding, users should devote some time to learn how this toy can work with their specific anatomy, especially before inviting a partner in on your playtime. Since The Revolve is not floppy, it would be difficult for most to start out by thrusting it in and out like crazy. Find your G-spot first and learn what makes it happy. Learn how far is too far, and whether it's a twist of the wrist or a quick shallow thrusting motion. Give the toy a chance to work with You.

Material / Texture

When I lifted the top off of the gift box, my eyes freaking popped out of my head when a shining scepter gleamed a purple light right into my face. Truly, the surface of the aluminum is anodized for wear resistance and has a brushed look that makes it almost glow or shine under light.

This aluminum is a different kind of aluminum from what we use every day. It is a completely solid 100% aeronautic grade aluminum. Weighing in at half a pound, I can’t decide whether or not it feels heavy or light. It’s a silly conundrum, how can I not tell if it’s heavy? Aluminum is a lightweight material, though this is a solid piece and I’ve never experienced another metal toy before. I’ll agree to disagree (with myself) because it’s all a part of the fun.

Though these toys are built to last and last, you are able to recycle the Alumina toys. The question on everyone's lips is, "Why would you want to recycle this toy?" I have no idea, but I'm happy that I have the option. Aluminum is also hypo-allergenic, phthalates free, latex free, non-porous, safe with any lubricant, dishwasher safe, bleachable and boilable. Phew!

Design / Shape / Size

The Revolve has a curvaceous figure that’s easy on the eyes, and heavy with seduction. On one end it presents three bulbs graduating in circumference, and one large bulb at the other. The design is seamless throughout, lest you count the O-ring in the middle (used for a nice surprise!) It is 8.25” long, however I haven’t managed to get past the middle bulge using either end, making the insertable length about 4’’ for me so far. Surprisingly, I don't mind in the least that the third bulb has been an obstacle. I have enough fun with The Revolve that it will happen eventually, and I am (more than) okay with that. In any case, I really believe that anyone would enjoy the size of this toy, from beginners to the size queens.

I measured the mono-bulbed end to be 4.5’’ around at the largest point, and the middle bulb to be about 5’’. The Alumina Pace that was designed as an anal toy also looks to be about 5’’ around at the end. So as far as assuming goes, anal play would be possible especially with a little help from a friend. I can only imagine the ripples would do wonders for a booty.

With The Revolve I’ve encountered the same kind of orgasm every time, and I’m not complaining. I’ll usually grab a clitoral vibrator to ease me into a frosty Revolve, using either end to massage the G-spot. My favorite end is the larger end. I can really wrap my muscles around it and play "tug of war", like with a Kegel exerciser. After I'm done tugging, a good push gets me almost over the edge with its bulbous-ness.

It really isn’t like anything else I’ve used; the texture is smooth but not glassy. The rock-like material isn’t forgiving to my plush anatomy, though I relish the feeling of its unyielding curves. It’s not necessarily made to “fill you up”, but more so to really massage inside and bring you to a warm, slow, and deep orgasm.


What I love about the Alumina is its versatility. It can be used vaginally, externally and anally. It's susceptible to temperatures, all lubricants are welcome, and it has double ends for different sensations. I cannot find something that I do not like about this toy, and it performs dutifully.

Adding to the versatility of the Alumina line is a clever bonus which is the ability to mix and match each half with another Alumina toy. I've never come across another toy that has so elegantly expressed a customizable feature. At the middle of the toys is a black O-ring to cover the separation and keep it fluid throughout. Personally I love The Revolve just the way it is, but it couldn't hurt to try another one!

Care and Maintenance

Keep The Revolve in its pretty black box when you're not using it, it really rolls around everywhere when you set it on a surface. It doesn't attract any dust or lint or cat hair, except for maybe around the O-ring.

Before and after playtime, wash it off with warm water and soap. Or kill all that pesky bacteria before you share by boiling it or using a 10% bleach solution. Let it dry before placing it back in the box. Be careful when boiling, it WILL be hot and burn fingers and hands and toes and everything else-if you're not careful.

A word on temperature play: Remember Ralphie's friend on A Christmas Story? He stuck his tongue to a flag pole in the middle of winter when it was snowing out... Please don't put this metal toy in the freezer, the refrigerator or cold water will do it much better. As for warming it up, again, soak it in warm water.


Opening the mailing box, I was delighted to find a sleek black storage case. It's elegant and hearty enough to be considered a gift box, though it is quite obvious what's on the inside from the silver silhouette of the toy painted on top. On the inside, a foam cutout cradles The Revolve. It slides in and out easily, and I'm happy knowing the beautiful anodized finish isn't going to be jeopardized by a prying feline.

It was really a nice touch to find a pamphlet from Tantus inside describing my new toy in English, German, Spanish and French. It also had some pictures of the rest of the Alumina toys, and explained the benefits of aluminum as a material. Tantus really puts a lot of thought behind their products, and it shows through the quality and presentation here.

Personal comments

I have really enjoyed my experience with The Revolve. I feel pampered every time I even open the box, let alone putting it into action. As far as choices go, this was definitely a good one that will last for decades.


Check out my video review on the Revolve here!
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